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Old 08-27-17, 06:34 PM  
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I didn't want to bump this , but I really wanted to come back here and thank everyone for their responses.

I started my practice the same day I posted this and felt benefits right after my first session that lasted with me for hours and hours afterwards (almost the entire day)! I'm aiming for two times throughout the day (5-10 minutes each, for now) and whenever I feel I need it during the day. I'm really looking forward to sticking with it, reaping the benefits and reclaiming who I really am.
(Laurajhawk I love what you said about being less reactive -- that is what I am looking for. I've already become less so in just a couple of days, and it's wonderful. )

I'm going to explore each of the techniques that you were all so kind to suggest and see which one fits best.

(PS For those of you that recommended Headspace: How awful is it that I had already DLed this on to my phone MONTHS and months ago and never used it?

Thanks again, all, for your input!
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Old 08-27-17, 08:57 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2005
Progressive muscle relaxation is good too. It's a good way to relax.
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Old 08-28-17, 07:48 AM  
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If I have the time - walking outdoors is a life saver for me, especially if it's in a location with a nice natural setting, or at the beach.
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Old 08-30-17, 06:12 PM  
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Often I have sensory overload, stress, computers, work, traffic, etc.

I started taking showers at night in the dark. Other times, I would come home from work and take a shower as soon as I got home. I felt like I was washing the day's stress away.

Good luck.
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meditation, relaxation

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