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Old 12-08-03, 02:43 PM  
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Originally posted by Seabush
I just completed Yoga Journal's Yoga Step-by-Step The Total Guide to Beginning Your Home Practice (Session 1). This is a great tape for beginners. I haven't found anything like it. I have the DVD version which offers lots of information on form and the benefits of yoga. I highly recommend this tape for beginners.

Does this seem to be a tape (or the series for that matter) that you can do over and over again, even after you've mastered the positions, or do you think it will be outgrown eventually? I'm hoping that even though it's a beginner tape, it can be used by all levels too. I really don't like buying tapes that I outgrow but these sound great.
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Old 12-08-03, 07:21 PM  
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They are selling a three DVD set. The DVD is chaptered as follows:

Instruction Menu
--Begin Instruction
--Begin Yoga Chalk Talk
Practice Menu
--Begin Practice
--Follow Jason
--Practice With Medical Commentary
--Practice Without Music
Yoga Chalk Talk
Medical Commentary
--Practice With Medical Commentary
About Natasha

The Instruction is about 35 minutes. You are going through the entire practice but Natasha stops after each pose and demonstrates proper alignment.

The Practice is a 20-minute flowing segment. You can select the option to follow one of the instructor's assistant who demonstrates modified poses for less flexible people. You can also choose the option to do the practice with medical commentary. They have a doctor who does voice overs during the segment. He describes the benefits of each yoga pose as you move along the practice.

There's also an option called Yoga Chalk Talk. It's basically a live drawing board that illustrates proper alignment and how to correct common mistakes when performing yoga poses. It's really quite an innovate little DVD.

To get back to your original question, after you've mastered the 20 minute practice a person would move to their second and third DVDs which are more challenging. This first tape you learn standing poses, sun salutation, and proper breathing.

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Old 12-08-03, 07:32 PM  
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Crystal did a great breakdown. I just wanted to add that you can see the entire list of asanas on each dvd at the site.

Hey Crystal -

Do you have #2 or 3 yet?? Also, do you have any other suggestions for similar yoga videos? As far as I'm concerned, YJ has set a new standard with yoga workouts....

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Old 12-08-03, 10:50 PM  
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I haven't purchased 2 or 3 yet. Based on reading the description of poses (headstand, headstand, etc.) in 3, I don't think I'll be getting that one anytime soon. . I haven't come across another Yoga DVD like this one. Of course, my yoga experience is very limited. I've only got a few DVDs.

I recently got a pretty good tape from called Total Yoga: The Flow Series: Earth. It's a nice gentle yoga tape that emphasizes the importance of breathing and teaches the technique even more so than the Yoga Journal DVD. This is the first of a three-tape set. I'd like to get the other two (Water and Fire) in trade. If not, I have no plans to purchase them. I've got plenty of yoga tapes to keep me busy for awhile.

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