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Arrow Just The Workouts~JANUARY 2020~*Everyone Welcome!*

JANUARY 2020 Seems so weird to type that! Wishing everyone a very profitable month with a clean slate to the start of a new year!

I may be taking a recovery week this first week...last one was in June! I noticed I only took 2 complete rest days in December and I've been noticing lately that I need more recovery time. Plus, hopefully, I'll be feeling better when I return to my workouts!

1- Rest
2- 1 Hour Yard Work (front yard)
3- Level Up (LU) Flexibility; Loving Kindness meditation (8 out of 10 min...Record!);1 Hour Yard Work (back yard) Loved Flexibility! Bird of Paradise; 1 legged balance work; "celibacy pose" which I never experienced in a practice; and loved all the flows! Travis had a lot of words of wisdom in this one: "Know that you're perfect already" when getting discouraged within a pose (sounded a lot like Tilak's phrase). Enjoyed this one!!! Doing yard work these past two days really pushed things for me...still lots of wheezing in my chest and any little cardio effort and I am drained! This stuff is awful and hangs on like glue!!! :/
4- XT (w/u); Beast Body Build Back/Bi's; PHA3 Bonus Ab Stacker; Extended Lying Stretch Feeling maybe a TAD better, but I felt I needed a good workout today....and that it was! Beast made me feel strong even though I wasn't using my heaviest weights. Still working on getting back up to par, (I only had 3 coughing attacks today!) and I want to be 'there' in order to give PHA3 a go. But thought I'd at least try the Ab Stacker w/o and the stretch. Really liked both! I don't have risers, so I was looking around my w/o area for subs for things that were basically the same weight....ha, there they were! I used 4 of my workout notebooks that were the same size. I arranged them so each one was facing a different direction so they stacked nicely on top of each other. It worked great!!! I was shocked at how well it worked! The exercise where the risers are beside you and you're placing them to your other side while you are lifting your feet off the ground, the notebooks got kind of messy, LOL, but the theory worked just fine. This is really a creative idea and it does take your mind off the core work. Not the hardest core work for Cathe, but it was fine for me still recovering. Loved the stretch! I see myself doing that one a lot....loved those wrist exercises at the end for all these LU practices in which I am in DDog a lot. Well, I found 2 workouts that are good so far on this dvd! Can't wait to do the main workout!!!!!

5- LU Gentle; Hard Core Gentle was nice, but I prefer UY or Yoga30for30 Gentle, as he doesn’t include supported bridge or as much mat work in LU. HC is very similar to Yoga30for30 HC but will be great for another fantastic core challenge (without an echo or as much instruction, as it is a voice-over).
6- My w/u; Beast Build Shoulders; ICE Muscle Meltdown-Shoulders; stretch Great workout! I subbed the upright rows and shrugs with pull downs @35# and varying hand placements. ICE was a great finisher. I had time to do all 3 sets today. Feeling it already! (Also feeling the core work from yesterday!).
7- Jessica Smith WS3 Boogie IT; PHA3 (Extended Lying Stretch) JS's workout was so fun today! Don't know why I waited practically 2 years to do it again!!! Side note: Went to Target and bought a BOSU! Dang it, I just had to as it was on sale!) Signed up for the 7 day trial of Romney Studios... these classes look great!!! (And love the fact that they are LOW IMPACT!)
8- Romney Studios Pulse 11/28; Yvette Bachman Bosu Class Portion; Stretch I am feeling somewhat better today but this was good, as it is all low impact with no cardio. RSP is a 52 min. total body workout with lots of quick reps...the instructor seems knowledgeable and cues pretty well. I love how the reps match the music beat. She starts off with upper body (I used 2#'s and 3#'s; she doesn't mention the #), and she does kind of go some spots, I had to go slower esp. w/ the 3# weights. The w/u and arm segments are about 15 min., then she goes onto leg disc work (and I think she skips the leg move to the diagonal behind on the 2nd leg). But just when you think you can't do another rep, she changes it up. There's 2 guys in this class...if they can do this, I can too! (They did great, btw). The floor work leg lifts got tedious for me, I was so glad to get off my wrists. Finishes with easier ab work (which I was glad it was easier). These might present a dread factor for me if done too often (and they are more barre-like than I would like, but not AS barre-like as most. Very similar to TA but with fewer reps). Burn city, though! Yvette's class was basically 10 min. after the long w/u (which I skipped) and this was perfect for getting a feel of the Bosu. She does some cardio exercises with it as well as toning exercises with it upside down but mostly for putting your hands on it...can't imagine standing on that thing upside down! Broken ankle, I don't need! Will have to try a longer Yvette using it....I miss Yvette! BTW, the Bosu stores very nicely underneath my it doesn't take up any additional space! Love that!
9- Romney Studios Bosu 11/20; PHA3 Extended Lying Stretch This one I really enjoyed!! It is all standing work using the Bosu, on its' right side as well as upside down. It just will take some practice balancing on the Bosu..I did better than I thought I would overall. Of course, I had my JS handle right next to me so I could grab it just in case! But the 1 legged balance work w/ it upside down I found to be the hardest. And my "fast feet" were pretty lame, LOL. I started out the workout with the Bosu right side up (while she instructs with it upside down)...but then 1/2 way thru, I turned it upside down and did pretty good. She inserts some j. jacks (on the floor) but I just did jumping variations on my rebounder. I can't believe how high my HR gets using the Bosu!! At the end, I thought I was working out with Yvette, since she takes a break and thought yay, we're done! But no....she keeps on going!! :/ And that last 5 min. or so of one legged exercises....what a leg burner!!!!!! But the video cuts off and the class is shown getting on their ankle glad was I that it cuts off?? (very!) I added on Cathe's stretch as there is no stretch whatsoever... (This was a great sub for Beast Build Legs, as the legs got worked like no other lower body workout that I've done lately)!!! Not sure I'll like the other Bosu workouts as well since most include floor work on hands/knees (I think). But this one ROCKS!!! 426 cal burn!
10- Rest day
11- Cathe Live Awesome Upper Body Live #229; LU Upper Body Yin This one IS awesome, albeit the pace is a tad too fast to go awful heavy (esp. in the beginning). Like last time I did it, it reminds me of LITE SBSS UB....too fast paced (at times) and tricep dips right out of the gate. Not sure I like doing tricep dips right out of the gate! ;0) And, if that's not bad enough, I noted that I need more of a warm up with this one, as Cathe's is too short and my triceps felt it right away. Those isolation moves to fully burn out each muscle group is taxing and they add up after 2 sets. They are grouped in this order: Chest/tri's; shoulders; back/bi's. I used 5's to 25#. This is a great one to get in/out in 40 min. but Cathe does seem to slow down a bit as the w/o progresses, or she takes more water breaks. LU UB Yin was perfect to stretch out my UB muscles. It is 20 min of standing stretches; 10 min. of mat stretches; one standing stretch was awkward for me but I love the 'Cat Pulling Tail Pose' (and grabbing my front toes as well) which is included in the mat work. That felt great. Not sure how often I will do a 30 min. UB stretch but it definitely felt good today after all of Cathe's reps!

