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Old 08-02-20, 09:42 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
Total Max Mixers - Week of August 2

Hi everyone. My workout yesterday was a 50-minute walk with DH in the morning, then 30 minutes on the elliptical + Rodney Yee Ultimate Power Yoga Power Foundation segment in the afternoon.

Cathe posted that she has finished filming Perfect30 . The background is so lovely for this series.

Have a good Sunday!
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Old 08-02-20, 03:11 PM  
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Jbliff I love the new Cathe background too. Very soothing but refreshing too. I definitely need to do more mobility work too. I canít wait. I think they are using some clothing from the Athleta line. It will be cool seeing more pictures.

Gosh itís hot here today. I think the heat index was 100 before noon. I did my run/walk at 10 am and it was still plenty hot. Yesterday I did a walk/sprint workout for something different. That was tough but you get long rest periods when you go all out.

Vannie good to hear from you. Have you tried something like My Fitness Pal to log
nutrition? I have never tried an app but several of my friends recommend that one. Glad to see you walking again. Are crabapples much smaller than regular apples?

Cher sorry your DH has to go back to work. I bet it was nice having regular sleep hours while he was off. I remember at one time you mentioned retirement. Will he be retiring soon? Great job on the 7 #!

Gibbee I am thinking of you and DH and hope yaíll are hanging in there.

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Old 08-03-20, 06:27 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Michigan
Back from the cabin yesterday. Nice time with my parents and great weather. Only workout since Friday was about a 45 minute walk with my mom and a neighbor Saturday morning.

Vannie - Wow, interesting there is such a thing as crab apple pie! I don’t see me ever making that despite all the crab apples I have though. Way to tedious for me!

JBliff - Thanks for starting us off for the week! I really like Cathe’s new background too.

Karen - Basically DH could retire now but since DS still can’t find a job, he is still on our insurance. If DH retires, that would change our insurance and we would have to pay for Cobra for DS’s health insurance so he can’t really retire until DS finds a job with his own health care. Option 2 would be DH retire and I get a part-time job to help pay the Cobra cost until DS gets a job. Really I might like having a part time job to get away from DH occasionally if he is retired.

Gibbee - Hope you’re doing okay.

I feel like a cow after the weekend of eating and drinking what I want. Back to healthy eating and exercising today. Also will probably have to run to the grocery store some time today.
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Old 08-03-20, 08:31 PM  
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Hi guys. Rest day for me. Always appreciated especially on Monday.

I really like the outfits Iím seeing in Catheís new series too. There is a lot of blue which looks good on all participants.

Cher glad you had a good time at the cabin. Insurance is such a big factor in figuring out retirement for a lot of people. Some people just cannot afford health insurance if they retire before 65, and sometimes afterward too.

Jbliff you did tons of exercise yesterday. Good for you. Hope you took it a bit easier today.

Waves to Gibbee and Vannie, kareng
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Old 08-03-20, 11:08 PM  
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Location: Snowman Land :) MN
Argh, drive by again. I don't know where time goes! This morning before breakfast I did day 14 of the DYY challenge. After breakfast we walked just over 4 miles then I did wk1 day1 of the 10k trainer app. For whatever reason(s), running has felt hard the past month so I just decided to start over even though I very rarely start back farther than wk3. I did enjoy it more. I did PowerFit Cardio after that. I never did a true stretch after the run, but the total run time was only 8 minutes so wasn't too worried. Our PM walks were around a mile each.
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Old 08-04-20, 06:02 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
Hi all. My workout yesterday was RwH Upper Body Circuit + core #2.

- I took Sunday as a rest day, even though I spent a lot of the day cleaning house and doing laundry!

Vannie - Great job on those walks!

- I'm so glad you had good weather and good company over the weekend.

Hi to Gibbee.

We've had rain since yesterday and will have rain pretty much all day today. I think it's from the hurricane/tropical storm. It's nice to get some rain since it's been so dry here.

Have a good day, everyone.
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