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Old 10-25-13, 06:19 PM  
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congrats on everyone's receipt of the sets!

i'm curious what they end up charging you on your credit card, if you don't mind sharing.

in my case, and in other cases i've read about on this thread and the Bargain thread, the charge on the credit card was LOWER than what was shown at check-out.

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disclosure: in the years 2002-2004 i had a professional relationship with a distributor of fitness videos; see profile.
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Old 10-25-13, 06:50 PM  
Fit Mommy
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I ordered on the 12th, and UPS rolled in today with the package! Yay!!!!! Never got a shipping notice, but wasn't too concerned considering it was so cheap...I figured if I didn't get it within a month, I'd call.

I paid exactly $15....and was shocked at what a nice set this was....very professional looking and tons of little extras! I'm happy!
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Old 10-26-13, 02:27 PM  
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I payed $15 even. I agree the packaging is very professional and well done.

I did the first circuit workout today, great old school moves that I really appreciated. It felt easier than I expected because the rests were too long for me, so I started to fast forward through them. The second block got me a bit sweatier because he moves quickly from one move to the next. I found it odd that he kept saying to keep the pace slow, yet, the pace was always too fast. But I adjusted to this, by not watching the screen and just finishing out my reps at my own pace, there was plenty of time to do so because of the long rests in between exercises.

I think Frank is great and motivating, the set is nice and bright, and the filming quality is excellent. I like that he does most of the workout, and only once in a while walks over to someone to show some form pointers. Oh and something I love, he does use the rest time wisely at least to demo the next move allowing me to get the proper weight before the move starts.

I wanted to do more, so I skipped the stretch in the circuit WO, and did the punching and kicking from the kickboxing dvd. I like the woman who leads it and would probably like taking a live class with her. I did not like the music so I played my own, which works fine because this is not a choreographed workout, it's more like boxing and kicking drills with a few cardio bursts in between. I probably will not do this too often, it didn't feel like it was enough as it's own workout, but I would do the punching/kicking as an add on again.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with this purchase. I wasn't sure if I was going to try a rotation, but after doing the first one, I will start it in a week or two, but using my own cardio.
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Old 10-26-13, 04:30 PM  
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Wow! I bought mine on 10/24 and received a shipping notice on 10/25. UPS tracking states it's in my city and I should get it on Monday! That's some fast service!
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Old 10-28-13, 08:00 PM  
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I received mine today...
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Old 10-28-13, 08:20 PM  
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Got mine today, I think the charge was $15.70? Something just over an even 15. (Not sure why.)

Bargain of the year, it looks like, even if the ball is too small, LOL!
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Old 10-29-13, 12:05 AM  
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I was looking through my some paperword today and came accross the receipt for MetRx, I originally paid $119 for it including the $25 that just covered shipping and right after receiving it they reduced the price by $25 and MetRx was nice enough to credit my CC. Nowadays it seems as if it is wise to not rush for preorders and just hang tight because most systems will eventually have a super sale and bascially give away the system. I would be upset but luckily for me I did a focus group in May for MetRx and I received a $75 Visa card so I basically paid around the same price as the current sale and I also purchased another set to giveaway as a Christmas gift.
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Old 10-29-13, 07:22 AM  
Breezy Trousers
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I received my system within several days of ordering it. After previewing, my husband is more impressed with the workouts than I am -- I'm a Cathe/Firm fan, so these well-produced workouts seem dry in comparison -- but we were both blown away by all the high-quality materials included in this system for merely $21. Unbelievable!

Can anyone tell me how big the system's stability ball is? I haven't inflated this one because I already have Spri 55 and 65 cm stability balls. It looks like a great quality ball, though.
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Old 10-29-13, 08:45 AM  
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I got a call back on Friday from customer service. She had to cancel my previous order and reorder. She said hopefully they would be sending out my order on Monday or Tuesday so as of now I am still waiting......
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Old 10-29-13, 09:00 AM  
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I received my order in Texas yesterday! I originally ordered the Saturday after this thread started. The set is quite impressive (though I haven't previewed any of the workouts yet).

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