12- Still super sore (esp. in triceps from yesterday's workout...I'm sure it's b/c of the lame w/u. Shovel Max (40 min) DS helped me with scraping the 2" of exchange, lunch for him. :0) We DID luck out with the snow amount, thankfully.
13- Yvette Bachman BOSU Cardio w/ Legs & Back Circuits; Michelle's Yin Yoga This one is hard but it ROCKS!! This class is mostly cardio using the bosu but she does some heavy back work also. I was about a beat behind as I learn using the Bosu in so many (cool!) ways. Loved the cardio exercises she does using it..Yvette has it upright for all until the end where she turns it upside down and does a squat thrust with your hands on it then picks it up, etc. THAT I can handle, LOL! I'm still not comfortable jumping up onto it and off with both feet, at a time for me. And be forewarned: this one has TONS, and I mean, TONS of squats (both on and off the Bosu--lots of holding squats while balancing). LEG BURNER?!!?!!?!!?!!? I could hardly walk up the stairs after I was done! So legs and shoulders got crossed off my list for the week! (The music is mostly background music now -- until the very end there was one recognizable song)...but that is ok with me...I'm used to that with Cathe Live.
14- 1 Hour Yard Work Where do all these %&#@^%$ leaves come from???
15- S&S TBGS (w/u); Beast Bulk Chest; ICE Muscle Meltdown (Triceps-3 Rounds); stretch Great workout...I worked to failure on quite a few sets (esp. the MM Triceps since my arms were already fatigued). Feeling it the rest of the day.
16- YT 20 Min BOSU Ball//Fat Burning Tabata Workout (Puzzle Fit); Yoga30For30 (Intention) LOVED this Bosu workout when wanting a short but kick-butt class and really liked the instructor! She works you!! Format is :20/:10, playing my own music, as there is none...Loved the moves and modified a couple but kept up my HR doing my own thing. Yvette even makes a comment to this instructor! :0) I bookmarked her site. So nice to revisit that class so much! Travis and Lauren take turns instructing....I miss Lauren in LU! 346 cal burn today!
17- Yoga30For30 (Fluidity) A big pat on my back for doing this at 4:00 pm! If I don't do my w/o in the morning first thing, it usually doesn't get done.//I just got home from watching 9 babies at church this morning and stopping at 4 places for errands before the snow started. Ugh....a repeat of last weekend with the snow/ice storms!! Shovel Max in my future??
18- Yup! Shovel Max (45 min.); ICE CLBB (w/u); Beast Bulk Shoulders; ICE Muscle Meltdown (CLBB Shoulders--3 Rounds); Icy Core 2; CLBB (Stretch) Shovel Max at 6:30 a.m....great warm up for all to come....but that was the toughest workout for me today! Very heavy snow/ice back is a little tender now. But once I got going with Beast, I was on a roll! :0) I used my Bosu Pods for the plank work today - I am so glad I got them----it really does make it easier on my wrists/elbows!!! Thanks again, fanofladyvols!!!!! Yes, I am easily enabled! GREAT shoulder workout today - 349 cal when all said and done (w/o Shovel Max, that is).

