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Old 05-31-02, 07:37 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2002
good deals on ebay

Thanks for suggesting some videos. I found some pretty good deals on ebay. I was able to get a new, still sealed Leslie Sansone Basic Stepping for 9.99 plus shipping - I was hoping I would be able to find it - I really like her tapes.

And I got Kathy Smith's step workout, plus two of her other tapes for 7.25 total. The other two tapes are Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning and Fat Bunring Workout. Even if I don't like the other two tapes it was still a better deal than just buying a the Step workout at the stor or over the internet and if I don't like them maybe I can trade them later on the exchange for something else. Or my sister-in-law is starting to get into videos, if I don't like them maybe she will.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Old 05-31-02, 08:27 PM  
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Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: San Diego, CA
Don't give up! The first time I tried a step tape I thought I would never get it (KS Fat Burning Breakthrough). Now it's easy (at least choreographically!) It does get simpler, because you start to understand the moves.

I really like KS Power Step. It's a great workout. The Reebok step tape with Gin Miller is a bit odd (VERY 80's MTV), but it's very straightforward. You could probably find it on the swap board.

Good luck!

Gwynn F.
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Old 05-31-02, 09:02 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: Sterling Heights, Mi
I just tried Functionally Fit Peak Fat burning for the first time this week and I loved it. It is easy to follow, but really gets your heartrate up. Also, the intervals help the time go by fast, it is always changing, so I never got bored.
But, if you don't like it, you can always put it on the exchange.
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Old 05-31-02, 09:45 PM  
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Ohio
Step videos

Hi there, I have Reebok The Video to get rid of if your interested in it email me at Its very basic and short but great to learn with! Take care..Lissa..
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Old 05-31-02, 10:06 PM  
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Kathy Smith

Please do try Kathy Smith's Step Workout. the look of it is dated, but it's a good basic step routine, and it is the only one I could follow when I started step (and boy did I feel like giving up a few times). I am a slow learner-this is my disclaimer for the next comment. have to respectfully disagree with those who recommended Gilad's Step Workout and Cathe's Wedding Tape. I traded Gilad's Step workout because I found it just too frustrating to learn the steps( and this is after I had mastered KS Step), and I am only just now at the Cathe Wedding level-I'm currently getting it in a trade, actually, and I can't wait!
Granted, I gave myself plenty of time to get accustomed to stepping, so maybe you will be more aggressive when it comes to tackling it.
Anyway, just my $.02.
Have fun with the new toy!

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- Reggie Leach

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Old 05-31-02, 10:12 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Oklahoma City, OK :(
ditto on kathy smith's step workout

i think it's the best introductory step workout around. the moves are simple, the instruction is clear, and it's broken into different parts for beginners, intermediates, and advanced steppers. the beginner section is super-easy, and it gives you an overview of basic step moves that will appear in other workouts.

i also agree about jane fonda's step workout. i have her step workout & abs tape, and it's definitely geared towards those who are new to step. if anything, the moves are more basic than even the moves in kathy smith's step workout. the instructors are a little goofy, but i think it's a fun workout. the ab section isn't bad either.
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Old 05-31-02, 10:45 PM  
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Southern California
More love for Kathy Smith

She is simply the best at cuing. You won't get hurt doing her tapes because she has a really strong emphasis on good form.

The reason her choreography seems so simple is she breaks down each series and teaches you one move at a time. As you learn the next move you constantly repeat what you already know. Cathe also is excellent at using this teaching method, but her choreography is much more complex, so it is harder to learn. Firm tapes are hit or miss. Some of the Firm instructors are excellent at cues, others . . .

You don't always appreciate how good Kathy is at teaching and cuing until you try someone who isn't very good at it. As much as I love Christi Taylor, she tends to say "watch me once then you do it." Kathy tells you exactly what to do with your body, e.g. "step up with your left foot, do a three knee repeater with your right foot."

One Kathy tape you might try is Fat Burning Breakthrough. It's has challenging cardio intensity, fun step sequences and great production values. It's probably not the first tape I'd try, but once you get comfy on the step it would be a great second tape.
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Old 06-01-02, 11:14 AM  
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Check out Charlene Prickett step videos, especially the It Figures Series from her TV show. With the exception of her recent videos, her step workouts involve pretty basic stuff. I'm a VF klutz and don't have any problem following Charlene.
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Old 05-02-03, 10:09 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2003
Actually the only step video I have right now is a Jane Fonda one, it is really in the 80s but pretty easy to follow . I recommend that one. I never knew Leslie Sansone had a stepping video, now I want it!!
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Old 05-12-03, 06:12 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2003
Leslie's Video

I saw Leslie's stepping video at - forget the prize but it was inexpensive... it did say 8 to 11 weeks to be shipped but if anyone wanted it and was willing to wait at least you'd know where to go to find a copy!
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