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Old 10-11-14, 01:31 PM  
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I need shoes with A LOT of cushioning. The only thing these days that fits the bill is a running shoe. Unfortunately, they are really bad for lateral moves. Back in the day (and I'm showing my age here) they used to make really well-cushioned shoes with great lateral support for high impact aerobics. I used to love Avia. I was hopeful that the newer shoes they are marketing now for crossfit would be better, but I think they are more like court shoes in that they offer good lateral support, however, they are not very well cushioned. I feel like I'm walking on bricks when I wear a court shoe. With high arches, my feet just need tons of cushion.

So, I wear running shoes and I notice that my foot turns out severely when doing things like skaters or lateral hops. Too bad that manufacturers have to make shoes that will sell for the popular workouts rather than for what is best for a foot type.

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