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Old 01-26-21, 12:56 PM  
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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

ChelePA thanks for the feedback on doubling Caroline's workouts. Agree that it would be too much doing both. I think I'll do her SuperSets Hiit and maybe a low impact, or as Bee suggested, yoga. Definitely something not as intense, unless I'm feeling SUPER energetic!

Bee agree with no yoga in the cold. Even a regular workout where you're sweating would be hard to do in the cold. But I'm fickle about weather. That's the main reason I workout inside. Don't like my nose running, etc....So what do you plan on doing for Kickbox Wednesday, or have you thought about it yet?

Cataddict so glad you're back and that everything's and everyone's ok and doing well! Funny you mentioned Morwena because she is just now becoming more of a main character. Hubby said the other night that she looked familiar, so we've probably seen her in something else. I think that's one of the fun things about BBC/Masterpiece. You see the same actors playing a variety of roles. We've seen Sir Edmund from Turn in a variety of shows and roles. And the woman who played the spy in Foyle's War. She's been in alot of different things. CA and Kim we've added Miss Scarlet and the Duke to our watchlist. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the suggestion!

Kim I'm glad you pulled out Hi/Lo Dome Challenge again. You're the one who inspired me to do it!

FN1 and FN2 I think you both would like Caroline. It is different with just the music, but having done STS, ya'll will have NO PROBLEM matching her weights!

Kittybug your stats are just - WOW! AMAZING! You're lifting, like KateTT weights! Impressive! Go muscles, indeed! LOL!! I'm so glad all of this hard work is paying off and that your seeing results. And that others can see them too!

KateTT I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your former MIL. This has been a hard enough year as it was, but then to have 2 losses makes it even worse. Big hug to you!

For Metabolic Monday yesterday I did Cathe Live Metabolic Burn #170. I LOVED it! It was PERFECT for Metabolic Monday! There were 26 different exercises, so it just flew since nothing was repeated. There was a nice variety and mix of equipment - weights, bands, gliding devices - all things I like to use. Since this was an older Live, Cathe had a class with her so that was a nice change of pace from either her being alone or a Caroline/Youtube instructor who are generally alone.

Today for TwoFer Tuesday I'm going to do Caroline's SuperSet HiiT and will decide what the other workout I'm feeling up for when I'm finished.

And yes, any thoughts for Fun Friday?
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Old 01-26-21, 01:14 PM  
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ChelePA I must have missed it along the way but what is JG kickboxing? I'm terrible with abbreviations.

And thanks for the recommendation on the new Kat step routine. Maybe I'll do that one tonight.
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Old 01-26-21, 01:25 PM  
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Originally Posted by KateTT View Post
Brief a nutshell, already not feeling the love on MBF Advanced. But we'll see.
Gotta former MIL died and her funeral is today so I'm going to go be with my boys shortly. They lost both their grandmothers in less than a year.

I'll be back.
My kids have lost their two loving grandparents..I'm sorry for your kids experiencing that

Hugs Kate!!
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Old 01-26-21, 01:30 PM  
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Hi all!

"Quick" checkin. Yesterday was Mess 3 Week 3 Chest and Back. I increased my weight for all the exercises just like we are supposed to except the chest fly. I'm really trying to be cautious with those since I feel the shoulder working and sometimes my tendonitis flares up. Tough workout! I kept telling myself that there are now only five more messes left! I suspect that I will be the oldest person on record to complete STS.

FN1, GREAT results from the Messes! Sounding a mini-cowbell! You may need a new nickname--"Muscles." I think I've gotten stronger as well during the course of the program and definitely from my previous Mess Adventure. Have you noticed that you are really thirsty? Yesterday I drank water by the gallon (or so it seemed) and of course that meant I was up every few hours over night!

Linda, I thought about you as I put on my BRIGHT ORANGE leggings today. It definitely is Volunteer Orange! It's gloomy and foggy today so I will be seen for sure!

Kate, I'm so sorry about your MIL. It seems like the time that Covid was first "discovered" until now is one long, tough year.

bee, the kitties are all fine, thanks for asking! Tank goes for his annual tomorrow so hopefully all will be okay with him. I worry since he is now our senior member at almost 15 but he still seems to be doing fine and recovered from his infection. Oh, and didn't you say you got Apple TV for free with your new phone? What programs do you like to watch? I also just started the free year.

Kim, we are also watching All Creatures Great and Small on PBS and liking it as well. Good for you for taking time to do nothing. Sometimes our bodies and minds just need a rest.

Chele, your January challenge sounds like a lot! That Caroline Girvan workout sounds like a whole lot of burpees/pushups. I feel pretty spent with STS right now so I will have to table that one for awhile. She sounds very challenging. I need to get back to doing more Kat workouts. I do like her style. You are lucky to get appointments for your family. DH and I are "pre registered" and will supposedly be notified when we can make an appointment. Which I expect won't be for awhile. I think they will run out of vaccine before they can do even the "preference" groups. How is Winston doing?

manley, you may want to watch All Creatures Great and Small as well. So far we like it and it has Diana Rigg in it, may she rest in peace. I think this must have been one of her last projects. Oh, and I read somewhere here that Caroline uses 44 lb dumbbells for her "heavy" weights. Hmm, nope. I guess it depends on the exercise.

Waves to Nathalie, horusosiris and Garrie. Where is Garrie? Haven't seen him post recently.

