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Old 10-31-21, 02:54 PM  
Joni O
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Basic Hi-Lo - Need Suggestions

Asking for a friend. NO. I admit, I'm asking for myself. I've been walking 6 days a week and doing some Leslie and Jessica Smith cardio core stuff, but I did Cathe, Christi, Seasun, et. al for years. Today I popped in Christi's Still Jumpin' Just for Fun - you know, the one without any complex choreography so we all just have fun with it? Fun? I almost killed myself in the 10 minutes I lasted. . And I mean, really, how many hundreds of times do we need to repeat something (we probably did 8) and then take it from the top over and over?

How about something more like Leslie Plus - not walking, but fun, basic choreography just to get moving and enjoy it?
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Old 10-31-21, 03:01 PM  
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I would love to know, too! I workout late afternoons and I often don't have the mental energy to do complex choreo but I want something more than indoor walking. And,, while I enjoy dancier workouts, it would be nice to have something is more hi/lo athletic style with a just touch of groove. The basic dance workouts often aren't very much of a workout and the more advanced ones are too choroegraphed or too repetitive.
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Old 10-31-21, 03:07 PM  
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How about one of the earlier Beachbody sets like Turbo Jam, Rockin' Body or Hip Hop Abs? I'm thinking old school because so many newer workouts are "Extreme" or HIIT. Older workouts seem more geared towards getting moving and having fun
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Old 10-31-21, 03:21 PM  
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Old 10-31-21, 03:36 PM  
Joni O
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I just ordered KCM's Quick Cardio Fix. It didn't look too complicated.
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Old 10-31-21, 03:37 PM  
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Kristin Dowell’s Hi/Lo Recharge - I love this one!

Jenny Ford’s Hi Lo Cardio - Easy to follow and shorter - can’t remember for sure, but I think it’s around 35 min.

Aimee Nicotera’s Take 20 Vol. 2 - Bonus Cardio Grooves - the shortest of the 3 - 20 minutes and basic athletic style choreography
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Old 10-31-21, 03:44 PM  
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Here are a few recommendations off the top of my head-

The Firm- Cardio Party (all cardio- no gadgets/weights and not too complex.)
Christi Taylor- Mission Possible- Step & Hi/Lo
Jenny Ford- Hi/Lo Cardio 2 -
KCM- Start Here

I would like to hear others suggestions for basic/intermediate hi/lo as well!
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Old 10-31-21, 03:53 PM  
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KCM Cardio Quick Fix is one of my favorites.

Jenny Ford has a few hi/lo workouts

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Old 10-31-21, 08:25 PM  
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Another vote for Jenny Ford Hi Lo Cardio, you are right it is 35 minutes long, I did it recently and thought it was fun, it is on DVD along two Cardio Step workouts and YouTube as well.
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Old 10-31-21, 08:50 PM  
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Another vote for Kristin Dowell’s Hi/Lo Recharge.
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basic cardio, hi-lo, hi-lo cardio, hi/lo, high low cardio

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