19- Short & Sweet #1; LU Meditation (Presence)
20- Step Boss PHA 3 Well, I'm not sure how to explain this, but to me, there's just something missing about this workout. Yes, it works you well and yes, your HR is up for most of the workout, but it seems to lack something. I think it is the FUN factor that the Lives have. And, I wasn't too keen on all the lower body moves that were harder on my knees. I did use a higher step than just a topper so maybe that had something to do with it. I did the rear slide lunges on the floor cause my hips drastically complained using the step. For the front/rear lunges, I used my Bosu for the front lunge which felt wonderful for my knee. I didn't like the squat thrust/plank p/u combo...I just did thrusts for the first set and p/u's for the second set. And also didn't like the p/u/dip challenge...I did just chest presses for the 2nd set...a 6,6,6,10 (?) rep pattern using 15's. (I didn't like her exercises for triceps, which are very few, btw). I used 5's (sh raises); 12's, 15's and 20's (D/L's) for all. I couldn't hear the music (which is a GOOD thing until the annoying is that music for a stretch??). Oh, and my HR was only in the FB percentage for 16 min. of the 54 min.???? That said, I burned 360 cal which isn't too shabby for a weight workout w/ no cardio. Maybe this w/o will grow on me but this first time, I can't say I really loved it even though I had higher hopes for it. The PHA Lives are just too hard to top!!!! Wow, re-reading all this, it sounds so negative! I did like it, just didn't love it.
21- DYP Twists (15 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga Started Vytas' class and just wasn't feeling it fresh out of bed. With Michelle's, I get to lay on my back for the whole thing. Side note: my booty is so sore today!! Gotta LOVE that about PHA3!
22- Yvette Bachman Moderate Impact BOSU & KB workout; add'l stretch Loved this one - it is SUPER FUN!! I loved the cardio moves using the BOSU and I am using two feet more often than not when jumping on/off it. (I figured out the is easier on my knees to jump below the center of it as opposed to jumping on the top of the thing!). :0) My HR was soaring throughout most of the workout...I used a 15 and a 10# KB like Yvette, but I did use a 25# KB for a modification doing a sumo squat in place of those wonky KB turning moves for the wrists. Also, another move I had issues with...doing a rear curtsy lunge while holding a 15# KB and twisting to your hip. I learned the hard way a long time ago, that that move was not a match for my lower back. Easy to change up...I just held the KB at my side. And, last but not least, Yvette does the sitting on the BOSU then coming up into a standing squat five hundred times(!)....yowsa!!! She must love that move cause that was in the other Bosu workout I did the other day! 436+ calories... this one is FABULOUS for endurance!!!! Slowly but surely, my endurance level is getting back to what it was before all this sinus/coughing crap. Thanks, Jane, for pointing this one out to me. And I'm finding out I really LOVE using the Bosu...FUN STUFF!!! And they are AWESOME total body workouts - at least Yvette's sure are!
23- My w/u; Zumba Strong (Q1); LU Vitality; Shovel Max (more like Scraping Mix=25 min.) Great fun with Zumba today---and a nice warm up for Vitality...Love that Arm Camel Pose (which is camel only you're twisting and putting your hand on your opposite heel with your other hand outstretched in a twist). <3
24- Shovel Max (60 min. total at my parents and my house) That was heavy snow mixed with ice. And more snow to come tonite! (Insert Mr. Rolley- Eyes emoticon here)
25- PHA3 (w/u); Beast Total Body; PHA3 (Ab Stacker; Extended Lying Stretch) Feeling strong today (must be all the shoveling this week!), and could up my weights on a few (if not the first set, I did on the 2nd set). 50# for the DL's & calf raises; still working up to the 17.5's for the incline presses (stuck at 15's) and for the alternating reverse lunges, I did curtsy lunges with 20#'s for a change from basic rear lunges. I used my Bosu pod for the side forearm elbows love 'em! :0) Practically during this whole Beast w/o (38 min of it anyway), I was in the Fat Burning we're talking! Tried the Ab Stacker core workout again using my notebooks (see above when I did this previously). Works great! The ELS is really a great stretch. Of course, I had all the music muted from the start since playing Beast. Feeling great now while drinking my protein shake! Great workouts this week with focus on Total Body!! :0) :0)

26- Heather Robertson Crazy Full Body HiiT Workout//No Repeats//No Equipment (50 min.); Yvette Bachman 20 min. Cardio & Leg workout (sans Ankle Weights); Stretch Heather's workout was really good - not crazy good, LOL, but good. If I would've previewed the whole thing, I probably would've picked another class...I didn't realize it had so much core work in it. (My core is really sore from yesterday!) I did, however, use more equipment than she did...I used my Bosu to lie back on for sit ups, front lunges, and my Bosu pods for side plank work. Also I used my rebounder for a couple exercises as well as my step to put my hands on for burpee type work. It's allllll good. :0) I wanted a little more cardio and did Yvette's (sunny, by the pool, with a very tanned Yvette!), workout. Ahhh, it made me want to be there, esp. with all this cloudy, dreary weather lately. That helped me reach 400+ cal. Side note: It's going to be hit or miss during my weeks starting tomorrow, as I am watching a baby in my home one to two times a week all day....interesting how I will fit in my workouts!!But I'm going to try my darndest!
27- LU Cross Training First day of watching the 3 month old baby....what a sweetie! I forgot how much they sleep/eat at this age!! I thought I could do yoga in my family room (upstairs) and just stop it when I have to attend to her then continue on where I paused it. But she slept right up to the shavasana at 60 min.!!! <3 I also got 4 loads of laundry done and even a shower/dried hair (during another nap)!! :0) It is a lot of fun but 9 hours is a lot different than my usual 2.5 hours a morning taking care of babies on the other days!!! I am reminded I'm not 30, haha. Still, I will enjoy this once or twice a week. During winter this isn't much of an added chore, but when yard work starts again...hmmm...will be challenging to get everything done, I bet! I may have to have an alternative mindset on how nice my yard needs to look!! Haha :0{
28- Yoga30For30 (Gentle) This is all I felt like doing after a chaotic morning at church and running errands all day. (We had to combine the (3) 8 months-18 month kiddos with the (4) 2 year olds due to being short on help)! Those 2 1/2 hours were way more tiring than my 9 hour day yesterday!! I think I earned my pay today, LOL. Just wanted to do a nice, relaxing practice to soothe my anxiety....haha.
29- Cathe Live Metabolic Boot Camp #263 (45 min.) FUN! I needed a good cal burn and this delivered - 346 cal! The 5 rounds just sail right by....and every muscle group gets worked (some heavier than others, ahem, shoulders! but I didn't mind today. Lots of fun and I went heavier than Cathe on quite a few exercises. It was errand day for my parents (taking them to an appt. then shopping...3.5 hours). Can't wait to relax on the couch tonight and watch This is Us (which we recorded!).
30- 3.25 mile TM intervals; PHA 3 Ext. Lying Stretch As much as I dread the TM, I had endorphins all day long after this workout! 3.7-7.0 mph with 1-10 inclines. Great to revisit the dreadmill!
31- Rest day

Since 12/1 thru 1/31, I lost 8#! How that happened during the holidays I have no idea but I will take it, and HOW!! LOL But more to go of what I put back on after the wedding!! :/
Currently doing a strength rotation with various workouts along with yoga
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~ 2020 ~


