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Old 06-02-19, 07:56 PM  
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Advice after 4-5 weeks of weight training

So I have been doing Chalean Xtreme Burn circuit and have gone through each of these (1-3) in the last 5 weeks. I am planning on moving on to the next phase which is the lean circuit. My question is...should I go ahead and start the Lean Phase or take a week off first and do something different? What are the advantages or disadvantages of each?
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Old 06-02-19, 08:36 PM  
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I've done this program and had great strength gains! The push phase comes after the burn phase and before the lean phase. Did you not want to do the push phase? This is the section where you really challenge yourself by going HEAVY! I did the whole program straight through, but I did sub in some other cardio workouts for a break from Chalene. If you feel like you need a break before starting the next section go for it! One of the joys of working out at home is doing what works for you. Best of luck with your rotation!
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Old 06-03-19, 12:28 AM  
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Chalene Xtreme

I just move on to the next phase with no break if my schedule allows. If I do take a week off I am sore when I resume weight training.
I have been doing this program consistently over the last year with just the main 3 workouts from each phase weekly for 4 weeks. Somehow I don't get bored with the rotation switching up every 4 weeks. I have had great results with minimal thought/effort. Doing this weight training consistently, even 3 relatively short workouts a week, has made a big difference for me.
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Old 06-03-19, 07:44 PM  
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I do plan on doing the push phase, just forgot what each one is called. I haven't decided yet. I guess i will decide tomorrow morning when I would normally do a strength routine.
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Old 06-03-19, 08:46 PM  
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Take a week off to do some yoga. Give your body a reset.
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Old 06-04-19, 10:37 AM  
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For me, taking a break from weights depends on how my body feels. Do you *feel* burned-out or overtrained? When you think about doing nonweighted or light-weight workouts for a week, does it *feel* in your body like a great idea? If either of those answers is "yes", definitely take the "break" week. If not, and you feel eager to get on with it, then forge ahead!
- Laura

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Old 06-04-19, 11:25 AM  
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Location: Western North Carolina
I agree about taking a break. Laurajhawk, what you suggested is exactly what I did, just tuned in to my body and it said, chelax! I am going to have a week of yoga and dance cardio this week, then get back to it next week. I did some Travis Eliot sun saluations this morning, only for 15 minutes or so. I needed a rest day but like to have a little movement to start the day.
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