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Old 04-20-11, 10:44 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2008
Any Injuries from Zumba?

I am teetering on the brink of ordering, but I have a hip/outer thigh area that tends to get strained. From the clips I don't think this would be a problem.

But if you have experienced problems, what were they? Thanks.
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Old 04-20-11, 12:06 PM  
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Location: SC
bumping...i have the wii game and the twisting makes my knees a little wondering this too...
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Old 04-20-11, 12:10 PM  
Lucky Star
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If you're going to do this on carpeting, the right shoes are very helpful. For home use I like these:
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Old 04-20-11, 12:10 PM  
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I haven't done Zumba but my SIL tore her ACL doing Zumba. Her orthopedic surgeon said he has treated a lot of Zumba related injuries. His concern was that instructors don't show ways to protect your knees when doing the moves.
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Old 04-20-11, 05:41 PM  
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Thanks - I think I'm backing away from this. . .
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Old 04-20-11, 06:25 PM  
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I LOVE Zumba, and I still do it a lot (planning on becoming certified, in fact), but I did tear my meniscus while doing it. Fortunately it was a light tear and healed on it's own, but I'm still dealing with flexibility issues from the tear.

That being said, I don't think the videos are that dangerous. I didn't even tweak my knee until I took a live class. If you go slowly and learn the moves so that you do them correctly, you should be fine. The live class I took where I injured myself, the teacher is known to be rather spastic, so she changes tempos and moves without a lot of warning. And the class is very crowded so a lot of time is spent concentrating on not injuring the person next to you.

I agree with LuckyStar - the proper footwear will prevent a lot of injuries.

That being said, if you have known injuries or weak spots, you need to use your best judgement on whether or not these workouts will work for you. Why risk injury?
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Old 04-20-11, 08:49 PM  
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You can injure yourself doing any workout with out proper form. Form is key on any workout video we do. As long as you're form is good you should be fine.

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Old 04-20-11, 10:34 PM  
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I omit all jumping and go slow when turning. I had some knee pain when doing the Wii game, but not the DVDs. However, my hips have been extremely sore, and my right one feels like something is pinched in it and I am backing off from Zumba for a few days.
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Old 04-21-11, 08:02 AM  
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Hi Sara1000,

I have a gluteus medius issue and have found that zumba does irritate it so I don't think Zumba would be a good choice for you as it is very hip movement intensive.
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Old 04-21-11, 10:41 AM  
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Two of my ramping students have told me that Zumba bothers their hips. And one even told me that ramping makes her hip feel better - which is really cool.
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