4. Steve Ross - inhale yoga

5. Jung - figure robi

6. Jessica - straight up strength training; Leslie - 2 miles

7. Jessica - cardio hit

8. Jessica - WS1 total body training

9. Jessica - feel good fusion

10. Jessica - HIIT for Beginners

11. rest

12. Gilad - express cardio and buns &thighs

13. Gilad - express Back/Dynamic Moves/Core Foundations

14. Gilad - express Warm Up/Cardio Challenge/Shoulders; YWA - grow

15. Gilad - express Warm Up/Core Challenge/Chest; YWA - yoga for travel

16. rest

17. rest

18. Leslie - 2 miles; Rebecca Louise - 10 min arms; inner thigh and butt

19. Leslie - 2 miles; Rebecca Louise - chest and back burner; Lucy - back fat

20. Leslie - 2 miles; cirque -abs; Winsor - buns and thighs

21. Leslie - 2 miles; Rebecca Louise - arms

22. Leslie - 2 miles; cirque - abs; winsor - buns and thighs; taebo - 8 min punchout

23. Leslie - 2 miles; Barlates - target 10 arms

24. Leslie - 2 miles; Jessica - 10 min abs & arms walk; Barlates - target 10 glutes

25. Sara Beth - yoga up the wall

26. Leslie - 2 miles; Joana V - 10 min outer thigsh & 10 min inner thighs

27. Leslie - 2 miles; Joana V - 10 min core; Barlates - target 10
arms; pilates - 100 toe taps

28. Leslie - 2 miles; Winsor - buns and thighs

29. Leslie - 2 miles; Joana V - abs and booty; Rebecca Louise - arms

30. rest

31. Leslie - 2miles; Lee - healthy joints and bones
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January 2020

Here’s to a fit new decade!!

1. Barlates Shape It Bodyweight This felt a lot easier than I remembered, still challenging but not too bad. There’s a move that goes from a quadruped leg raise up to a kick across, I was able to do it a lot faster and smoother than last time. Lots of variety in this one. It starts off standing with squats and lunges, has a handstand move, and then floorwork. Even the ab moves felt more doable, but still tough. Linda kills me with her ab work.
2. Romney Studios Pulse 11/20 I signed up for a 7 day trial for Romney streaming. They have a couple of Bosu workouts up that really look interesting and lots of rebounder workouts too. The Pulse workouts are a barre style (no barre) fusion workout, about 45 minutes. I woke up scratchy and tired and I probably wouldn’t have done any workout if I hadn’t signed up last night. It started with upper body and two sets of light weights and the floorwork on all fours. I wore 2 pound ankle weights for the floorwork. I have to say I found this VERY enjoyable. The instructor was a pro, it’s a live class with the camera behind the instructor facing the mirror. The music was good and tailored to the workout. I thought the floorwork was great! Some of the moves reminded me of TA, but not endless reps and not boring either. I worked up a light sweat and it was really perfect for me today. I’ll have to try move but the subscription is under $10 for a month, so it’s pretty reasonable. Clerkin, not to enable but I think you would like this!
3. Yvette Bachman Cardio and Light Weights Workout I thought this Yvette was a lot of fun, but it was very shoulder heavy. Cardio mixed with light weights for the shoulders, rear delts and biceps. This uses tubing with handles and a 6 lb ball. It actually uses the ball a lot. Ends with some abs with the ball.
4. 60 min FiiT yoga class Very sweaty today! We did two 5 min AMRAPs with a 5-10-15-20 rep format and I was really huffing and puffing during the second one. The instructor also did a long crescent lunge to warrior 3/knee pull in on each side. Loved it!
5. 90 min hot yoga class Great full length class that started with a nice meditation. I miss the longer classes.

6. Barlates Shape Up Barre Box (5 rounds) + 60 min hot yoga class I had to cut off the last ab circuit with the band for time. Also added 10 burpees in with each cardio round. Yoga was a really nice practice today, but no FiiT on Mondays for a while since there was a schedule shift. We’re dog sitting this week while my daughter is on vacation so working out with a puppers was a little different! I really had to avoid her when I was doing burpees and she thought my mat was hers too. She’s a cutie but it’s a lot of work keeping her occupied.
7. Romney Studios Bosu 12/31 This was really challenging and has a learning curve I’m sure. It was 80 minutes and I wasn’t planning on doing the whole thing but I was intrigued by what she was going to do next so I kept going. Starts off with light weight upper body while balancing on top of the flat side of the bosu. Squats, front to back leans, side to side leans. I really had to work to stay on top, had to find my my bosu legs for sure. There’s a segment with one foot on the top while deadlifting, leg raising, knee ins, insole in, and even a few slow kicks. The bosu gets flipped over the normal way at about 25 minutes in and there’s a cardio segment, a squat/lunge segment and then the bosu gets flipped back over for one legged work but with an ankle weight this time. Then it’s on to floorwork keeping the ankle weight, quadruped with one knee on the bosu. The last 10 minutes are ab work while sitting on the bosu and a quick stretch. The ab work was actually on the easier side but who needs tough core work after that workout? It was really different, and hard too. More sculpt than cardio. PM- 60 min FiiT yoga class Tough class but I felt good after. 12 min 40/20 HiiT.
8. Romney Studios Bounce 1/1 About 45 minutes, that seems what most of the bounce classes are, similar in structure to Pulse, but with cardio rebounding intervals. The floorwork is done with one knee on the rebounder, which felt awkward at first. Thankfully there was a bounce interval before switching sides on the floorwork. Abs are done on the rebounder too. The cardio is simple but I’m really inexperienced with bouncing so it’s going to take a few tries. I think I need to stay lower and focus more on the down instead of jumping high. I felt a little behind but I just kept going and followed along. I enjoyed this one too but I think as I get better at bouncing it’ll be more intense and probably a bit more fun.
9. Barlates Kick and Jack sweat and Target 15 Squats and Raises The dog kept interrupting me this morning so it took about an hour to do what should have been about 45-50 minutes. She’s cute but really requires a lot of attention and she’s been my shadow all week.
10-12. Rest The dog killed me! I didn’t sleep right and she had to be next to me the whole time. Made working out hard but we did take some walks.
13-18. Sick I’m just so tired and itchy. Just calling it a rest week.
19. Barlates Energy Flow Barre I started feeling better yesterday afternoon at work (of all places!!). I’m still stuffed up but I don’t have that overwhelming tired feeling. I’m not sure if I’ve done this workout before but I did like it and it was harder than I thought it was going to be. There’s a set of thrusters in this, “ballet burpees”, and I didn’t do the last four, I got a little lightheaded from the up down. I’m glad I worked out! I started feeling a little tight and stiff the last couple days. I’ll just ease into this week. On the plus side getting sick did kill my appetite. I finally got on the scale this morning for the first time since before Thanksgiving and I was delighted that I had only gained 2 pounds. I still need to get rid of ten.

