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Everything "slim series" thread

First, my disclaimer is that I am nowhere near as organized as Joanna. But I'm going to give this a go. I went through the existing Slim Series thread to find what the most often asked questions were and tried to find answers that were given here as well.

I believe that Leela was cited most frequently, followed by keilan00. So I'd like to thank them for all the work they put into breaking down these workouts and reviewing them.

I also hope others will please feel free to add to the information as they see fit.

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What are they?
The Slim Series is a set of 6 exercise videos that use hi rep/low weights with cardio bursts in between.

Are they all the same?
They are all different with similar warmups on the same set and similar music. There are 2 background exercisers in each. Each team of background exercisers appears in 2 videos. One of them is Debbie's sister.

Can you give me more specifics?
From Leela (the description from the booklet) -
Tone it up: Get tight, this full body cardio-intensive workout incorporates light weights and a variety of unique moves to slim down and tone up trouble spots. Begins with a mix of midsection movements and kicks into high gear by combining an all out cardio blast with light weight resistance training.

Firm it up: Lower body - by targeting the hips, thighs, and buns, this extreme lower body workout burns flab and sculpts lean, firm, sexy muscles. Follow debbie as she leads you through a variety of freestyle (non weighted) exercises that emphasize slimming and firming, while simultaneously providing a cardio intense routine.

Shape it up: Using medium weights, SIU targets opposing muscle groups while maintaining a high-intensity cardio workout. You'll sweat through a pulse-pounding series of quad/hams, back/chest,, bi/tri and outer/inner thigh exercises. This highly effecting power shaping technique is an ideal way to work the entire body while you also burn fat

Mix it up: Debbie keeps things fresh and entertaining as she takes you from one intense set of moves to the next. MIU begins with a set of wted lunges and pics up the pace as it moves on to a variety of body shaping exercises.

Tear it up: Start with debbies intense upper body blast, and switch it with an all out assault on the lower body.

Cool it off combines essential stretching, strengthening and stabilizing exercises to keep your body in optimal condition so you can keep pressing play on all your SS workouts.


From ElizabethS (Taken from one of the newletters at

Hereís a brief rundown on what to expect:

Tear It Up! and Shape It Up! are full body toning workouts, both done with a different emphasis. Tear It Up! has a slightly more traditional feel and Shape It Up! is a circuit routine with body sculpting in mind. These two workouts are 78 minutes long!

Checking in at an hour, Firm It Up! targets the lower body, while Mix It Up! is more cardio intensive. Tone It Up! emphasizes the upper body.

Keep It Up! rounds out the series. This is the original Slim in 6 maintenance workout. Itís only 40 minutes long so it can work into those days when youíre short on time.

Cool It Off! is an hour-long recovery workout. Youíll feel more rested and recovered when you finish this workout than when you began it. Itís an essential tool to maximize the benefits off all the workouts above.
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How do I use these in a rotation?

Suggested rotations from the book (copied from Leela's post)

Slim Training

Mon: Shape it up
Tues: Firm
Wed: Mix
Th: Tone
Fr Cool
Sat Tear
Sun Stretch

Recovery Week

Tues: cool
Wed: firm

Suggested rotation from silvil -
Not counting Cool it Off, if you use the 5 main SS dvd's + Keep it Up or Burn it Up, that's 6 "strength-ish" workouts that you can split across 2 weeks every other day with a cardio day in between, like this:
Mon: Slim Series
Tue: Cardio
Wed: Slim Series
Thu: Cardio
Fri: Slim Series
Sat: Heavy weights strength
Sun: Stretch or rest

There is a 'lower body' focus rotation and an 'upper body' rotation as well as a "I bought all these videos and dang if I'm not going to use them" rotation in the booklet that accompanies the Slim Series.
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Are there any reviews?

from keilan00
I just received my Slim Series dvds today and I'm quite pleased with my purchase. I placed and order on 3/17 and have them in my hands 11 days later (impressive since there was a backorder situation). I was lucky enough to order this set at the introductory rate of $39.99. The price has now increased by $20. Nevertheless, I believe these videos are worth it. You get 6 separate dvds in their own cases and a booklet which suggests several rotations to reach you desired goal. Each video is around an hour in length and filled with nonstop exercises.

