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Old 04-01-02, 06:59 PM  
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Join Date: Dec 2001
Your top post-partum shape up tape reccomendations

I still have 3 more long months until my due date but I am itching to figure out what tapes to use to get back into shape. Right now my excercise routine consists of forcing myself to do 3 days of cardio a week: either using my treadmill to walk for 30 minutes or using my stepping through pregnancy tape (Nancy anderson)- GREAT tape by the way!

Anyway, this will by my 3rd baby in 5 years so I will have a lot of damage to undo!! (making sure to stay away from weigh discussions here)

My goals are pretty much to get back into better shape than before and to tone arms/legs/abs plus build up my cardio stamina.

Suggestions anyone?? I have a HUGE tape collection and wondered what I should focus on. DH and I have already discussed that he will carve out 1 hour 3-4 times a week to watch the kids so I can workout so I am limited to 3-4 1 hour sessions a week.
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Old 04-01-02, 07:17 PM  
Jane P.
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Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Colorado Springs
Return to Slender

I haven't seen to many post-partum tapes, but I think Charlene Prickett's Return to Slender is simply superb.

It contains a section on kegels, a 30 minute step workout, and three full toning sections: abs, upper body and lower body. You get a lot of workout for your money, plus tons of useful information. I think it's one of Charlene's best.
"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." Leo Tolstoy
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Old 04-01-02, 09:56 PM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Firm Volume 6

I recommend this tape for about anything , but I really liked it both times I was post-partum. It was familiar, low-impact, and modifiable. I have had this tape for ten years (pre-ordered it), and it has cost me less than a penny per use.

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Old 04-01-02, 10:14 PM  
Emily B
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Join Date: Nov 2001
I'll second the Firm

They are just so time efficient and modifiable. Plus, all that weight training gets my body in shape faster than too much cardio. Since it's your third, you know how hard it is to fit exercise in with a baby, so I say go with the Firms because they pack so much in a short amount of time.
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Old 04-02-02, 05:20 AM  
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Join Date: Mar 2002
Location: London, England
I had a baby girl almost a year ago (wow!) and I gained 42 pounds while pregnant. I was able to get the weight off within about three months (most of it having come off in the first 8 weeks) by using the Firm Volume 2 and doing some running (maybe three 1/2 hour runs and two Vol. 2 workouts per week). I started off with power walks with the baby in the stroller when she was about a month old, and I eased my way, over about a three week period, into running and Volume II and wouldn't suggest doing that right away. I think four workouts a week will be great - both for getting in shape and to give you some of your own space - and your hubby's support will be invaluable. I think you are smart to be thinking and planning ahead - it really *can* be done! Good luck!
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Old 04-02-02, 06:52 AM  
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Join Date: Dec 2001
I had two babies in two years and the FIRM is what got me in better shape than I was in before I even got pregnant. You get cardio and weight training in the same session. If you only have 1 hour all their tapes are 1 hour or less and you can alternate total body (FIRM strength and cardio, classics) with cardio only. It worked for me! Went from a size 12 to a size 6.

If you are more advanced, after the doctor gives you the okay you could do Cathe's Cross train x-press. All tapes are 1 hour or less but very high-impact, wait until your OB gives you the go-ahead to do those.
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Old 04-02-02, 08:55 AM  
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Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Cathe's CTX

I'm still trying to work my way back to the pre-pregnancy body - been at it for about 10 months now.

I started out with slow walks fairly soon on, and as soon as was able, I got into Cathe's CTX series. I figured that since that's what she used to get back into shape after her first baby, it might work for me too. It did! I found I could handle the 20-30 minutes of cardio, that was just about right. At first I did modify a lot of moves and gradually just improved. I liked the weights for one body part, too. My muscles "remembered" what they were supposed to do, and I could get some strength training in, without spending hours doing it.

Good luck!
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Old 04-02-02, 09:35 AM  
Lucy K
VF Supporter
Join Date: Jan 2002
Cathe's Power Hour

I'm 6 mo PP and am getting great results with PH (usually 2x wk) and running (2x week). All the weight is gone and my arms looker more toned than ever (which could be from carrying my little porker!). I've also just started back with some of my Firms -- I love that they're shorter than 1 hour. I like TT and TT2 the most, but don't like that they don't have abs, which I really need now!

My DH also watches DS when I work out. Although about half the time I try to work out when he's at work, so I stick DS in his bouncy seat and off to work out we go. He loves watching the barbell go up and down! It's always a better workout when I'm alone, though. More focus, I guess.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Lucy K (and little Patrick)
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Old 04-02-02, 01:49 PM  
Leslie Godfrey
Join Date: Nov 2001
Well, I don't know if my advice will be that good or not since I'm not at my pre-pregnancy weight or shape yet (10 months post-partum) BUT I used the CTX series a good bit in the weeks after delivery because I just didn't have a lot of time (worked out during naps) and found that by splitting the tapes into cardio/weights and doing as much of the tape as I could when I could squeeze it in that I generally got 45 minutes of exercise in per day.

I could usually get through the cardio portion before the baby woke up, and then I'd do the strength portion and the abs during the next short nap.

Good for you for getting your husband to agree ahead of time to watch the kids so you can do your thing. I didn't do that, and ended up having the baby in his little bouncy seat napping in the room with me while I exercised. Sometimes he woke up, and the results were not always positive. He did giggle for the first time while I was doing Firm Vol 4 though, when Kai said "And releeeeeeeease."
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Old 04-02-02, 06:44 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2002
Cindy Crawford has a great post partum tape called New Dimensions that will ease you back in. After about a month of this, though, I suggest the Firm tapes, too. Nothing beats them!
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