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Old 04-01-15, 03:38 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2002
Tell me about R. Cosgroves Drop 2 Sizes...

Yes, I'm in the midst of loving Men's Health Spartacus & MH60 Day Transformation, and I know that Rachel Cosgrove helped design it. Not that I need another dvd series, but can someone tell me about her Drop 2 Sizes DVD Series?

I read a review in the video review section but wanted to know more.

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Old 04-01-15, 03:46 PM  
Nuggie's Auntie
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I reviewed it on my blog here. If you have any specific questions, fire away!
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Old 04-05-15, 04:12 PM  
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One more question...
Are the metabolic cardios the same in all 3 phases?

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Old 04-05-15, 04:31 PM  
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While I'm a huge fan of almost all the Men's Health/Women's Health workouts, I didn't like this set. I hated the RAMP warm ups and didn't like the structure of the strength workouts. I got through 2 weeks and then traded them away.

This set is nothing like MH60 or Spartacus which I know you enjoy immensely. I'd be concerned you might be disappointed.
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Old 04-05-15, 04:40 PM  
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I didn't like this set. I kept it a couple of weeks and returned it for a refund - I can't remember doing that with anything else. I found it boring, which is really saying something. I think I most disliked the extended warmups; it seemed like we spent all our time there and not enough time in the actual workout.

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Old 04-05-15, 04:54 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2002
Thanks! I saw some clips after all of the posts and tend to agree with you. I love the setup of Spartacus/MH60 (David Jack) and was just curious because I know she developed the system.

I really wasn't swayed after seeing the clips because I tend to do better with male instructors.

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Old 04-06-15, 08:49 PM  
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Originally Posted by lesia View Post
One more question...
Are the metabolic cardios the same in all 3 phases?
No. If you read my review, you would note that there are two different cardio workouts for each phase; just like the strength routines, each phase has its own unique workouts.
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Old 04-07-15, 08:17 AM  
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I looked my best after doing a 3 month rotation. It starts out feeling really slow, but I'm glad I gave it a chance and continued. Once I got used to the more deliberate pace, I was able to focus on truly using the right, and generally heavier weights. I liked the DVDs, but bought the book too, these workouts were so easy to do while on vacation so I didn't even need to skip a beat. Sometimes I preferred to just follow the written workout.

I seemed all over firmer and smaller overall. I had started doing Neghar Fonooni's program with a somewhat similar set up, and started to see similar results after month, but a problem with my shoulder has side lined me from workout like this as they both seem to rely a lot on over head moves that I just can't figure out how to substitute.
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Old 04-07-15, 08:55 AM  
Jane P.
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I didn't care for the warm-ups either. I soon started doing my own warm-ups If you also do the foam rolling, it really is a long time before you get to the actual workout. That can be a problem on a busy morning.

However, I do think the workouts are well designed. There's a bit more emphasis on balance than I'd like. You do balance moves while lifting weights, so you have to lighten up (or at least I did).

The dvds are not chaptered during the weight lifting portion, and that can be a problem.

I like the fact that it only took four days a week to do. Having three free days was great.
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Old 12-07-16, 04:59 PM  
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***old thread alert***

Sorry to bring up an old thread. Does this set include a lot of bodyweight work? After finally getting rid of it last year, and never doing it, i am interested again, as usual.
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d2s, drop 2 sizes, rachel cosgrove

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