LOL this isn't so "quick" after all! Three posts were added while I was writing this! {{HUGS}} to all!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

Watula, Cheeto, Charli, Lux, Merlin, Rudy, Finley, Hobbes and Winston Fan Girl!

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Old 01-26-21, 01:35 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
ChelePA I must have missed it along the way but what is JG kickboxing? I'm terrible with abbreviations.

And thanks for the recommendation on the new Kat step routine. Maybe I'll do that one tonight.
Hi Kim. Her name is Jackie and she’s an instructor at Cathe’s gym. She has a YouTube channel with lots of workouts. She started it because of Covid. And has continued with the workouts. I really like her style. Just wish I could hear the music better.
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Old 01-26-21, 01:38 PM  
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
ChelePA I must have missed it along the way but what is JG kickboxing? I'm terrible with abbreviations.

And thanks for the recommendation on the new Kat step routine. Maybe I'll do that one tonight.
Kim, not Chele obviously, but I read somewhere that JG Kickboxing is on You Tube, done by an instructor at Cathe's gym with a name that escapes me but who doesn't have the initials JG. So I think you can just search for JG kickboxing to find it.
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

Watula, Cheeto, Charli, Lux, Merlin, Rudy, Finley, Hobbes and Winston Fan Girl!
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Old 01-26-21, 02:41 PM  
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Cataddict yes, have All Creatures Great and Small on our watch list. Thanks for the rec! We were going to start watching it but decided to watch Poldark first. Looking forward to some good series!

Oh, and Bee, meant to post this earlier but forgot. Thought of you this past weekend when we were watching UCLA and Stanford hoops. Did you watch it? It was an AMAZING game! Hubby said it was too bad it wasn't a Championship game because it was that good - from beginning to end.
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Old 01-26-21, 04:36 PM  
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Oh, Kate.... I'm so sorry to read about your former MIL and yes, that's a sad blow for your boys!

kittybug, what fantastic results you are having with the STS messes!! Wow! Congrats!!

cataddict, yes, I did mention the free year of Apple TV. I started watching the Jennifer Anniston news show -- it seemed good, but the apple TV app could never seem to remember where I was and it became very annoying. This was last April, I think -- they may have worked out some bugs, but honestly I don't really like their user interface so much. But, the one must see show is Ted Lasso. So good! We all need some Ted Lasso in our life (the person more than the show, but the show, too). Glad your kitties are fine!

manleym, we have another giant storm coming in this afternoon, so hopefully I will have power for Kickbox Wednesday...... if so, I think I may do Powerstrike 7 but I am tempted to try a JG youtube class while it's in the front of my mind. What about you? Oh and I did not see that Stanford/UCLA game. I haven't been able to watch much lately.

Yes, and what about Fun Friday? Does anyone have anything they're itching to do? Is it fun?

Today was another day I couldn't make myself go to the barn for a workout -- even colder here this morning! What a wimp I am! I did Caroline's 30 minute LISS workout -- I liked it! followed by Rudy's Forged Warrior No Vinyasas. Pretty good twosome.

Waves to all!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 01-26-21, 06:59 PM  
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It's Tuesday, Watulans!

KateTT, I'm so sorry for your loss too. What a crappy thing for your boys. Hugs to you and them!!

Watulans, you are all so sweet and encouraging, thank you!! I think my progress speaks very highly to the STS system and Cathe's brilliance in developing it more than anything else. Best recent purchase I could have made!!

Yes, FN2, we have FIVE workouts left and trust me, I'm a countin' down!!!

ChelePA, what a mashup you did for your workout! You inspired me today to add on Fit Split abs to Rockout Knockout which I hadn't done in ages but find a lot of fun. Plus all you gals doing kickbox made me want to join in however I could!

Manleym, I KNOW on Morwena!! Goodness I'm LOVING this show. And I'm making notes of your recs and FN2's recs...good shows are like workouts, so many, so little time, eh?? OH, and hey, I stumbled on something that looked interesting on Netflix called Radium Girls but don't know when I'll get around to watching it...maybe someone else here would be interested in that too. I haven't watched Bridgerton yet either like I think ChelePA(?) mentioned.

Bee, I heard your gov is lifting that true where you are?

I ~thought~ I saw a flash of orange. Waves to FOLV!!!!!

Kim, did you try Kat? Thoughts?

Yeah, where is Garrie? Doing okay and just busy, I hope!

Waving to Horusosiris too. Hope you all are doing well. Stay fierce, Watulans!!!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

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Hello All-

Kate- I am sorry for your recent losses. You and your family are in my thought and and prayers.

FN1 and Cataddict- Great progress with the Messes. Those strength increases are quite an accomplishment. Be Proud!

Bee and Cataddict- I also have a free year of Apple TV. What have you been watching on Apple TV? F I have been watching more PBS, Amazon Prime, Netllix and Disney Plus. I love All Creatures Great and Small.

I am having a really difficult time getting motivated to workout. My workout time was always my "me" time and I enjoyed and looked forward to it. Now, I can barely think of anything to do, even though I have a gazillion DVDs. I just do not feel like it. I miss my extended family and freinds. We always had regular dinner parties, brunches, etc. and any reason was a reason for a party. If you hurt your toe, and it healed, we had a get together. If you purchased a new outfit, we had a get together to see you in it. Super Bowl Sunday was a huge event for family and friends. Now it is almost a year of this and I am sick of it. I am grateful that we are all still alive and healthy so I know that I should not complain but I am feeling down.

Thank goodness for this group! Thank you all for all that you do to encourage and sustain me.
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watulan check-in

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