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Old 04-14-02, 04:46 PM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Pasadena, California
Millenium Stretch

Although long - I love it.
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Old 04-14-02, 08:57 PM  
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Northern CA
Wink Wow! Thanks for all the help!

Hi everyone!
I went away for the week-end; but, was floored to see all the replies to my questions--Thank you all so much!

I have just ordered the Tamilee & Denise (I'm hoping Denise won't be irritating as you said!) tapes from based on your inputs and I will research all the others tomorrow.

Thank you again!
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Old 04-14-02, 09:22 PM  
lil'miss firmie
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Massachusetts
Red face Urban Tai Chi

I just did this video yesterday for the first time. I was looking forward to something different, and I certainly got it.

The 10 or 11 minute stretch at the end of the video is WONDERFUL!!! The movements are graceful and smooth, flowing....and the mind has already made the connection to the body through the workout itself, so releasing all the energy and chi into a state of relaxation was such so easy...I found myself visualizing "rivers and mountains" with the breathing...WONDERFULLY RELAXING yet fluid and graceful at a lovely, settling pace.

P.S. Gee - can ya tell i liked the video???
~Mary Ann~
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Old 04-15-02, 06:40 AM  
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Putting in my votes....

They've all been named!

My current favorites are:

Dynamic Stretch on the Ball (Spri -- part of the 6-pack)!!! I absolutely LOVE the ball... it definitely stretches out my back and spine and hips and, and, and, it just feels wonderful! I don't always have time for ALL of it, so sometimes just do about 30 mins. of it.... Still wonderful!

Autonomy Stretch... cuz it was cheap and it goes fast. I don't watch the tv though, cuz they aren't in sync with the what the voice is telling me to do.... but it feels sooooooooooooooooo good.

HomeStretch, cuz although it's VERY 80'-s-ish... the stretches are held and just feel soooooooooo good on my tight hips and quads (from all the repetitive cycling moves) And of Course Charlene always says, "If you're a runner or a cyclist, this stretch..." Well, it makes me stay longer..... Of course, I tune out the "This is the muscle group ".. and what it does for me! :-) Besides, most of this one is on the floor and I can just kinda lie there... Ahhhhhhhh

And I love Tamilee's .. although I must admit, have not done it since I got Dynamic Stretch on the ball! Last year, Tamilee's won for the most times of doing a stretch tape in my log! I love to tack on her 10 minute sections.... or just do the 30 minute one and then practically fall asleep as the orange color is washing over me.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

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Old 04-15-02, 09:28 AM  
Nicole P
Join Date: Mar 2002
GREAT Thread!!

GREAT thread!! How did you know I needed a good stretching tape?

Susan P. you talked me into it! Can't wait to get the tape!!

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Old 04-15-02, 09:34 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Fl
I found it!

Another tape that has an excellent 20 min. Stretch at the end is:

CIA 9903 Boot Camp + Step and Stretch. I Loooove the stertch at the end, very relaxing and very complete!

I also have Kathy Smiths Relaxation tape which is good!

I also enjoy Kari Anderson's Angles Lines and Curves... but of course i have to modify some because some moves are not easy!

I intend to live forever - so far, so good.
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Old 04-16-02, 11:18 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Fl
Smile Another stretching tape I have is:

Stretching, the video with Bob Anderson....

This is for those who are total beginners!!! he teaches the basics of stretching for over 30 min. It's been a while since I viewed it.

at the end he leads you through a series of stretch poses.... which if you have the time for, do the entire body!

I intend to live forever - so far, so good.
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Old 04-16-02, 11:31 AM  
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Northern CA
Thumbs up Thanks!

Thank you all very much for all the responses. I must confess I'm busy trying to find all of the vidoes you've recommmended on (great deals on autonomy stretch there)

I've enjoyed your help very much!
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Old 04-16-02, 04:29 PM  
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Location: Santa Cruz mountains, CA
I really like to add on a segment or two of the Quick Fix Core Yoga tape. It gives you a little core work, but some nice stretching too. The last segment is mainly stretching, the second is more core related, and the first more energizing. So if I just do one -- it would be the last, but quite often I end up doing more at the end of a workout.

I also really like the yoga segment on the 10 Minute Solution -- very calm and nice to add onto to a FIRM tape for a longer stretch and relaxing mode.
Renee Allen

"I know you're tired, but jump higher!"
-- Cathe

DISCLOSURE: I had a professional relationship with Beachbody. For details, take a look at my profile or see my blog .
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Old 04-16-02, 05:10 PM  
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Stretching Book (Anderson)

I know this is not a video, however, if I do its short stretching routines recommended for skiing, aerobics, weight training, or whatever, then I feel that I've done the proper stretching.

When I have time, I like the Karen Voight video, Millenium Stretch, & Tamilee's pink video.

It would be great if all workouts had the proper stretching before & after right on the tape
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faq, favorites, stretch

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