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Old 03-26-02, 11:42 AM  
Loretta S.
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Re: New to exercise and the Firm. Love it!

Originally posted by tlcoles
I was intrigued by what I interpreted as the "seriousness" of the Firm. I had taken a weight training class in college, so appreciated the benefits of that in an exercise program.
That's how I felt about the Firm right away as well. Mind you this was in 1991 when there was precious little out in exercise videos. I had a few tapes that used weights and had cardio segments (Jane Fonda's Complete Workout and Kathy Smith's Winning Workout). I also had taken a weight training class in college and wanted to continue with it even though I lacked access to a gym. I did the Jane & Kathy tapes to death. But when I got my first Firm for $50 (Vol 6) I thought I had finally found the serious workout tape I wanted. No whooping, no chatter, just solid exercise.

Of course, now there are lots of great *serious* workout tapes out and we live in a world of video abundance. Wahoo!!! What's a vidiot to do but buy more tapes!
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Old 03-26-02, 11:47 AM  
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A reply from a non-Firmie.

I do a Firm workout from time to time but, on the whole, find them kind of tedious. However, I have to agree that, with their combination of aerobic exercise and weight training, they are very time-efficient. For that reason alone, Firm tapes will probably always remain in my collection.
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Old 03-26-02, 12:33 PM  
Emily B
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I love the Firm

Thanks to Susan P, I now love the Firm. She helped me decide that they were worth trying, and I'm so glad I did. Although I really love to do step, hi/lo, and gym-style strength training, I feel like I have gotten the best results ever by using the Firm. I would spend forever at the gym doing cardio, lifting heavy weights, doing everything you can think of, and while I love doing complex step, love the energy and intensity of spinning, etc., and while I do find some of the Firm cardio boring, I really get the best results for my body type. I'm sure everyone is different, but I'm really glad it works for me because I have finally discovered that I can get MUCH better results in a much shorter period of time.
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Old 03-26-02, 12:33 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2001
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Cool I'm a Firmie

The main reason I love the Firm? No boredom!

I actually find working out with Firm tapes to be FUN. I look forward to it. They have great instructors, wonderful routines, and I do get results.

I have well over 100 video tapes (I haven't counted in a long time!). I have every Firm tape ever made (except for the new ones that haven't arrived yet), and they are on my top shelf. I use every one of them.

As others suggested, the Firm isn't for everyone. Maybe your library or Blockbuster might have some you can rent. Enjoy!


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Old 03-26-02, 01:22 PM  
susan p
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Re: I love the Firm

Originally posted by Emily B
I have finally discovered that I can get MUCH better results in a much shorter period of time.
Isn't that the beauty of it?? --you hit the nail right on the head! And of course we all know how much time you have to sit around and eat bonbons when you have a baby/toddler in the household!

I did a two week rotation of the PS series and I REALLY enjoyed it. However, I spent two and a half hours getting in ONE total body strength session, and did cardio separate from that. So for the week I ended up with TWO cardio sessions and I'd hit every body part ONCE, and that took FIVE days (four days one week, when I combined the upper body tapes). With the Firm I can hit every body prt THREE times in a week, plus do 2 full cardios and 2 AWT cardios (I count those as 1/2 a cardio). So In the same five hours, I did THREE total bodies and a total of three cardio sessions.

So I think the reason I get better results with the Firm isn't becuse there's anything magic about them, but they just allow me to fit so much more strength work in!
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Old 03-26-02, 04:17 PM  
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I've been a dedicated Firm user for 4 years now, and I can relate with most of what's been said here.

The first FIRM I experienced was Volume 1 with Susan Harris, and right then I KNEW that I had found my exercise niche. It was so much harder than any tape I had tried previously, and it was far from boring. Any mode of exercise that could capture my attention for 45 minutes to an hour was a keeper to me. Now, I have all of the FIRM tapes I want (the only ones I don't have are the Basics, Prime Powers and U/L Splits).