So far I've only viewed Shape It Up which clocks in at 78 minutes. This video uses opposing muscles groups and contains many compound movements. You definitely get your bang for your buck with this video. I don't know exactly how to describe it. It's pretty much a circuit style endurance tape with a bit off everything thrown in. For this workout, you don't need much equipment, just a pair of dumbbells. You also don't need much workout space. If you've been to lifting 10-15lb dumbbells with Cathe, be prepared to lower your weights. I mainly used 5lbs and am seriously thinking about purchasing 3lbers. Reps are performed rather quickly but still in a somewhat controlled fashion. The whole entire body is worked with this video: arms, shoulders, abs, legs, hips, and behind. For comparisons sake, I would say this video has the nonstop qualities of Cathe's Power Hour, quick reps like Joyce Vedral, four limbed movements like the Firm, elements of Taebo, and some Tamilee ab movements. I was sweating like crazy after 20 minutes. I kept thinking to myself, there is no way the background exercises, nor I, had 60 more minutes left in them. If you do these workouts for 6 weeks, it would be impossible not to transform your body.

The production quality of these tapes are pretty good. There is a countdown timer on the lower righthand side of the screen and a tab which shows how far you are into the workout. The set design is pleasant to the eye. Natural colors are used; lots of tan, orange and golden tones. There are large windows to the left of the set which shows a beautiful view of blue sky and green vegetation. The music is generic but you have the option to turn it off.

There are a several things that might throw a couple people off. Breathing can be heard throughout the entire tape. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not. It may be beneficial due to the fact that many people forget to breathe when doing strength moves. I, myself, found it a somewhat distracting. Also, the background exercisers are off count from time to time. Their form can sometimes make you cringe but the instructor stops often and checks on form. Debbie Sieber gives helpful form pointers throughout the entire workout and her form is excellent. Just keep your eyes on her and you'll be fine.

I was disappointed over the hardly any modifications were shown. You were reminded to do what feels comfortable but I would have liked to have seen more modifications and demonstrations. Some exercises seemed downright dangerous (ie. front kick and straight down to a backward leg lunge). Since the movements were so quick, I can totally picture someone losing their balance or pulling a quadricep.

Overall, I liked these videos even though it borders on overtraining. I don't think I'll outgrow since you can increase your weights to make the workouts more intense. I'm glad I decided to buy these rather than the new firm kit. There are 6 dvds and I plan on doing one each day with one day off. I will also throw in the Lotte Berk bonus workouts as much as possible.

from keilan00

Yesterday I did Firm It Up which is 58 minutes and works your lower body. No weights are needed but if you want to up the intensity, put on 2lb ankle weights. I have adjustable ankle weights that increase by 1 pound increments and go from 1-10 lbs. I didn't use them yesterday since it was my first time doing the video but I will be using them next time. This is a medium paced video which allows you to concentrate on strength and stability.

There's a different set of background exercisers in this video and everyone looks great. This time around, Debbie doesn't need to check on form as often and has the time to get down to business. This video is filled with squats and side kicks. If you don't like to do these, this video is not for you. At first the movements seem so easy but you do soooooo many reps. By the end, you definitely feel the burn.

I hate forward and backward lunges with a passion and this video doesn't have any. Yay! Glutes are thoroughly worked out with floor exercises. Actually, the second half of the tape flies by because you're mainly on the floor. The workout concludes with solid ab work and a cool down. There is a scissors move that is reminiscent to pilates and it kicks ass. It is one of the last ab exercises. Since you've already fatigued the abs, you really feel the burn. You lie on your back and scissor your legs up and down while scissoring you arms as well. I haven't previewed the other dvds but I have a feeling ab work is on all the workouts.

I thought this workout was nice as well. Right now, I rank it a little easier that Shape It Up since it's shorter in length. Next week, I may change my mind when I strap on ankle weights.
Also, these workouts are only as tough as the amount of work you put into them. Focus on form and put as much strength as possible into each movement.

from keilan00

I did Mix It Up last night and it's 57 minutes in length. Once you've done a 78 minute workout, 57 minutes seems easy. This video uses the same cast as Firm It Up. All video formats are basically the same: warm up, standing exercises, standing ab work, floor exercises, floor ab work, and cool down. This video mainly comprised of weights, bursts of cardio, kickboxing, glute and ab work. For this video, dumbells and resistance tubing are used. Instead of tubing, I used dumbells the entire time and they worked fine.

