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Old 10-02-04, 02:42 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Brussels
I totally interpretted this question differently: international travel and DVDs. I look for DVDs that aren't regionally coded, because I live 8 months of the year in Taiwan (NTSC, like N. America) and 4 months in Europe (PAL). Cathe doesn't regionally code--yay! Also I tried Firm DVDs in both places--they worked. Now I check before buying, it's not accidental. Collage puts a (1) after the copyright date to indicate it's NTSC/region 1, N. America. If there's no number it's not coded. Two days ago I treated myself to new DVDs and none were coded--it seems to be going out of style, thank goodness.

BUT when I travelled in America I LOVED Urban Tai Ch'i. The fun factor is high. Charlene Prickett has intense, low impact videos that don't take up much space in the workout. She has a chatty style that isn't for everyone--I love her though. I *wish* UTC, vintage Charlene low impact, and Donna-Mite were out on (non-regionally coded!) DVD. I'd snap them UP!

DVDs are excellent for travel cardio if you have a laptop with a DVD player, or lodging with a DVD. Bring them in a travel CD case.

Recently I did weights while travelling by using my backpack. On, it's good for squats (light weight ones). Off, it substitutes as an wonky handweight. You might have to stand on a chair or the bed to make sure the backpack doesn't go on the floor while you're in your working range of motion. Ya know? Like I did bicep curls and midway through it got sooo easy--hey, the backpack is on the floor!
Central Brussels now, and moving to Hong Kong's New Territories at the end of August 'cos I got a great new job!
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Old 09-06-11, 01:45 PM  
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Location: Maryland, USA
Kelly Coffey Meyer's Body Training would be great for travel- a standing section that is lower body focused (and also gives a mild cardio effect) and a floor section that incorporates lower, upper and abs. There are also some pre-mixes on the DVD as well. Doesn't use up much space, either!

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Old 09-06-11, 03:53 PM  
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Men's Health Body Weight Circuits - you can buy it from itunes and put it on your ipod! A bit small, but it works.

And there is Cathe's Travel Fit, which I find kind of meh.

And if you can stream, need a band for these.
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Old 09-06-11, 06:24 PM  
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Location: Victoria, Australia
I find the powefits great, they only use a band and because they are short you can mix and match. It is only really strength that is challenging, there are lots of great cardio options.

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Old 09-07-11, 11:45 PM  
Lucky Star
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Wow, this thread was nearly a decade in the making!
~ Gina ~
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Old 09-08-11, 09:26 AM  
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Wow! I didn't realize it started in 2002!!!
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Old 09-08-11, 06:12 PM  
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My favorite travel workouts:

iTrain iTread outdoors (program on your ipod to run or walk to outside)
iTrain iSculpt traditional #12, (circuit with instructor Mimi with no equipment necessary)
Jillian Burn Fat Boost Metabolism (no equipment)
yoga workouts
Powerstrike 4, 5, 6 (require no equipment)
Cathe's Travelfit (need a band...I like this one)
Cathe's Kick Punch and Crunch
ab workouts that require no equipment (there's lots of these)

If you have access in a hotel to basic cardio equipment, the iTrains would be good for that, too.
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