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Old 04-18-15, 07:33 AM  
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Originally Posted by PrairieGem View Post
I am interested in trying a pair of really nice flip-flops because of some foot issues... but I haven't had a pair since I was a kid, and I've always kind of assumed (based on nothing?) that the strap between the toes would be uncomfortable. Has anyone had that experience initially and then gotten used to them? Is there a "beginner friendly" flipflop out there?
Hi PrairieGem, I haven't tried the brands you've mentioned but last year bought a pair of wellrox sandals. I suppose you could call them uber-flipflops because you have a (soft) strap between EVERY toe. They do take some getting used to, but once you do they're really comfortable. I did not end up getting blisters, BTW. I wonder if they'd be good for your bunion because they spread your toes out a little bit ala yogatoes, but not nearly as much. They have great arch supports and I've walked for miles in them in comfort. You can also find them on sale.


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Old 04-18-15, 05:43 PM  
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Ooooh, Karen, those look great! I love my toe separators... when I can find time to wear them. What size do you take? (Do you know if you size up or down for half sizes?)
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Old 04-19-15, 08:40 AM  
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I have a lot of FitFlop sandals and boots. They multiplied this year. Wore my boots in Paris & London and never had any issues. Walked for around 8 miles a day.
Wore my Fitflops sandals in Canada last summer. Walked for miles without issues.
I am at a point where comfort wins over looks all the time. I will try ballerina flats next.
If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, they have FitFlops there.
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