Remember when I said I hated lunges? Well, those words come back to haunt me. This video contains forward, reverse, and cross body lunges. There are tons of traditional and plie squats as well. Oftentimes, these squats are either paired with sidekicks in a one-two movement or combined with upper body weight work. Debbie usually completes segments with "lowends" which are quick, small pulses to further fatigue muscles.

Very short bursts of cardio is blended through out the workout and include running in place, half jacks, and kicks.

Shoulders and back are thoroughly worked out in Mix It Up. There were lots of lat raises, shoulder presses, Arnold presses, bent lat raises, and rows. Triceps were worked with kickbacks and overhead extensions. Chest exercises include pushups, chest presses, semi-circle flies (new type of exercise for me), and pullovers.

Glutes are mainly done on all fours with endless legs kickbacks. The video ends with traditional ab work.

Overall: I really like Debbie's style, relaxed and fun at the same time. Her form is perfect and always gives great pointers. All the videos have a similar feel to them yet different exercises are used to work the same muscle groups. Some people have mentioned that these videos have a FIRMish feel to them. I don't exactly agree with that. These videos incorporate a bit of everything. At one point during Mix It Up, you are in the chair/child poise! Even though FIRMS are great workouts, they give me a superficial feeling. Slim Series, on the other hand, seems very real. This is the feeling I get from these videos: "It's time to get down to business. Let's get through this together!" Most moves are pretty athletic. Even guys would enjoy doing these.

also from keilan00

I did Cool It Off last night and it's 57 minutes. This is a comprehensive total body stretch video. Deep traditional stretches are combined with several yoga moves and back strengthening exercises. All stretches are held for a very long time. Every single muscle is fully stretched. Like the other videos, this one starts with the same 5 minute warmup to increase blood flow. This review will be shorter than my others; I'll only discuss a few highlights (and lowlights).

This video didn't speak to me as much as the other videos. There's a new set of background exercisers who seem devoid of personality. In the other videos, Debbie jokes a bit with her cast. In this video, she doesn't do that. I'm thinking she didn't have much to work with.

Honestly, I'm glad I did this video though. It pin pointed areas that I needed to work on. After doing the other workouts, my hamstrings and upper back had become very tight. I would have largely ignored this if it weren't for this video. The deep stretches were well needed. Also, I absolutely LOVED the neck stretches. Debbie's sister, who is seen in Shape It Up, is a physical therapist. I'm pretty sure Debbie received plenty of free consulation on which stretches are the best and tips on proper execution. The neck stretches are different from what I've ever seen and I plan on doing them everyday. There's also a wonderful new stretch for the inner thighs in the latter portion of the workout which I'll be doing more often.

Stretching is absolutely necessary but I'm not sure if I'll be doing Cool It Off that much. I'll probably replace it with another yoga/stretch tape.

After doing Cool It Off, I previewed the first half of Tear It Up. Oh my God. This video completely justifies the purchase of the Slim Series! I don't think I can do a breakdown this time around because there's so much darn stuff. Whooooooaaaaa!

from Kathryn
I finally got my Slim Series DVDs (which were NOT in any way sent via priority mailing, in spite of the bogus, non-official "priority handling" sticker on the box---though I guess it DOES say priority HANDLING and not priority shipping).

I did "Shape it up," one of the longer workouts. I must say, I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be. For one thing, the music is mediocre (though you can turn it off, which is what I did, so I could use my own music. It's probably not the same beat, but since the instructor goes off beat part of the time anyway, it didn't really matter).

I also cringe at the awful (as in dangerous) form on some exercises, like the upright rows done with hands together and elbow up WAY high, and the superspeed deadlifts--a very effective exercise when done correctly, and one of my favorites, but quite risky if done as shown.

And that frame on the right and bottom of the screen is quite annoying. I don't need to be reminded that this is a "" workout, nor how much time is left (especially with such a long one!).

I'm reserving my final judgment on these until I go though the whole series at least once. I have 30 days--is that from receipt or shipping?-- to return them if I don't like them, but I want to get some use out of the $14+ non-refundable shipping (they always get you somehow! I wonder how much of some companies' profits are derived from non-refundable exhorbitant shipping charges?)

