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Old 01-23-21, 10:28 PM  
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Happy Saturday, barely! Busy day for me today.

manleym, I think I got rid of the Susan Chung I had -- I found her hard to follow/keep up with, but I will check to see if that's correct. Theoretically I should get Kick Max in -- I think I'm about halfway done with that series (whatever it is called -- I don't know why I can't keep her earlier series straight). But I'm also curious about that JG kickboxing on youtube, though after Chele's review maybe less so?

Yes, that Caroline uses heavy weights! Wow. I've only looked at her stuff -- have never tried any.

I would love to have you all come for a big party..... wouldn't that be fun?! I don't think it's going to happen! That place is pretty crazy expensive. At this point we're back to thinking we'll clear more trees at our current place and keep our fingers crossed. I agree that an outdoor kitchen would be nice.... heck, I would take a nice patio/deck at this point!! I grill fairly often, but we never eat outside. It's uncovered and just not all that nice even though it does have a fabulous view. We need to spiff it up out there.

I'm hoping cataddict has just been busy with things -- it seems like sometimes she does get busy in the week, right?

Oh, today I thought about doing that Trampit but decided since I was giving a speech at toastmasters that I didn't want my hair a wreck -- silly, right? So I did that Getting to Know You yoga practice manleym mentioned. It was good, but sheesh my butt was sore later!! Crazy how yoga does that to me sometimes.

Hope everyone is well! Waves all around!!
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Old 01-23-21, 11:17 PM  
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Bee...the volume issue was my computer. Could hear the music loud and clear hooked to my TV. I just read Fitness My Style reviews of JG Kickboxing and she said she always does a longer warm up. Looks like most workouts are around 40 plus minutes. I just chose a shorter one. I would love your opinion on this and Trampit. Iím thinking of doing #10 tomorrow since itís the same instructor as 11 and 12.
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Old 01-24-21, 08:25 AM  
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Happy Sunday to All. I am so ready to tackle all that this week has to offer,

Workout yesterday- a cardio interval workout using my rebounder, spin bike and rower. I did light weigh work between the cardio equipment intervals.

Manelym- I love Sagi. I agree that people either love him or dislike him. I had so much work to do that I had to stop watching Poldark but I will try to resume next week. I like the show and cannot wait to get back to it.

Bee and Linda - a guest house sounds great! I am all ready for our first recording session.! I have been practicing. I am on my way to visit you.

Bee- an outdoor kitchen. I would love that because I love to eat outside. We grill outside in the winter but eat inside. What was your speech about at Toastmasters?

Manelym- my gym is always open for the Watulans. Come over any time (after the pandemic of course- LOL).

Chel- a 14 minute warmup for a 33 minute workout? That seem excessive. I agree with Manelym that you would enjoy Cathe Live. I almost always do her new Thursday workout with Cathe or shortly thereafter.

Lavna Ė your vaccine rollout seems so much more organized and efficient than in the states. My state has run out of the vaccine and there does not seem not seem to be a consistent way to replenish it. What a mess!

Manelym and Bee- I have all (most?) of Susan Changís workouts. I have a different impression of her workout style. I find her easy to follow and her moves are slower and more controlled
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Old 01-24-21, 01:31 PM  
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Happy Sunday, Watulans!

Been so ridiculously busy, arg! I've even worked this weekend to try to make my life easier next week but not sure it will. Anywho, workouts to finish last week were Travis' Happy Hour again for To the Mat Thursday and STS Mess 3, week 2, shoulders, tris, and bis for Friday. Today will be....oh, I don't know, maybe Imax 3 again in my mission to make it seem 'easy' hah!!

FN2, we're halfway through Mess 3! I hope all is well with you and you're just busy too.

ChelePA and Manleym, you all have me so interested in Caroline's workouts. I've subscribed to that check-in but haven't joined yet as I probably won't try her workouts until STS is over. But thank you for all the enabling on all the great YouTube stuff out there! We recently got a Roku that's hardwired rather than wireless so it's a MUCH better streaming experience for me now for working out! My only concern is the music which like ChelePA, is REALLY important to me.