20. Barlates Shape Up Mat + 60 min yoga class Great combo for me today, not too strenuous but I felt worked out. The shape ups all have little cardio intervals to keep the heart rate up and it was enough to get a little sweaty but not overdo it. Yoga felt fantastic! So much better than I thought it would be. I think that I was probably feeling sick before I got symptoms because my energy level is so different this week, can’t wait until my body catches up.
21. Romney Pulse 1/16 + 60 min FiiT yoga class No sliders for this Pulse, just ankle weights. Same format as the other one but there’s an option to add a second ankle weight about halfway through the leg circuit, I did not. Some of the class did but quite a few people didn’t even use any. FiiT was tabatas with a board so it was a real treat! They were pairs of higher impact/strength combos. Kicked my butt in a good way.
22. S&S TBGS W/U + Barlates Endurance 80 Full Body I wasn’t feeling TBGS so I popped in something else. Full body was harder than I anticipated. Definitely had a cardio effect and Linda stays on one side for this workout which always makes it tougher. AnMrsDe, I hear you about your cardio endurance! I feel like that cold just knocked it out of me.
23. Yvette Bachman Bosu Cardio with Legs and Back Circuits This one was fun! I was a little worried about doing an Yvette but I felt good today and the cardio in this wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be. I did make some changes with the back circuits. Instead of doing the weighted back I did suspension exercises facing the wall like from Tonique Hamptons Glow. I did do the renegade rows. I really appreciated the “recovery” intervals today
24. Barlates Endurance 110 Cardio Sculpt and Target 15 Full Body This was a nice combo today combined for a full hour workout. CS is not super cardio intensive but it’s a great total body workout, it’s really a favorite. Of course it has a cardio endurance effect since there’s quite a few up and down moves. I’ve really felt a lot better the last couple of days, a lot less nose blowing.
25. 60 min FiiT yoga class 3 separate four minute AMRAPs, the last one was core focused and probably the hardest especially since we did more core work after.
26. Rest

27. Yvette Bachman Bosu/HiiT/Bodyweight (40 min) + 60 min hot yoga class
28. Romney Studios Bounce 1/21 (51)+ 60 min hot yoga class
29. Barlates Endurance 90 Total Body While I wouldn’t call this easy, this felt a lot easier and maybe the moves feel more familiar and comfortable.
30. Romney Studios Bosu 1/7 (1:16) This had quite a bit of cardio on (and a little off) the Bosu. Same basic format and I felt steadier standing on the flat side than I did last time. There’s a shorter floor work section near the end with ankle weights that really burned after all the Bosu work. Love the music in these, it’s really tailored to the workout. My heart rate really got up there during the cardio especially because I was holding 2 lb weights. While this is challenging workout for me, it’s the type of workout that I could see myself getting better at.
31. Dream Body original Fusion w/Brooke I took out the jump out of the jump lunge move in the first circuit, I didn’t feel warmed up and I’m not crazy about barefoot jump lunges. I was able to keep up pretty well, but I don’t think this one moves quite as fast as some of the other DBs. Still tough, especially the inner thighs with the stability ball. I can’t believe this month is over already.

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January 2020. (AnMrsDe, That does seem weird to type)!

1. No workout. I had a crappy NYE. Got sick about 5:00 (puking and all - sorry if that’s too much info). I ended up in bed by 8:00. ��. Then was pretty much wiped out all day (NY Day) so just laid around all day.

2. Physical Therapy. It seems to be going well and seems to be helping.

3. The temperature was around 40 so I decided to go for a walk. Went about 40 minutes then came home and did my PT exercises and my stretching. I’m anxiously waiting until I can get back to my normal workouts. They did tell me at PT that when I get back to being able to do regular exercise, I should try to do yoga at least 2 times a week and make sure to do some good stretching after my workouts so I will have to figure a way to add in the yoga I guess. I don’t want to end up back to not being able to walk again.

4. I tried to do some “house walking.” Ugh, so boring. I did manage to stick with it for about 30 minutes while listening to a podcast. Afterwards, I did my PT exercises and stretches.

5. Took down Christmas decorations & tree. Only did some PT stretches.

6. Physical Therapy

7. PT exercises twice....morning & evening.

8. PT and also did the exercises again at home later in the evening.

9. PT and some stretches and foam rolling at home in the evening.

10. Finally got the okay to do yoga (but carefully), so I did my PT exercises, then did 2 sets of exercises for biceps, triceps, chest & shoulders for the first time since this hip thing started. I didn’t do back because my PT includes some back and core work. After doing those exercises, I did Jessica Smith’s Gentle Yoga Flow #3 Hips and Knees. It felt so nice to put in a dvd again! Still can’t really do cardio yet though.
We are expecting way to much rain (and possibly freezing rain later). They are saying about 2-1/2 to 3 inches of rain! Yikes! We don’t normally flood here but we don’t normally get 3 inches of rain either. The lake is very high and already flooding into the park and people’s yards that live on the water. I live about a mile from the water so we don’t have to worry about that but our yard does get flooded at times. I just hope it doesn’t decide to get into our basement.