The instructor is very pleasant, upbeat, motivating, but her form is sometimes a bit off (she says one thing, like "keep your heels up" and does another). Also, several times during the workout, she goes around to the other two exercisers to check on their form and sometimes loses count (I HATE that), and doesn't really correct their form for safety. She still lets one of them get by doing a very dangerous fast-paced deadlift with horrible form, though at the pace they do it, it would be hard to have good form! The woman just drops to the floor and kind of bounces at the bottom before coming up. It's almost like she's trying to touch her toes, and darn everything else, like safety.

My legs feel pleasantly taut today, so I'm not giving up on this series yet. Heck, I modify Cathe sometimes (like when she does Arnold Presses or tells us to "keep [our] pinkies toward the television" when doing rear shoulder raises.

There are further reviews from Kathryn in the checkin (I'll have to go back there and check)

from horsemom2
Tear It Up may truly tear up joints & backs

I jumped right into Tear It Up and saw some things that made me worry for folks who may follow these workouts blindly.
For myself, I look before I leap and modify as needed.

Here are are just a few possibly dangerous movements:
Upright Rows with the elbows up way too high
Side kicks that could compromise the lower back
(I substituted TaeBo sidekicks and roundhouses)
deadlifts going way too low and way too fast

from Leela
Slim Series: Mix it Up
Debbie Siebers

This video was just under an hour. Not sure the exact time.

It started with a 5 minute long warm-up - pretty much the same warm-up in all the other videos.

There were two sections of standing weight work, each followed by a short burst of cardio (jogging, jacks). I think the reps were a bit slower in many of these exercises, and she did a lot of compound movements.

Lots of squats and lunges, adding in kicks.

There was standing ab work, and then there was a bit of lying weight work.

She uses dumbbells and tubing, but I stuck with dumbbells.

There was some floor leg work too, which I hate - but I hate them because I find them exhausting.

My heart was in the high end of my zone the entire workout, and I feel that every muscle in my body got a nice toasting over. I used 3s and 5s mostly, only using 8s for the first set of chest presses.

The ab work was pretty traditional. I actually prefer just doing my Joyce ab work at a different time (before my daughter wakes up)

I give this an A.

Instructor comments: Debbie is a wonderful instructor. She's warm, engaging, and in great shape. She is very motivating. She is not overly perky and doesn't whoop.

Debbie also struggled with the similar weight issues that I find myself plagued with, so I find it very motivating to see her with her perfect looking body. I actually believe that with smart eating choices and doing the slim series, I could lose the 10-15 pounds, and even see my abs.

from Leela
Slim Series: Tone it Up
Debbie Siebers

This is a weighted workout. It uses a lot of compound moves (upper/lower body simultaneously).

My inner thighs and triceps felt the fire in this workout.

There is also some floor work: pelvic lifts, inner thigh work, adductor work, and weighted ab work.

This is my least favorite in the series so far, but I still think it's an excellent workout.

Instructor comments: See my other Slim Series reviews.

from Lissa
Well, I did "Shape It Up" last night and "Firm It Up" this morning. I definitely felt "Firm It Up" was tougher. Both were pretty tough. I can see these producing some nice results. I thought those deadlifts went too low. I didn't go as low. I didn't raise my elbows that high either on the upright rows. How far are you supposed to lift them? I just raise the weight up to my chest and my elbows go to about shoulder level. Is that correct?

I really liked Debbie. I thought she had a great personality.

I also like the countdown feature. I really like knowing how much time I've spent and how much I have to go. I didn't pay attention to it the whole time. Both workouts went by pretty quickly.

I didn't mind the breathing. It reminded me to breathe and kind of paced my breathing.

The little "notes" at the bottom were good and sometimes funny. It was a nice touch.

from aileenmichelle
Thanks for the welcome ya'll! I did Mix it Up yesterday--no time to preview, just popped that puppy in and went to town. Thanks to all that posted reviews/breakdowns for giving me a heads up! I was still sore from doing CAWT and Standing Legs this weekend, so I chose to use mostly 3's and be cautious throughout. I was blown away by how fast this workout moves; some of those reps are just crazy fast!!! I sweating like mad through the first half, but felt the intensity wane after that. Think I'll go with 5's next time to keep it going. Could also have something to do with my mom calling in the middle and talking my ear off for about 5 minutes before I convinced her to let me get back to my workout! All in all, I really enjoyed the workout, it was a nice mix of stuff as they said and was anything but boring. The music is very BLAH, but that's made up for by the pleasant set and Debbie's "hey be my workout buddy and let's work hard together but don't take it TOO seriously" vibe. I really like her personality. Convivial, that's the word I was looking for...she's very convivial. And I for one, love the little countdown timer for each set---it keeps me moving hard because I know that there's an end in sight!!! The beeping I could do without.
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How about a breakdown of the workouts?

from Leela

The workout is 78 minutes long.