Yes, KateTT, we were planning a Katami rotation after STS. But in all honesty, I might need another week of just cardio and yoga before starting, hah!!

FOLV, awesome you're enjoying your bell workouts!! Don't worry, we'll let you know when Mess 3 is done so we get the full Mistress Cowbell send off!!

Horusosiris, did you get your second shot yet? Just curious! Nathalie, your rollout going more smoothly doesn't surprise me either (and you're very eloquent, just saying).

Manleym and Horusosiris, yep, still watching Poldark, just made it to season 3 and goodness, the writing and acting is just amazing, isn't it? Wonderful show!

Bee, that house sounds AMAZING. WOW. Hands up, who here wants to pitch in and buy it and make it the Watulan Compound? How much FUN would we have???

Kim, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy that Patrick. I haven't yet tried it but plan to once STS is over.

Waves to Garrie and FN2 and anybody I missed (so much to catch up on!). Stay fierce, Watulans!
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Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

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Old 01-24-21, 02:03 PM  
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Horososiris—yes the warm ups are definitely longer for JG Kickboxing. Sometimes I really enjoy a long warm up especially as I get older. Haha.

Kittybug—you sound like my husband working on the weekends to catch up for the week. Drives me crazy sometimes. Hope you have a less stressful week. And yes that compound would be awesome!

So Caroline Girvan offers a Hiit workout every Sunday and a full body every Friday. She doesn’t do warm ups...they are a five minute separate video. Just an FYI. I was going to try her Hiit workout. Looks interesting as she does supersets for 30 minutes but I wasn’t in my exercise room today. Needed to use a different room since I was up earlier and didn’t want to wake the family, so I tried her Low Impact Full Body—Bodyweight only. She has several. This one was from August 7, 2020. She does use yoga blocks to activate different leg muscles and wow you feel it! Also the upper body had so many different push ups. Tough stuff. I was on my knees frequently. I really liked this workout. She alternates abs between each section. They are the only exercises that are repeated. She starts with lower body then upper body followed by lower again and then she goes through several balance moves that involve total body. Even she was struggling on a few exercises. I loved the slow concentrated pace. It allows you to go deeper into the move. Excellent music too! I’m still up in the air whether I like music only. Each exercise is done for 50 seconds with a 10 second break. You can definitely hear the timer beeping so you know when it begins and ends. For some reason I really enjoy a few motivational words as I’m working out. Not too much talking I think Cathe is excellent in this area.

Talking about the vaccine. Definitely no rhyme or reason in PA. They just opened it up to more people which made the frustration even greater because they didn’t get through the first group. My mom was missing the cut off age by a year until they lowered it. I scheduled her immediately. She’s going next week. Most people have over a month wait now or can’t even get access. Honestly if it wasn’t for me taking the initiative, my mom would have no clue. She’s not on the internet and most people can’t get through on the phone or on hold for hours. I wish it was more organized.

Have a great Sunday!
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Old 01-24-21, 05:05 PM  
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Happy Sunday All! I hope everyone is having a good day!

ChelePA I TOTALLY agree about feeling Caroline's workout. I like the fact that I'm using different muscles to mix things up. Nice to have the variety. Agree that 20 minutes of burpees, planks, and core is TOUGH! Yay you for getting through it! Thanks for the review of JG's kickboxing workout. Cathe has long warm-ups on most of her kickboxing workouts. Wonder if that's just a thing for them? And you were able to figure out the volume thing. Did you like her as an instructor? Can't remember what you said about that, if anything. And yes, Cathe will always be the favorite!

Bee and Horusosiris I have all 4 of Susan's workouts but haven't tried any of them. Might try one Wednesday for kickboxing. Horusosiris which is your fav? Check your inventory Bee to see if you have any. And we could do a JG kickboxing on a Wednesday. Sounds like she's like Cathe, having long warm-ups on her kickbox workouts. Wonder why?

