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Old 04-20-20, 02:27 PM  
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Originally Posted by kittybug View Post
I did Turbo Barre today, wondering how it would feel because it's been a while since I've done any barre workouts and I used to do them a LOT. I enjoyed did not feel like I was working very hard! I'm not sure if it's because I have other barre workouts I recall as being killer (Ballet Physique and Leah come to mind) or if all the heavier weight training has really, really had a positive impact! I really don't know what to think. I'd have to try some of my other barre workouts to know, but I am not in the mood right now, hah!! I guess this was what I needed today after all the outdoor activity but I also felt sort of disappointed, if that makes sense!
Interesting thoughts Kittybug. I have never done Turbobarre. About the only barre workouts I've done "consistently" are Leah's Ballet Body workouts. Barre is kind of like yoga to me - great as an add on but I don't want it to be my primary workout. I don't really know why.

Glad you were able to get out in the sun! That ALWAYS helps!

Waves and hugs to everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend!
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Old 04-20-20, 06:03 PM  
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Happy Monday (is it??)!

Today was Michelle's Cardio Interval Burn, the original, just 'cuz I didn't want to think too much but wanted to sweat!

ChelePA, hope your x-ray goes well and you're allowed to slowly bear weight on that foot!

Kim, I could never, EVER let my husband pick my workouts for me, so kudos to you! It'd be a disaster!

Bee, I went back to my original notes on Turbo Barre from LONG ago, and they said 'light barre, no dread factor.' So there you have it! I just didn't remember I felt that way. You're totally right, it's light for "real" barre!!

Momofcha, some of her live workouts do move super fast! That was one thing I sometimes liked, depending on the workout, but I often found myself having to pause and rewind which on my computer was a huge pain!

Manleym, I read on another thread on this forum about a couple of Vfers' docs saying barre and workouts like it were a waste of time. That really struck a note with me because the first thing I thought was, well, have they actually ever TAKEN a barre class to form that opinion? Hah! But it did get me thinking because of all the great benefits I'm seeing from what I've been doing lately (AKA not barre or anything remotely like it!). I guess I don't have a solid opinion either way yet, just a lot of personal trials to see what's best for me, and maybe barre isn't it! Maybe it's a better add-on thing for me, like how you use it. Yoga too, when I ever get back to it...!

Stay fierce, my fierce friends!!
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Old 04-20-20, 06:35 PM  
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Hi everyone! Happy Monday!

momofcha, we did briefly mention using a weighted vest for kickbox workouts in a comment about KCM's latest Cardio workout. So you didn't imagine it! FYI I have an 8 lb one that I got at Target. I think manleym has the same one? It works for me as I didn't want to spend a ton of money and I think it was around $25. The Cathe Lives can be fast moving for sure! I mix them in with the other Cathes that I do that are slower paced (but still tough!)

ChelePA, hope all goes well with your checkup. Keep us posted!

Kim, I like your husband's "rotation" method. Funny!

kittybug, I've only done Turbo Barre once, so it will really be new to me when I (finally) get to it.

manleym, I haven't done the Afterburn Bonus Burn premix so I will have to use the suggestion here. I would find that annoying that only one side is worked. Sounds like an editing problem, but still.

I don't think I checked in yesterday but I did the Cathe Live that was at noon (I think it was called Cardio HiIT Metabolic?) It actually was perfectly in sync so who knows, maybe it's the time of day that is messing up my signal. It was tough but doable and I really enjoyed it!

Today I decided at the last minute to do this one again at 5pm (because I must be crazy) but when I tuned in I couldn't get sound. Tried refreshing it, using a different browser, but no go. I decided the Exercise Fairies must be telling me to do something else, and I listened. Instead, I did Step and Intervals and the Step workout on the 2000 Xpress series. I had pretty much forgotten both of them it had been so long so they seemed new to me and time went fast as I followed the combos. I want to mention the music on Step & Intervals in particular. I don't know if it's nostalgia or what, but I liked it. I also really liked the warm up song in the Step workout, but then it went to the Rhythmic Step music that didn't really float my boat. Anyhoo, it didn't bother me enough to Joni-O it, and I was focused on the choreography so I stopped noticing it.

Waves to everyone!
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Old 04-20-20, 06:45 PM  
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My goodness you girls!! So many posts!! I can't possibly reply to all but I love how you all are modifying your workouts, mixing instructors and just remaining so fierce!

I keep hearing how people are struggling with their workouts because the gyms are closed. SOOOOOO glad I just have my own little home gym and all my dvds!!!! I just prefer working out at home with my own equipment. Aren't we lucky that way?

Soooo, I cheated on Cathe today and may all week because Les Mills on Demand released 9 new workouts this week! I can't wait to do them since I am so addicted to LM so today I did Body Pump 112. Very good release with a lunge track that they did on their step topper. I used my step plus two risers on each side and gave me a decidedly harder workout. High reps, lower weights but you know me - I push it as heavy as I can. Still muscle endurance, yes?

So I'll probably run thru the LM workouts that I'm interested in plus doing Terminator Viper too.

