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Old 06-20-19, 11:53 AM  
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Originally Posted by Daffie View Post
Other things I wish she would change...just my opinion, not to cause arguments and I know sheís not seeking my advice.
Please donít count most or all the reps!
Please go back to more classic outfits.
Please put ab section in main program, not as bonus!

Thatís all.
Daffie, I never intended or intend to discourage people from voicing their opinions. That's what we are all here for! I like that you were very specific in what you want to see instead of just complaining. Post on, please!
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Old 06-20-19, 09:55 PM  
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I mean outfits that when we look back we don't want to spit out our coffee!
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Old 07-21-19, 07:38 PM  
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I'm so happy that there's step workouts being few nowadays and it's still my favorite...I realize that I might be the only one though.
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Old 07-21-19, 08:31 PM  
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No, I still love step workouts . I didn't preorder this time though. Or KCM. Just wasn't feeling it. I've also bought so much this year it's ridiculous.
"Someday I'll fly. Someday I'll soar. Someday I'll be so much more. Cause I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for." - John Mayer

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'Iím possible!' "Ė Audrey Hepburn

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Old 07-22-19, 08:30 PM  
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Originally Posted by ots View Post
I'm so happy that there's step workouts being few nowadays and it's still my favorite...I realize that I might be the only one though.
Youíre not alone. I love step workouts - new and old! Canít wait for these new ones.
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Old 07-23-19, 11:23 AM  
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Originally Posted by marki64 View Post
That won't happen until November. She is still working out the routines, I'm sure. Nothing is EVER quick with a Cathe preorder. Same thing every year. Announces in May and filmed months later. Then you get little teases here and there. Film the damn vids and and do a preorder and call it a day. I don't know why she needs so much money up front. She's got to be one of the wealthiest fitness people out there and does the longest pre sale ever.
I tend to agree with this post. I did the pre-sale last year - I really had never done one before and did not realize I would not receive the DVDs until December. I will never again pay money 6 months in advance for a workout that doesn't even have any previews. She is using customer's money to pay for her production costs. It did work out that I liked the workouts but her workouts tend to repetitive so I don't need that many more.
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Old 07-28-19, 10:15 PM  
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Originally Posted by athompson10 View Post
Yeah, lots of word salad on that PHA description. Can't see how you'd get much of an upper body workout without bands or dumbbells, unless she's planning a zillion pushups or burpees.
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cathe, cathe step boss, imax 4, pha step, step boss, stepsync

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