We also grill ALOT but eat inside because we don't have a good patio (or furniture) for eating outside. Hubby also likes to smoke, so he's been playing around with that too. Red bell peppers are DELICIOUS grilled and smoked. The majority of our meals are cooked from grilling. I think the flavor of most foods is better on the grill than in the oven or on the stove.

Bee it's fun dreaming about the house. We're enjoying dreaming with you! And nice that there are some things ya'll can do to spiff things up to yours. Before our big remodel we were trying to decide what to do -remodel or move. Obviously your situation is MUCH different with all of the fires, power outages, etc. It's a big decision - whether to stay or move. Hope clearing some trees will help. Keep us updated.

Kittybug sorry this week's going to be just as busy as last week (or sounds like it). Ugh! That's just so weary! I think we're about the same place in Poldark. Can't BELIEVE some of the stuff that's happened! Don't want to spoil it for Horusosiris but there have definitely been some things I didn't expect. Agree that it's great writing and acting! And you'll have to do one of Caroline's workout at some point to see what you think. So far the music has been really good, but I haven't done many (well, just one) of her workouts. But Heather's music is good too.

I'm thinking of doing one or both of the Caroline workouts ChelePA mentioned for Two Fer Tuesday. Do you think they would work well as doubles,ChelePA? I definitely want to try the low impact one you recently did. Sounds really good!

Better wrap it up. I've been trying to finish this post for probably over an hour and keep getting interrupted with chores and family. Guess that means it's time to go. Hugs and waves to all!
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Old 01-24-21, 06:31 PM  
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Hey All!

Chele, part of what I wasn't sure I'd like about that JG kickboxing was the long warm up. It makes sense that she follows in Cathe's footsteps. I should probably just try it -- maybe this Wednesday. I do have Powerstrike 7 to look forward to, manleym.

horusosiris, nice to hear from you! I think your impression of Susan's workouts is probably more accurate -- I was pulling from very old memory. I've got to see if I still have her because your description sounds up my alley! My speech was "pandemic coping skills a year too late". It was sort of about my daily focus that I'm trying to do (not for workouts but just for getting stuff done), and a little bit of meditation tips I've picked up. It seemed to be well received. I think in part because I put in a fair amount of effort preparing, and not everyone does.

manleym, those smoked peppers sound divine! I'm coming to your house for those!! My niece's husband smokes a lot but he mostly sticks to cheese and meats. We need to add to and upgrade our outdoor furniture here, for sure.

Well..... my slogging Sunday was pretty low key. I just wasn't feeling it. I thought I'd do a Caroline because it sounded pretty spot on for Slogging Sunday, but I've just been dragging lately. I did find that she has an EPIC beginner series, so..... I did a Lucy Wyndham-Read warm up and then did Caroline's beginner body weight upper body followed by body weight lower body. The upper body was no joke -- so many cobra pushups! She did them every third exercise. By the last two I just jogged in place because my shoulders were starting to complain. I'm already starting to feel sore from that workout. The lower body, as perhaps I should have predicted, was not all that difficult because it was bodyweight only, but I really enjoyed it. She had a great variety of moves (no repeat on this one). All in all, I thought she did a great job in both workouts as far as picking exercises. kittybug, I enjoyed the music, fwiw.

Oh! I keep forgetting to tell you all..... if you need a stretch -- say after a Caroline workout or whenever -- I really like the stretch Cathe has at the end of Imax 3. I've done it three times in the last week I think. She seems to hold things a bit longer than sometimes and also sort of goes through it twice -- standing and then down lower. If you try it you will get what I mean.

