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Originally Posted by Nuggie's Auntie View Post
I think what I find appealing about the program is how well it is laid out in the book. It's very orderly, with a page per day of the plan with your menu, workout and a little motivational schtick, which is what I really need. I love, love, love to exercise, but I get lost in the eating--I tend to be an evening snacker and have a tough time sticking to a plan. So the outline in the book seems like it would help me. And the meals in this seem really straightforward and easy to prepare, which is key for me these days as my husband is travelling a lot, so I need to keep things simple.

As for the workouts, I appreciate everyone's feedback. I was sort of hoping I could just plug in workouts I already have, but I can see upon further reflection that probably wouldn't really work. I will keep a Physique 57 in there regularly because I'm a total P57 junkie, but I saw that other thread about a coupon code for the workouts, so I just bought the D2S DVDs. With the 30% off code, it came to less than $30, which is a pretty sweet deal.

So we'll give a D2S/P57 hybrid rotation a whirl and see what happens.
That's a great deal! I paid full price and I still think the set was worth it!
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