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Old 01-30-20, 10:37 PM  
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SB - You've gotta dress for the weather. It really does make the difference. You had a lot of energy yesterday!

Yesterday: a pre-mix of Step Boss PHA. Just trying to avoid repetition of sets.
Today: nothing. A sinus condition is sapping my energy.

So ladies - is anyone embracing the grey like Ellen in GD? Nope. Not me. Not doing it!
"...let bad sleeping dogs lie." - Loretta S.
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Old 01-31-20, 11:11 AM  
summer breeze
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Hi all !!

Yesterday I did a 54 minute walk with my knit cap ! It's been a game changer for me. I know it sounds silly but I was never a hat person, it makes my hair all static-y. But apparently the fleece hood wasn't enough. I would layer it under my heavy jacket but it still wasn't enough to keep my head warm I guess. Anyway I am hoping for another walk and more today.

NORA, nice workout. I recently received Cathe's Step Boss PHA workout.
I'll have to look for that premix with the least repetition. I've been following that Ellen thread. So far I've resisted embracing the gray but it sure is tempting sometimes. I like the idea someone posted about using a purple wash that just covers the gray with purple, no dyeing involved hopefully.
I'm going to look it up. Hope you feel better.

Waves to all. Have a great day everyone!
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Old 01-31-20, 11:48 PM  
Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001
Hi everyone! Here are my last workouts of the month. I did the last workout in the Barlates Pilates Ring Series yesterday. This one worked quads more and did some of the moves from the one that made me so sore. I was worried about waking up with extreme DOMS this morning. While I do have DOMS from the workout, it is more normal. Now I know which move from the first one made me so sore. I'll modify that one next time I do that workout. I finally got DH to go to the doctor. He still has a bad cough. Actually I had to find a doctor and make the appointment for him. Men can be so stubborn! It looks like his respiratory virus may have developed into acute bronchitis. He came home with 6 prescriptions.

Saturday (1/25) - Jessica Smith Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat - Premix Day 3 (includes 2-Mile Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk)
Sunday (1/26) - Barlates Bounce Express Series: Knees & Kicks + Joyce Vedral Cougar Workout - Upper Body
Monday (1/27) - Barlates Bounce Express Series: On & Off + Joyce Vedral Cougar Workout - Lower Body
Tuesday (1/28) - Shaun T's Size: Full Out + Classical Stretch Season 10: 1010
Thursday (1/30) - Barlates Pilates Ring Series: Pilates Ring Mat & Standing + Peggy Cappy Yoga for the Rest of Us: Back Care Basics - Part 3
Friday (1/31) - Gay Gasper CIA 2401 Cardio Crazy with Bonus Core

SB, thanks for letting us know how much the knit cap helps. I will remember to take mine when I spend a lot of time outdoors in colder weather. I'm glad it is enabling you to enjoy your walking again. It looks like you are also enjoying your dvd workouts again. KCM has some great weight workouts.

Nora, nice workouts! I hope you are feeling better now. No, I refuse to embrace the grey hair. Maybe when I am 90. I am trying to embrace my wrinkles. Many of my friends are into the botox injections, etc. I refuse to do that.

Penguin, that's great news that your hubby was called in for a second interview on Tuesday. I hope that one went well also.

Waves to all!
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Old 02-01-20, 09:47 AM  
summer breeze
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Hi all !!

Yesterday I did a 57 minute outdoor walk. Love it. It's a little drizzly and damp this morning and I have work this afternoon so no hat hair for me today . I may fit in a short dvd workout, I'll see how the morning goes.

TAMMIE, great workout week as usual. I really can't believe how such a simple little thing like the cap makes such a difference. My DH also refuses to go to the doctor ever. I hope your DH feels better soon. He should with 6 prescriptions .

I'm going to start the new thread for February now!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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