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Old 11-27-01, 02:28 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Elmhurst Illinois

Hi. Lately, I have traded for quite a few new cardio tapes. So when I want an easier day, I pop in one of these new tapes, to try and learn the choreography!!! That way I don't feel so bad that my heart rate doesn't get up as high, or I have to rewind. My latest is trying to learn Hilo Heaven--I'm still on the first part!
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Old 11-27-01, 03:22 PM  
Lenore Levine
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: San Jose, California
Technifunk II

One of my favorite "easy day" or "evening bonus exercise" tapes is Victoria Johnson's Technifunk II. Half an hour of low-impact aerobics with "moderate" choreography. Delicious!

Lenore Levine
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Old 11-27-01, 03:39 PM  
Lydia L
VF Supporter
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: NJ, USA
Recuperate from Pneumonia tapes!

I had a special set of tapes I used to regain my fitness after my bout with Pneumonia (about 4 years ago) these were my easier tapes that felt mighty difficult at that time.

Lean Routine
Kari Anderson with Linda Evans workout (A New You)
Kathy Smith March to Fitness
Lynn Brick's 6000 something hi/lo

Now my lighter days workouts might include

Gay Gasper 2K Jammin Hi/lo
Linda McHugh's 2k Cardio Options
Andre's Advanced Cardio
Breakthru Cardio Dance
Millenium Stretch
Living Arts Yoga any beginner w/o

Yoga for Athletes
Yoga for Weightloss (Living Arts)
Angles, Lines Curves
Firm MBS
Lydia L
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Old 11-27-01, 04:38 PM  
VF Supporter
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Lenore, for 10 years I've been curious about Technifunk II.

Someday it'll just have to come my way. Lean Routine is still in my collection to keep it company.

Oh, and I thought of another easy strength option:

Kari Anderson's Tone It Up. Dynabands! I know, I know, but they feel great after injury [I had to edit this post -- I typed energy instead of injury] or when you just can't heft. And it's so pleasant to do. I love the warm-up and cool-down. [Well, it's hard for me not to like a Kari tape]
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Old 11-27-01, 05:57 PM  
Daphne M
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: Northern Virginia
What I do

Sometimes I just do a regular intensity video and take off a set of step risers or promise myself to keep the impact really low.

Some other easier day workouts for me include: G-Force Super Step, Breakthru Cardio Step, Gay's Greatest Step.

A favorite easier day plan is to pop in a favorite warm-up -- Christi's in Hi/Lo Heaven, CIA 9801 Double Impact or Harold's in Urban Training spring to mind, but I've got a slew of them -- and then do a 20-25 minute yoga video. NOT the hard kind of yoga, more like one of the Living Arts videos.

oh, oh, I forgot another thing I like to do -- I can string together an entire 45 minutes of favorite cooldowns. Christi's Walk Like an Egyptian in 9801/Double Impact is awesome for this. Some of Cathe's older cooldowns are a blast too -- you haven't lived and laughed until you've done these geeky arms in Step Jam(?) or maybe it's Step Max. Whatever. It's a riot. You gotta try it.
Daphne M
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Old 11-27-01, 06:27 PM  
Jennifer V
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Montreal, Canada
Easy Workouts

I usually pull out a Kathy Smith Workout for this, for cardio and for strength too when I feel I just can't tackle Cathe!

I have some fun "dance" workouts I pull out just to get my body moving. These are Gin's Reebok Aerostep, Kathy's Latin Dance, Janis' Funk workout in CIA 9702, and Petra's Reebok Rhythmic Power.
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Old 11-27-01, 06:29 PM  
Jennifer V
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Montreal, Canada

I forgot to include all my beginner and intermediate yoga workouts!
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Old 11-27-01, 07:13 PM  
VF Supporter
LCC's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Another Lean Routine Fan

I just did that one yesterday. I was too sore to do anything hard.

Also, Richard Simmons is great when I don't have the energy or health to really work out very hard. Ditto for Reebok Sweat Factory.

Ballroom Aerobics is great for an 'easy on the brain and ears' workout.

Oh, and Jane Fonda's Start Up. It's not exactly a stretching tape, but it is sort of a stretching tape. And it's short. It's good for a really easy day.

Laura (LCC)
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Old 11-27-01, 08:26 PM  
Barbara F
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: San Diego
MBS. . . .

with less-than-maximum weight. This one always perks me up. Or if I have slightly more energy but I'm too sore to work out(like today), Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. I can't make myself do cardio when I'm fatigued.

I do have some easier ones I've saved in case I ever need to recover from surgery or something: KS March to Fitness, KV Your Personal Best, and Firm Vol. IV. I won't trade these in case I ever need them, but I can't make myself do them in general.
Barbara F
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Old 11-27-01, 10:00 PM  
VF Supporter
Joanna's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Toronto!
Most of my weight tapes are paced slow enough that I can up the weight, so I don't really outgrow them. And I am a terrible, terrible stretcher so I find yoga tapes very challenging. They are great for days I don't feel like sweating too much, but they feel hard. I do have two cardio tapes that sort of fit the bill though: Tae Bo Basic (which still lets me work up a sweat, but I've done it so many times I know it by heart) and Fat-Burning for Dummies. Once I learned the moves, I stopped finding this tape challenging, but I do enjoy it so I have kept it. It's also one of the ones I have dubbed onto audio to take to my dad's over Christmas. I really can't handle anything too intense while at his house because my breathing collapses on account of his cat :-) I am looking for a gooddynaband tape I can dub to go with it, but if all else fails, I'll do some light arm work from a book.

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