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Old 10-19-03, 08:19 PM  
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The 'Everything Bike/Race/Event Reports' Thread

Hi everyone

As per Wendy’s suggestion, here is a handy index of the various race/run/event reports that have been posted at VF. If I have missed any, please let me know so I can add them. I will do my best to keep this thread up to date too!

If you are interested in training for these events, there is a check-in on the forum. And I found a thread of last-minute race tips:

Here are the Race/Run/Event reports, listed by date, newest first:

5-1-04: Kathy's Walk for Hunger

4-1-2004: Daphne's Shamrock Marathon

2-14-2004: Sarah's Texas Half-Marathon

10-21-2003: Laura's Baltimore Half-Marathon

10-20-2003: Angela's Toronto Marathon

10-20-2003: Clare's 10th Marathon

10-19-2003: Charlene’s Half-Marathon

10-18-2003: Lynne’s 5k Classic

10-12-2003: Cleda’s Seagull Century Wind Report

10-08-2003: Judy’s Portland Race Report

10-06-2003 Angela’s Twin Cities Race Report

10-06-2003: Clare’s Milwaukee Marathon

09-28-2003: Valerie’s Self Workout in the Park Report

09-28-2003: Cleda’s 100-Mile Report

08-30-2003: 24 Hours of Vidiocy Report 2003

08-10-2003: Barb’s Kansas City Race for the Cure Report

07-28-2003: Juneaucat’s 5k Report

06-18-2003: Cleda’s Longest Day Report

06-16-2003: Dee’s Run Report

06-16-2003: Marian’s Triathlon Report

06-10-2003: Angela’s marathon Report

05-05-2003: Scooterchick’s Triathlon Report

04-14-2003: Janick’s Montreal Half-Marathon

04-07-2003: Kelly's First 5k

03-31-2003: Daphne’s Ocean Drive Marathon Report

03-29-2003: Scooterchick’s DC 5K

03-13-2003: Sung Tse’s Marathon Report

10-15-2002: Clare’s Chicago Marathon Report

09-27-2002: 24 Hours of Vidiocy Report 2002

08-21-2002: Nancy’s Report from the Cape

08-10-2002: Tuvak’s Triathlon Report

08-09-2002: Aline’s Bike Training Race Report

07-31-2002: Karen’s AIDS Ride Report

06-30-2002: Tuvak's First Triathlon

05-07-2002: Clare's Flying Pig Marathon

03-10-2002: Ramona’s 5k Report

03-10-2002: Misc's First 5k

1-21-2002: Melanie’s Marathon Report

I am in awe of the accomplishments of everyone represented here. When I started compiling this thread, I had no idea there were so many races and runs and bikes where VFers were represented! You are all to be congratulated for your training, dedication, hard work and for proving that video exercisers can be in shape, compete and kick butt!

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Old 10-20-03, 09:36 AM  
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just posting

to note that I've moved this thread to the General Workout/Fitness FAQs section. I hope this is the most logical place for it.
Wendy Niemi Kremer
Community Manager

DISCLOSURE: I have a professional relationship with a seller or producer of fitness videos or products. For details, please see my profile.
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Old 10-20-03, 12:07 PM  
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Thanks, Wendy!

I have updated the thread with some of the links you sent me. Just so everyone knows, the search terms I used were race report, run report, bike report and marathon report---search terms such as "run" or "race" by themselves turned up over a thousand links which was just too many to sift through. I tried to get the lion's share but I am quite sure I missed some, so if you know you have written a report that is not on this list, PLEASE send me a PM and I will add it. It is nothing personal if I missed you, simply a question of there being so many links to sift through that I am bound to miss some. Clare and KrisA, Wendy told me she suspects you two have more reports buried in the depths of the database that I missed. I am sure there are others...

Also, if anybody knows off-hand of any good training tips threads other than the one I found, please let me know and I can add those too. I am not an expert on this topic and most of the threads I saw seemed to be check-in ones. So if someone more in the know than myself wants to provide such links (how to train, how to learn about events etc.) please feel free to do so. People often thank ME for these everything threads, but truly, they are a collaborative effort of all VFers :-)

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