Waves to Kate, Nathalie, Garrie, cataddict, and Linda!! Did I miss anyone? Hope not!!! I feel like I am.....
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Old 01-24-21, 06:34 PM  
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Oh, and Chele, thanks for the pointer to Caroline's Low Impact Full Body -- I've made note of it -- sounds like a good one!!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 01-24-21, 09:08 PM  
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Hi Watulans! I'm okay, just really busy this week! Hair max, mammogram, 2 vet appointments (follow ups, all okay with Our Three Sons), and since DH had an extra day off we had all kinds of projects to do! Thanks for being concerned! {{hugs}} to all!

So I've been keeping us with Mess 3, and have completed Week 2 using heavier weight than I ever remember lifting before. At least until Week 3, when we go to 90% of 1RM! I'm not so ravenous as I was before, but I feel pretty darn tired! I've started going through the Cathe Lives from oldest to newest picking and choosing the primarily cardio workouts to do in tandem with STS. I think the ones I did this week are #31, #32, and #42. #32 alternated the high and low HiiTs from RWH, and it was a goody. I also liked the one I did today, #42, which was a riff on Cardio Core Circuit. I found it interesting that Cathe said at the end that the core segments were inserted to maintain the core and the heartrate but also to give a break from the intensity of the cardio exercises. That could explain why doing the cardio segments and eliminating the core segments on the Cardio Core Circuit DVD seemed so killer to me!

I also kinda sorta did a virgin workout on Saturday from Cardio Karate. I started the one by Amy Bento and Joni O'ed it within minutes. Then I put in one by Gay Gasper from the same series. I left it in, but did my own thing as I watched the video. I like both Gay and Amy, but these workouts just didn't click with me. I can't quite put my finger on why. But I realize that I've been doing virgin workouts since I got Cathe Live as I haven't done any that I've done before at least not yet. So I participated in the workout of the week with the group!

FN1, I'm not sure that Plyo Legs Week 2 was easier, but I was more familiar with the format so I knew what to expect. And, I have finally figured out the position I need to be in to do the Sit and Stands! They are still hard, but I can at least lift my butt off the chair! 2 weeks left woo hoo!

I'm gonna start a second post since I'm still wary of the 500 error!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 01-24-21, 10:02 PM  
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I'm baaack!

Glad you all are enjoying Poldark! It really does have some good acting and the scenery is breathtaking! IMHO they do a good job of wrapping it up at the end of the series, although I would have been happy had they decided to do a Season 6. Oh, and DH and I are watching the new series Miss Scarlet and the Duke and the actress that plays Morwena in Poldark is in the first episode!

I'm going to try Caroline Girvan after STS as well since it's the talk of the forum right now! I'd love to hear which ones you guys recommend.

Kim, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Patrick's HWC 24/7! I haven't done it in awhile, so the only thing I remember is the weird menu. I will also have to revisit after STS.

bee, I agree with horusosiris about Susan Chung's kickboxing. She doesn't go overly fast and is great with form pointers. I don't get the hip issues when I do her workouts, at least I didn't the last time I did one. Glad you have your power back! I'm sure you were disappointed when the house you were scheduled to look at wasn't in an area less prone to wildfires. So I guess you have to get the one your DH found so we can have our Watulan Compound!!

Kate, I agree with FN1 that I will need a "recovery week" after STS is done, so that puts us into mid February for doing a Katami rotation. Would that work for you?

manley, thanks for the comments on the latest Lives! Cathe has been doing more weight workouts recently on her Lives so I've had to put them off until after the Messes.

Chele, I'm wondering if any of the states really have the vaccine thing figured out. VA is also widening the scope of eligibility starting tomorrow, and the first group hasn't been vaccinated yet either, just like in PA. Plus as I understand it, there won't be as many doses available as was expected. That's not the fault of the states or the local health departments of course, but they still have to deal with it. Like California, different parts of the state are in different phases and administer to different groups at different times, so it can be pretty confusing. So Nathalie, you may have the better deal than we do here in the states!

horusosiris, sounds like we need to take a road trip to your gym, once the pandemic is under control.

Waves to Garrie and FOLV! I'm back with a vengeance---two Moby Dick posts!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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watulan check-in

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