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Old 04-16-02, 09:16 AM  
Diane Rogers
VF Supporter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Vienna, VA (DC area)
Thumbs up Urban Tai Chi

There have been a number of VFers who have had positive experiences with Urban Tai Chi recently (see the thread from within the past couple days). This is a great, non-dancy cardio workout that requires no equipment AND not much space. It's fun, too!
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Old 04-16-02, 09:38 AM  
Hazel Porter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Colorado
I usually take a couple kickboxing tapes with me when I travel. Most use very little room and I feel like I'm getting both cardio and toning benefits even without the weights. Any of the Powerstrikes are good for this -- you really don't need any room at all (well, enough to execute a front, back, and side kick without knocking over a lamp!). With Tae Bo you probably need enough space to at least grapevine once from side to side.

An oldie that uses only a special Xerbar (tubing attached to a bar -- available from Spri) is Keli Roberts's Straight Up Sculpt. It was originally available through IDEA -- don't know if they still offer it. I don't have the video any more, but like taking the Xerbar on vacations (it comes with a chart of exercises to do). And the last Spri catalog I received listed a dozen or more videos that use tubing or bands.

My other travelling favorite, at least if I'm going to my mom's, where I have access to one pair of medium-size weights, is Christi Taylor's Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. It always surprises me how tough this video is!

Traveling always makes me wish I enjoyed running, like my husband. It seems like it would be so much easier to get in some exercise that way, plus he always gets to explore wherever we're visiting first.
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Old 04-16-02, 08:46 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Michigan
This is giving me some great ideas - I'm going to look through the Collage catalog and find some of these suggestions and see what appeals to me.

Hazel, I wish I was a runner also. It would make things so much easier. But I'm too fat to run maybe when I lose some of my flab!

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Old 04-17-02, 02:24 AM  
Jane P.
VF Supporter
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Colorado Springs
Look around and improvise.

I never take tapes with me on vacation. For cardio I usually walk or jog. It's a great way to look around. For resistance work I do exercises that don't require equipment, or I improvise. I do squats, plies, lunges and step ups if there's a sturdy chair available. For the upper body, I do push ups, tricep dips, crunches, reverse crunches, and back extensions. You can also do biceps curls with a small suitcase, over head triceps presses with a garment bag, and bent over rows with a medium sized suit case.

Just remember to take some workout shoes with you. I forgot mine one time and walked in ordinary shows without proper support. It was the start of a long struggle with PF, and I never want to go through that again.
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Old 04-17-02, 08:18 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Ohio

Working out when on the road can be hard. Use the road as an opportunity to cross-train and try something new A lot of hotels have pretty nice fitness facilities - it might be nice to try the treadmill or bike, then use the nautilus machine for weights. Some hotels have pools. I forget which hotel chain, but one offers the Living Arts yoga videos on demand (like the pay per view movies in room). If you are visiting relatives, you could ask your relatives about parks or trails and you could try hiking.

Hope that helps!
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Old 06-19-03, 08:22 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Northern Virginia
Slim in 6 and many of the Slim Series are perfect for traveling. I recently went on a trip and used Firm it Up and the Slim in 6 workouts. All I needed to take were resistance bands.
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Old 07-15-03, 09:21 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: So. Cal.
I usually pack 2 videos when we take a vacation.

1. Kathy Smith's Lower Body Workout - is great and requires no equipment and is a really great lower body workout.

2. An all ab workout -- The Firm's 5 Day Abs, or any of the Abs of Steel, Denise Austin's Ab workouts, Trish Muse's Ab ATtack, or any other Ab workout.

Have a wonderful trip.

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Old 06-21-04, 06:29 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Acton MA

Power Half Hour is great for travel. The Arm routine has a background exerciser using exercise bands exclusivley. The others workouts are fairly aerobic and cover the buns, thighs and abs. There is also a stretch.

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Old 06-23-04, 11:40 AM  
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: So. Cal.
Wink vacation workouts

Kris, the workout you suggested sounds good for travel. Power Half Hour who does that? It doesn't sound familiar to me. Any info. would be great.

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Old 07-30-04, 10:08 PM  
nycrican's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Cape Canveral Fl
Need video recommendations for travelling

Hi Everyone:

Check out this site.

I recently went to Vegas and stayed at the Excalibur Hotel. I was able to get one of the videos featured on this web site on the hotel TV. I really didn't need any special equipment to do it, just a hotel towel and a chair and I thought it was a great workout.

Unfortunately, they do not sell the videos to individuals.

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