11. PT exercises, then The first stretch from JS Gentle Yoga Stretch, then used the foam roller on my hips/glutes. Last night I used the therapy balls on my hip/glute and that was probably to much for it. I think I aggravated it with that last night. It was a bit sore last night after that and sore this morning. . I guess I better lay off today.
Broke our current record for rainfall for most amount of rain in a single day in January. We got it all......rain, freezing rain, and snow. Ugh!

12. Pretty much just did some stretches since my hip was a little sore.

13. PT and some more stretches in the evening night.

14. PT exercises, the upper body add-on from Cathe’s Basic Step dvd, and the Chair Stretch from Step Boss set.

15. PT yesterday then did my usual stretching a couple times throughout the day.

16. I feel like a broken record with my postings this month. Yoga With Adrienne’s Yoga for Sciatica in the morning and PT in the afternoon.

17. PT exercises and stretching.

18. Shovel Max - about 7 inches of snow.

19. PT exercises and stretching.

20. PT then stretching at home.

21. PT exercises and stretching.

22. PT then stretching at home.

23. PT then stretching at home. (Blah, blah, blah)

24. PT exercises and stretching.

25. I decided to try a Leslie 1 Mile Walk to see if I could modify the marching enough and it was doable. I tried to sort of walk in place which worked but then I’d catch myself wanting to march more so I sort of did the forward and back walk she does sometimes and then sometimes walked around my basement sort of when she was just marching in place. I subbed heel digs or kickbacks when she was doing knee lifts.

26. Stretches a couple times a day.

27. PT and stretches throughout the day. In the evening I did Leslie’s 10 Minute Light Walk modified just to do something.

28. I think I finally figured out a little cardio I can do. I did the first 20 minutes of Jenny Ford’s Newport Step but with no step. So it’s basically just stepping forward and back and not up and down then a few other moves thrown in. I think if I do basic step like this it would be okay. It doesn’t get my heart rate up a lot but at least it’s moving and I feel like I’m at least doing something. After doing that I did my PT exercises and my stretches. Then of course, stretches throughout the day.

29. PT exercises and stretches.

30. PT and stretches throughout the day.
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Wow! 2020!!

1. TBL 5 Day Jumpstart Core and Abs, Pilates by Lisa Express Barre Sculpt and Lake Como Upper Body, Leslie 1 Mile Happy Walk, BB Hip Stretch
2. TBL Full Body Target Training with Weights, PBL Hamstring Booster, Bedtime Stretch Routine (Slept Amazing!)
3. TBL 5 Day Jumpstart Arms and Back, PBL Winter Weights Sculpting Routine
4. PBL Luscious Legs Workout, Toned in 10 Abs, 5 Min More Stretch, BB Ballerina Inner thigh, Hip/Thigh Extensions, Swan Arms, PBL Ultimate Flexibility Hamstrings
5. PBL New You Strong Abs, Badlands Butt, TBL Back to the Mat Total Body Tone, BB Arabesque Lifts.
6. PBL New You Redefining Upper Body workout, Rapid Results Workout, TBL 5 Day Jumpstart Legs and Booty, BB Mat Stretch
7. PBL Strong and Supple Leg workout, Central Park Stretch
8. PBL New You Complete Body with Weights, Inner Thigh Booster, Essentrics Express Waist workout
9. PBL New You Abs with Band, Strength and Grace Upper Body workout, TBL Release and Restore
10. PBL New You Side Lying Leg workout, Sunrise Workout, TBL 5 Day Jumpstart Full Body, BB Bridge workout
11. PBL Sexy Six Pack, New You Stretch Routine, Essentrics SIM Lower Body Stretch
12. Essentrics Core, Abs and Butt with Meg, PBL New You Upper Body, Side Cincher
13. Essentrics AM Workout, TBL Back + Hip Release
14. TBL January Jumpstart, Essentrics Express Leg Toning
15. Essentrics Core and Ab Stability with Amanda, TBL Pilates Foundations, PBL Sciatica workout, New You Leg Toner
16. PBL Trim and Slim Waist and Thigh workouts, Tall and Toned Upper Body, TBL Full Body Target Training with Weights, BB Hip and Thigh Extensions, Arabesque Lifts.
17. PBL May Makeover Complete Body, Everyday Essential Clam workout, BB Ballerina Inner Thighs, New You Arm Shaper.
18. PBL Strong and Supple Leg workout, New You Abdominals, New You Stretch with the Band, BB Arabesque Lifts
19. Rest Day
20. PBL New You Circuit Round 2, TBL Mind Body Arms and Abs, and Lower Body Tone
21. Ballet Beautiful New Year Bridge, Hip and Thigh workout, Ballerina Inner Thighs, Ballet Core, Weighted Swan Arms, Hip Stretch
22. BB Bikini Workout: Ballet Booty, Dance of the Snowflakes Mat Toning, Inner Thigh Burn, Tone + Port de Bras, Standing Abs with Band
23. BB Lower and Upper Ab Blast, Attitude Lifts on the Mat, Classic Inner Thigh with Weights, Barre Cardio: Grand Battement, Ballet Posture & Toning with Band
24. BB Supermodel workouts - Bridge, Outer Thighs, Ab Mix and Cardio Burn.
25. BB Mat Blast, Hip and Thigh Extension, PBL 5 Min More stretch
26. PBL New You Flexibility Flow
27. PBL Strong and Supple Leg workout, BB Ballet Core, Second Position Plie Burn, Weightless Arms
28. BB Body Recharge Plie, Cardio Interval, Stretch and Tone Arms and Abs, Bridge Blast
29. BB 15 Min Abs, Classic Inner Thigh, Arm Toning Blast, Supermodel Bridge, Pique Arabesque, Hip Stretch
30. BB 5 min Abs, Sugarplum on the Mat, Leg Lifts for the Butt, Ballerina Leg Blast
31. Ballet Beautiful Bikini Workout Full Body, Arms Series: Light Weights, Full Body Plie Workout, Allegra Interval: Jete
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Going to try this again!!! I'm going to try to commit to this site for my workouts all of January.