I'm still meditating every day and still doing some Yoga almost every day.

I hate not having my routine.

I hope you all are doing FAB!!! Have you heard of anyone you know that got covid? So far I haven't!

Take care!
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Old 04-20-20, 06:48 PM  
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Hello Everyone

Today turned into a rest day. I spent more time than usual preparing the home schooling lessons that I am going to do on Wednesday so no time for my scheduled exercise. DH and I did do a 30 minute Travis balance practice today. I must have been tired because my balance was horrid.

DH and I were to begin a new paper weight program today that is 5 days per week but we will start tomorrow. I will continue to use Cathe for cardio and mix in some Travis yoga.

Sue- yes some of the Cathe Lives do move very fast. That is one of the reason that I prefer the Cathe Lives that she has done alone. Try one of them. I have done Legs and Core on the Floor twice and it is good.

Kittybug and Manelym- I tend to do both traditional leg workouts and lower body barre. I get the best results by doing both. Barre works smaller muscles that traditional leg exercises may miss.

I hope everything went well with your visit.

I wish that I were disciplined enough to do a regular meditation session. I need it now more than ever! Yes we are lucky to have our own home gym and our DVDs and downloads. I love mine. I live in NY so almost everyone I know knows someone who either had, has or died from the virus. This is absolutely horrible and so very sad.
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Old 04-20-20, 06:58 PM  
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Originally Posted by KateTT View Post
... Have you heard of anyone you know that got covid? So far I haven't!

Take care!
We just heard that my sister-in-law's brother died from Covid in the nursing home where he resided.
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Old 04-20-20, 07:50 PM  
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Originally Posted by cataddict View Post
We just heard that my sister-in-law's brother died from Covid in the nursing home where he resided.
So sorry to hear that news.
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Old 04-20-20, 08:05 PM  
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i love reading all the posts from everyone. I'm terrible at responding to each of you but I really am loving this thread.

ChelePA I hope things went well with your doctor's visit.

Kittybug tonight I did Michelle's Cardio Interval Burn Fat Blaster. I don't think you have that one. I think "More" is still my favorite, but this one is really, really close! It's got a combination of old school aerobic moves, dance and a little bit of kickbox mixed in. If the music was just a tad better, it might be my favorite of the Cardio Interval Burns. Music is so subjective, so my thoughts about it might not be the same as others. Some songs are really great, synced so good with the moves and other songs are just meh. There are some repeated moves from the other Cardio Interval Burns which I didn't mind and there are some super fun moves like "bang the drums", which I think was in another one. OMG that is so much fun! There are really good modifications shown for the peaks which I appreciated because the peaks are just too hard for me. Anyway, that's a long way to say I had a great workout tonight!

Kate, yes we know two people who are/have been sick: one person from church and my husband's aunt. Our county has a pretty small amount of confirmed cases so I feel comforted by that.

Cataddict I'm so sorry for your loss.

Stay healthy and happy everyone!


Edited to add: There is a lot of whooping in Cardio Interval Burn Fat Blaster, so much that it was getting somewhat annoying in the early parts of the workout. They seemed to tone it down as the workout progressed though, so it wasn't that much of an issue.

Last edited by Mickey12; 04-21-20 at 02:18 PM. Reason: forgot to add more about the workout
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Old 04-20-20, 10:29 PM  
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Originally Posted by cataddict View Post
We just heard that my sister-in-law's brother died from Covid in the nursing home where he resided.
Iím so sorry to hear this. A former teacher lost his mom to it, and a former classmates dad recovered.

Regina - I donít subscribe so Iím at her mercy with what she releases.

How hard is afterburn? Thatís another virgin for me....

Tomorrow was going to be strength but Iím already feeling a little tight and sore so I may end up resting....

"I'm just one workout away from a good mood." ~ Valerie Waters
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Old 04-21-20, 09:31 AM  
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Cataddict, I'm so sorry...hugs to you! I'm sorry to anyone who knows anyone that has scary! Glad to hear someone recovered.

Kim, I don't have that one yet but it sounds so fun! The bang the drums move is in the original Cardio Interval Burn...I love that!

KateTT, I'm cheating on Cathe a bit this week too, hah!! Just until I'm done with the LIS...Xtrain might be a different story.

Horusosiris, that is brilliant. I unfortunately tend to be an all-or-nothing person in my mindset, so if it's barre, it's ALL barre, or if it's weights, it's ALL weights...know what I mean? What you just wrote (and Manleym too) about doing both got me thinking so much! And yes, I agree, barre just works stuff traditional training doesn't, which is why I love it so much! I certainly have plenty of barre type workouts to incorporate, hah!

Momofcha, Afterburn is such a good mix of tons of stuff! It used to feel a lot harder to me but doesn't now. It has several 'breaks' built in, which is nice. Just give it a shot! You can always Joni-O it, hah!!

Today I'm probably cheating on Cathe again and going to attempt a Mike Donavanik DVD I just acquired from a Vfer (thank you!). Attempt being key word. We'll see how that goes! I'll report back later.

Stay fierce and safe everyone!!
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