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Old 08-30-21, 05:37 AM  
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Old Thread Alert!!

I know it likely depends somewhat on the premix you're doing, but I'd like to know how you would classify this workout/s in terms of aerobic effect? Is it steady state?
I just did a time-saver and was sweating buckets 7 minutes in through to the very end.
Enjoyable though. No wrist-hurting moves.
Just would like more posture cues, but I'm always asking for more posture/pelvic cues.
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Old 08-30-21, 07:07 AM  
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Thanks for the reminder! I am going to do this one soon.
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Old 08-30-21, 11:44 AM  
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Thanks for the reminder also! I dusted this one off today when just wanting some fun combos for an add-on. (I did TS 4:Combos Only - 26 min. premix)...I enjoyed it (well, mostly, minus the camera man stopping on too many body parts in the process)! Why can't they just focus on the whole shot of Cathe & crew esp. when doing k/b combos?? But anyway, it's a good one when wanting some fun combos.

Elsie, yes, I would term this one steady state (as much of what I remember of the whole workout, since it's all low impact, excluding the calorie crush).
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Old 08-30-21, 12:26 PM  
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I LOVE Rev'd Up Rumble. It's so much fun and the music is great and fun too. I love the whole LITE series from Cathe'
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Old 08-30-21, 04:57 PM  
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Rev'd Up Rumble is an all-time favorite!

It is an updated, slightly shorter Kick Punch & Crunch in terms of the build up of the combinations. I love, love, love it.
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Old 08-30-21, 08:34 PM  
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I've been doing this one a lot as I have had some foot issues and didn't want to do anything where I am jumping too much. It is fun and not as hard as some of her other workouts.
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cathe lite reviews, revd up rumble

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