1. GOLD LIVE Class: Strength Training Split – Legs and Buns
2. GOLD LIVE Class: Strength Training Split – Back and Biceps





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January 2020!

1 - Trifecta Pilates - January 2020 Workout (Bend & Stretch); Pahla B - Hot 100 Day # 1; walk
2 - Trifecta Pilates - Full Body Burn, Pahla B - Hot 100 Day 2; Walk at Home - 1 mile classic walk w/ Rocky
3 - Trifecta Pilates - Pilates for Posture, Pahla B - Hot 100 Day 3; short walk at work
4 - Pahla B - Hot 100 Day 4, Trifecta Pilates - Supine Arm Workout
5 - Ellen - Prayer Flow
6 - Ellen - Lifted & Lean; walk at work
7 - Ellen - Fusion Flow; Jessica Smith 15 Min Fat Blasters (# 1 and # 2)
8 - Jessica Smith - Feel Good Fusion - Strength
9- Walk at work; CocoLime 30 min stretch
10 - CocoLime - 35 min body weight workout, walk at work
11- Jessica - 30 day program - HIIT Party, CS 1202
12 - CS 1201, Jessica Valent - Intro to Pilates
13 - Essentrics - Rebalance Your Connective Tissue; walk at work, Jessica 4 Mile Power Walk - Miles 1 & 2
14 - Essentrics - Rebalance Your Connective Tissue; Jessica Valent - Arms & Abs
15 - Essentrics - Rebalance Your Connective Tissue; Jessica Valent - Low Impact HIIT;Jessica - Walk & Talk - Reduce Stress
16 - Essentrics - Release and Rebuild your Fascia; Walk at work; Gina B- Disco walk; Jessica Valent - Pilates for Better Sleep
17 - Ellen - Barre Conditioning
18- Jessica - 4 Mile Power Walk Miles 3 & 4; Essentrics - Full Body Stretching with Miranda (Season 13???)
19 - Essentrics - Full Body Stretching w/ Miranda; Margaret Richard 1900 Unplugged # 1
20 - Essentrics - Spine & Posture w/ Miranda, Leslie Walk 15 - 2 mile walk
21 - Jessica Valent - Cardio Pilates; walk at work, Essentrics - Posture & Spine w/ Miranda
22 - Essentrics - Reblance Your Connective Tissue; Gina B - You Tube - 20 Min HIIT walk; Blessful Body - Love Your Core - Deep Abdominals
23- Essentrics Barre - standing and floor; walk at work
24 - Essentrics - Release and Rebuild Your Fascia;walk at work
25 - Jessica - Walk On - Stride & Strength; Essentrics - Hip & Knee Strengthening
26 - Jenny Ford - March Across America - Tetons; Jessica Valent - Full Body Pilates Barre & Restore & Renew stretch; long outdoor walk
27 - Essentrics Rebalance Your Connective Tissue; walk at work
28 - Essentrics - Full Body w/ Amanda; walk at work, Jessica Smith - Walk On - Latin Dance Walk
29 - Gina B - Dance That Walk Circuit Workout # 2 - Upper Body CIrcuit & You tube - stretching w/ Gina; long outdoor walk, Essentrics Total Core....
30 - Essentrics - Calorie Burning and Lower Body; walk at work
31 - Gina B - Dance that Walk Circuit Workout # 2 - Lower Body Circuit; short walk at work
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Dorothy J
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Location: Florida

December Total = 25
2019 Yearly Total = 286 (78.4%)

(2019 total is down 2 from last year; down 11 from my peak year of 2015 at 297, but not bad considering I took about 10 days off in March after I fell)

1 - Happy 2020, JTW Friends! KCM RAW Cardio Sculpt Overload + a Peloton 12 min cooldown ride--felt good to move around today.
2 - KCM Meltdown WO2 warmup - Chap 4 + Peloton Rebecca Full Body Strength 12/30/19 + Emma HIIT 1/1/20--23 min, 5.5 miles, 130 kcal. Boy, I was huffin' & puffin' during those 17 intervals on that short ride! But it felt good to sweat out some of those extra holiday calories!
3 - Peloton Tunde O Classic Rock 12/2/19--58 min, 14.5 miles, 347 cal. This ride was rated 8.9 difficulty (on a 10-point scale); I usually do rides that are rated mid- to high 7s to 8. I didn't try to keep up with everything but I did push myself. Interesting to note that the extra effort didn't really affect my overall mileage or calorie numbers even though it was reflected in a higher avg mph & avg power, hmmmm...
4 - KCM RAW Box & K-Bell 2 + Lee Holden Day 23 of 30 Day Qi Gong Challenge
5 - 2 Jenny Ford March Across America--(Nevada & Hawaii) 53 min, 75% with 4# weighted vest.

6 - 2 Peloton rides: Ally Sundays with Love 1/5/20 + Sam 80s 12/19/19--65 min, 14.6 miles, 314 cal. Rode as an Endurance ride.
7 - KCM Total Body Kickbox Punches premix--Started out wearing my 4 lb weighted vest, but my back said, "No thanks." Did hold 1# weights and increased to 3# during the "Dumbbell" sections.
8 - Rest
9 - 2.56 mile walk + KCM RAW Step 3
10 - Peloton Denis Classic Rock 11/18/19--58 min, 14.6 miles, 353 cal.
11 - 63 pushups + Peloton Arms Toning (10 min) + KCM Cardio Blast WO1--forgot how much I like Kelly's Athletic Step routine. Happy that I can still do most of it on the 6" step.
12 - 2 Jenny Ford March Across America--(Utah & Wyoming) 47 min. 75% with 4 lb weighted vest.