The Firm introduced me to working out and enabled me to keep with my exercise regime, which I have never been able to do before. I loved the fact that I could get in weights and cardio at the same time and I felt after my workout as if I really accomplished something. The results (physical) were wonderful as well.

All that being said, after about 4 years, I wanted to see if there was any other comparable exercise videos out there to the Firm. I was looking for something different, as my results (cardiovascular and muscular gains) had stagnated somewhat. I felt as if I had reached the point where I couldn't lift any heavier with the Firm's quick movements and the cardio wasn't that challenging anymore. I found Cathe, and have been on a Cathe kick ever since. I'm finding I'm able to push it to the max with the cardio (she's tough! - and I absolutely am loving the more intricate footwork of the step tapes) and lift heavier than I ever have because of the separation of cardio and weights and the slower movements.

I think the Firm has a place and I fully intend to utilize both my Firm's and Cathe's, because I do feel as if they will complement each other nicely. But, yes, there is a definite allure to the Firm, for all the reasons others have mentioned above.
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Old 03-28-02, 08:08 PM  
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Cool thanks!

Hey everybody , thanks for all the info about The Firm ! I bought Tough Tape 2 and Super Cardio this week (not much selection in the stores around Toronto or Hamilton, Ontario). I did TT2 yesterday and Super Cardio today- wow, the Firm really lived up to all the reviews & feedback. I mean, it was a really good workout - my muscles feel sore - it's a feeling I haven't had in years despite my gym workouts, weights, spinning, running and skiing! I don't know what it it is about those workouts but I feel like I really worked hard! That said, I laughed when the videos started - especially TT2 - holy cheesiness! It was 5:00 a.m. and I'm confronted with smiling mannequins pouting for a camera in this surreal production set. I know, I had been forewarned but still, IMHO, the video looked, at first, like something out of a B movie (esp. that library set). But, so what, I was very amused and intrigued! Somehow, it grows on you. I either liked the segments or even if they were annoying (because of the music or the particular instructor) it was only very very slightly. In any case, the videos somehow really amuse me and held my interest. Plus, I am working so hard, the videos were over before I knew it. This morning I did the Super Cardio (63 minutes) and then Kathy Smith Pilates for Abs (31 minutes) and I swear, the time just flew by. I was at work today and realized - hey my glutes are sore!! Excellent!!! I hope, I hope, I hope, this Firm is what I need to shake up my 3 year plateau (during which I have gained 20lbs of fat despite my continued exercising in all these activities I listed!). I've ordered 4 more Firm Videos and will do them religiously (mixed in with my other tapes). Thanks so much for all your feed back. I have some more questions but I think i'll put them in another thread.
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Old 10-28-02, 09:15 AM  
Join Date: Oct 2002

I am also a huge firmie. AND I even like their aerobic tapes - and the biggest reason is that they keep changing segments. Psychologically, this is so much easier for me, as I know when each segment begins that I only have to suffer through it for 5 minutes!

I especially love the Parts tapes for this - as they not only have different segments but a number of different locations and instructors - makes the workout fly!

By the way - when I said "suffer" above - its all pleasurable - some of the Firms kick my butt but I love them to death and feel fantastic when I finish them!
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Old 03-06-03, 08:53 AM  
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I am glad to see so many familiar folks still on this forum. I fell off the wagon years ago after starting with the Firm--paid $50 for volume one, pre-paid for the next few tapes, etc. I know there have been many changes at the Firm, but I only have one complaint--how they rename the tapes. I can't tell which ones I have, which ones are new--I need help!! If anyone can give me an update for the last few years of Firm tapes, I would be grateful. I know this is a huge request. If needed, e-mail me so we don't bog down the forum. Thanks to any and all!
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Old 03-06-03, 10:00 AM  
Debbie S.
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Hi Aspen

You can find a complete list of all the Firm and now FitPrime workouts at this website. They even show the title changes.

Welcome back!
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