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Old 08-22-11, 04:30 AM  
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Old 08-22-11, 08:29 AM  
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Ordered - almost forgot about this! Thanks for the reminder!
[SIZE=1]Sheila C. Ctfitnut
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Old 08-22-11, 09:13 AM  
Denise R
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Thanks for the link, just preordered! Got to the low price and FREE SHIPPING!

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Old 08-22-11, 10:52 AM  
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Thanks, I ordered too.

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Old 08-22-11, 12:43 PM  
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Me too! Thanks for the reminder!
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Old 08-22-11, 02:50 PM  
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Ordered thanks for the reminder!
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Old 08-22-11, 04:57 PM  
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Hi Everyone!!! - just wrote Susan and heard back - she said this workout will be more intense endurance/cardio wise than the first Rapid Fire !!! She also said that the combos would actually be a bit easier to learn in the new one too. The weight segment sounds awesome! She said, without cool down and killer ab segment, the workout is around 60 minutes (not exactly, just around) AND they will be offering a lot of premixes just like last time so you can decide how long you want it to be. PRETTY COOL!
- Ali
"Fitness is like evolution - you walk before you run, you jump before you fly" - Michael Olajide Jr.
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Old 08-22-11, 05:01 PM  
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I loved Susan's first Rapid Fire. I worked out to the shadow boxing portion today after my Skogg kb workout and like the structure. Will definitely do the kickboxing portion tomorrow.
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Old 08-22-11, 05:22 PM  
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oh what the heck.... i ordered, too!
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it is NOT against the rules to say DIET on this forum!
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and there is not a limit on the number of times they do so".
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Old 08-22-11, 05:34 PM  
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I pre-ordered as well--I'm looking forward to this!

Here's the e-mail Susan sent out, similar to the earlier post:

Hello Everyone:

Great news...we filmed RapidFire:Results yesterday and its going to be great!
This is a challenging total body kickboxing workout for the serious at home
exerciser. I know that the kickboxing combos, drills, metabolic weight segment and ab routine will keep you engaged and coming back for more time and time again. I've designed the workout to improve your cardio endurance, build lean muscle, strengthen your core and teach you great kickboxing technique. You’ll be having so much fun with the unique kickboxing combinations and kicking drills that you won’t realize how many calories you’re burning or how much you’re sweating!

We start with an energizing warm up followed by 6 “Rounds”. Rounds 1-4 are the main cardio rounds and each includes an intense kickboxing combination followed by a challenging cardio kicking drill that’ll keep your heart rate up.

Round 5 is a metabolic weight segment which will give your metabolism a serious boost! Compound exercises incorporate both large and small muscle groups combined with kicks to add even more intensity.

Round 6 is an awesome ab segment featuring both standing core and floor work.
Finally, you’ll enjoy a revitalizing, relaxing stretch.

I've included a basic modifier who does the entire workout with no impact and an
advanced modifier for the experienced kickboxer.

Equipment needed: dumbbells

Equipment used: 1 lb weighted gloves, dumbbells, medicine ball

We will begin the editing process the week after next. I'll keep you posted as to an approximate ship date.
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rapid fire, rapidfire, susan chung

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