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Old 11-12-15, 10:18 PM  
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TTAPP: MORE, TTMM, or ladybug

A question for the TTAPPers here.

I already have the TTAPP book, the BWO+, and the lady bug pop video.

I am 46, dealing with adrenal fatigue and have 30 lbs to lose. The AF has wreaked havoc on my weight. I am getting back into TTAPP and plan to mix it with an adrenal fatigue yoga series.

All of these workouts look good, but I'm not sure which to buy. I like that MORE has short workouts but TTMM is short too. OH and then, there's Senior Fit - maybe that would be good too!?!

TIA for your help!!
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Old 11-13-15, 12:16 AM
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In general, I suggest to people to get the workout recommended by the T-Tapp Store's How to Get Started page. According to this, given that you have AF but less than 40 lbs to lose, HHMM is recommended. However, I would still think about getting More, and start with More Chair, adding in the other short workouts, before doing the More Instr. I think those short workouts are so excellent, but so underrated...real sleepers. First, they are short, so its easy to convince yourself to do one on a rough day. But more importantly, they really meet you where you are at. They can be challenging if you really go to your personal max, but if you are feeling weak that day, they support you. More Chair gave me the best legs I ever had. In my life. Including when I was 22 and going to the gym and young and fit.

HHMM is popular on the T-Tapp forum with people who have AF, but to me it also seems like they constantly talk about having to hit pause through the workout. Which is perfectly fine and and good to do if you are getting worn out and need to catch your breath. But it says to me that it is above their level and they are at risk of burning themselves out. The trainer over there who says how much HHMM helped her AF and even recommends it to AF people, also says she started with MORE and did it forever before HHMM came out. So in other words...she healed her AF with More, and maintains with HHMM, after having trained up with More. HHMM does have some of the new tweaks/form tips, so it might be worth buying and watching, then keeping it around until you are ready.

SF is counter-indicated for people with AF. They claim it trains such a high level of activation that people with AF somehow overdo it for their adrenals. I don't understand it, but I don't have AF, so I accept it. Too bad though because I love that workout so much I want to marry it. But, SF is *really* intense. I am dealing with physical limitations, so we can't be together right now. Ladybug is considered an advanced workout. I wouldn't consider it until you can do TWO comfortably. So for now, focus on More and HHMM while you get your AF under control.

Teresa usually does a really good CyberMonday sale, so plan for that. As a side note, if you order More, in about a month or two you will get a coupon in the mail for 50% off a single item + 20% off everything in the store. That could be a way to get both. Get More for Thanksgiving and use the coupon for HHMM. But really, I guess you should just wait to see what is offered. She has put together some really nice packages in the past.

Finally, you should look into skin brushing. Teresa has her CRT Skin Brushing sequence on a DVD. She also has packages with More and the CRT DVD and also a "deluxe set" with the CRT DVD and some supplements. I use this Yerba Prima brush that I can buy at my local organic market. I originally got the deluxe package (I think I used my More coupon for it) and tried the supplements on a whim, and loved what they did for me. But YMMV.

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Old 11-13-15, 09:01 AM  
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With AF, MORE is definitely the gentle but effective way to go. The last thing you want to do is exhaust or over work yourself.

Omega, I totally agree with you that needing to constantly stop is a sign you're working too hard this risking burn out.
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Old 11-14-15, 08:59 PM  
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Thank you both! such detailed information is exactly what I was looking for. I will go with your recommendations. I'll start with MORE, then get the skin brushing kit, and work my way up to HHMM.

I do skin brush, but not consistently & the kit looks great.

Thank you SO very much for your fantastic insight and input!
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Old 11-18-15, 01:28 PM  
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Location: East Texas
withpopcorn, what yoga series are you doing to help with AF?
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ladybug, ttapp, ttmm

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