13 - 3 Peloton rides--66 min, 14.9 miles, 325 cal. Rode as an Endurance ride.
14 - KCM RAW Box & Pump 2 (Upper Body)--this is becoming one of my favorite Kelly workouts ever!
15 - Rest
16 - KCM March 2019 Ripped & Ride--New to me. Not a ton of fun, but it got the job done.
17 - Peloton Cody Lady Gaga 1/16/20 + Christine Classic Rock 9/9/19--58 min, 14.4 miles, 342 cal.
18 - 2 Peloton Arms Toning classes (20 min total) + KCM Amped Up Cardio Combined No Drills
19 - Jenny Ford March Across America--California & 10 minutes of Utah (Jane, at your image of me marching across the states!). Wore my 4 lb vest for all of California. 38 minutes total.

20 - Peloton Matt & Denis Two for One Power Zone 1/18/20--62 min, 14.2 miles, 314 cal. Fun! Rode mostly as an Endurance ride.
21 - "Rest"--Hosting a big dinner party for my sister's birthday. I'll be making a chocolate cake from scratch with cream cheese frosting. Yum! Doing a roast, etc. I'll NEED to get back to the workouts on Wednesday!!
22 - Weights on my own + Gina B YT 2 Mile Walk--The dinner last night was fabulous! Everyone wanted leftovers of everything, so not too much left in my kitchen to tempt me & that's a good thing. Today, I couldn't settle on what I wanted to do, so I just pulled out some weights & did some upper & lower body moves on my own, about 20 minutes worth. Then I did a 30 minute workout "recommended" to me by You Tube. Gina B is new to me; I really liked her! She uses great music (Lady Gaga, Lizzo, disco, etc), a lot of arm movements & dancier moves (but do-able or modifiable). A very worthy 30 minute walking workout.
23 - 8.08 mile walk--as measured by my Fitbit. Our longest walk so far this "season". We walked from a city park along a beautiful Gulf-side street with homes dating from the early 1900s to a marina & then on a sidewalk beside the water (and back of course, ha!). It was gorgeous, but enough of a workout for me!
24 - Peloton Hannah 70s 1/16/20--58 min, 14.4 miles, 342 cal. 342 seems to be my default Friday calorie burn no matter what ride I do. Fun playlist.
25 - KCM RAW Power Up + Peloton Sam 80s 11/24/19--I layered the 3 rounds of Power Up with segments of the bike ride to create my own version of Kelly's Ripped & Ride type workout. Had a lot of fun with it.
26 - YT Gina B Standing Sculpt & Strength + 60s Power Walk--I'm really enjoying Gina! This combo was 30 min (13 + 17). I like the short, fast walks--fun music, fun moves. Ended with Lee Holden Day 24 of 30 Day Qi Gong Challenge.

27 - Peloton Jenn Classic Rock 1/8/20 + Sam New Year's Day Recovery 1/1/20--66 min, 14.6 miles, 312 cal. Rode as an Endurance ride.
28 - KCM Body Design Upper Body Strength + Strength & Stamina Step add-on
29 - Rest
30 - KCM RAW January 2020 Ripped & Ride--love that format!
31 - Peloton Christine Classic Rock 9/11/19--58 min, 14.5 miles, 346 cal.

Jan total = 27/31
- Dorothy

"You want to go into life feeling great, feeling strong, and as you get older, feeling even stronger!" Gin Miller
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Location: Arkansas

January 1
January 2 - Build and Burn Upper Body
January 3 - Barre Blend Legs
January 4 - Build and Burn Upper Body + Moving Max for SIL

January 5 - Barre Blend Total Body
January 6 - Build and Burn Upper Body
January 7 - Barre Blend Booty
January 8
January 9 - Build and Burn Upper Body
January 10
January 11 - Barre Blend Legs

January 12 - Barre Blend Total Body
January 13 - Barre Blend Total Body
January 14 - Barre Blend Booty
January 15
January 16 - Build and Burn Upper Body
January 17
January 18

January 19 - Barre Blend
January 20 - Barre Blend
January 21 - Build and Burn
January 22
January 23 - Barre Blend
January 24
January 25

January 26 - Barre Blend
January 27 - Barre Blend
January 28 - The Firm Upper Body
January 29
January 30 - The Firm Upper Body
January 31
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I will be following Cathe's Step Boss/Lite rotation, assuming my knees do well with all the step. I also will be sprinkling in bits of spinning as I get accustomed to my new toy.

1. Imax 4 (step/abs premix); Fitscope Studio Beginner Cycling Hiit with Brinn (YT)
2. PHA 2
3. Fitscope Studio 20 min Indoor Cycling Ride with Vanessa (YT)
4. Step Sync; Athlean-XX for Women 15 min Hills and Sprints (YT); 1.47 mile walk
5. nothing
6. Metabolic Blast
7. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness 45 min Rhythm Ride (YT)
8. nothing
9. Stacked UB
10. Studio Sweat Zone Ride (YT)
11. Rev'd Up Rumble
12. nothing
13. The Gym Box 60 min ride with Stephanie (YT)
14. PHA 3 (1 round of each group)
15. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness 30 min Rhythm Ride (YT)
16. nothing
17. nothing
18. Bands and Bodyweight
19. Studio Sweat 60 min Ride for Cancer (YT)
20. Pyramid Pump UB
21. Studio Sweat 40 min Terrible Two's #2
22. Pyramid Pump LB
23. nothing
24. Studio Sweat Disco and Party Ride
25. 3.45 mile walk
26. Step Sync
27. Stacked UB
28. nothing
29. Studio Sweat Magic Miles
30. PHA 2
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just the workouts

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