There is a 5 minute warmup, with some fun moves. Squats, Half-squats, front kicks. Jogging in place, half-jacks, medium impact side-to-side lunges. You really feel nicely warmed by the end.

She starts with the 5lb dumbells and does:
(many many reps, at 1 rep per sec)
(Usually she changes cadence during the exercise to pulses and back)
(No rest breaks in the upper body blast)
Upright rows
Bent over rows
Standing chest press
Standing rotators
Standing w\'s (shoulder work)
Bent over raises (delt raises)
Bicep work
French press

Then you do ab and leg work (standing)
knee pulls on one side
Front punches
knee pulls on the other side
Lunges (elbow to the knee)
low lunges/knee raise (burns those quads)
lunges (elbow to the knee)
low lunges/knee raise (other side)

Cardio break :

For 60 secs, you do jogging in place, jacks (7), jogging, marching in place at the end for 15 seconds.

Back to weights.

Squats knee lift
Lunges (all on one foot). Then static lunges. Then switch legs.
Dead lifts
Plie squats - then at the low end of the movement.
Calf raises
Front/back kicks
Side kicks (looked roundhousey to me)
squat jumps

jog in place
jog in place
10 seconds marching in place

Back to weights

Front raise-pullbacks (shoulder)
Chest exercise - called chest pullups (palms facing up, arms nearly fully extended, raise up both arms together. Brutal)
lateral raises
bicep curls
hammer curls
angled out bicep curls
delt raises (rear)
squats, knees pressed together
alternating wide leg squat with knees together
deadlifts standing on one toe
deadlifts both feet on ground
plie squat work
calf work
burpees (squat thrusts)

fast run
jogging in place
jogging in place
fast run

Cable work:

(on one side)
one armed row
bicep curls
shoulder raises
shoulder work on the other side (late raise)
tricep work on original side
then you switch sides
Alternating side kicks
rear lunges
plie squats, lifting heels

run in place.

5 mins Abs (pretty traditional, crunches, oblique work, reverse, bicycles, full crunches)

Then 5 minutes of stretch

The set is attractive and well-lit, and the background exercisers did a fine job. The music is instrumental, but enjoyable and motivational.

Instructor comments: Debbie has a very warm and engaging personality. She speaks well, counts well, and has terrific form.

from Leela
FIRM it up

An hour long workout. All lower body. No weights, except you can use ankle weights for the chair work.

Equipment is: A chair, A mat (or carpeted room), Ankle wts (optional)

Active warmup (maybe 5 mins) - very similar to her others.

Then we get into squats, squats on toes, squats with knees together, wide legged squats, squats and knee ups, squats and roundhouse kicks, plie squats - you name it. LOTS of squats.

Then you get a chair, and do some ballet style inner thigh work, followed by slow and controlled side kicks.

After this, it's to the mat-cave, Batwoman, where you do leg work while on your back.

First move is the move that Joyce does in one of her vids, that I didn't feel. It's the inner thigh frog lift, I think... but I felt it here. She gave me the sufficient form pointers so that I was doing the right thing.

More inner thigh work - lying on the back - my inner thighs were hurting.

Then... interminable pelvic lifts.

I had no clue that pelvic lifts could be so torturous.. She does MANY different variations of these, and I had to take breaks. My bum was BURNING.

Finally, abs. Regular slow crunches, then faster crunches, then knees to the side crunches (obliques) supersetted with lying on side oblique lifts. Then reverse crunches, then legs up in the air, hands pointing at toes crunches. I think I got them all, but I could be addled

Joyce works my abs more, only because she does multiple giant sets. Repeat Debbie's ab sequence 3 times in a row, and you'd get a joyce-like ab workout.

I LOVE this workout.

from keilan00

I did Tone It Up last night and it's 59 minutes. Wonderful. I'm so sore from doing Tear It Up and Tone It Up back to back. There is a BRUTUAL lunge and squat sequence. Many movements are compound.

Tone It Up breakdown (tons of reps at a 1 sec pace):

Warm Up:
Arm raises w/ knee ups
Horizontal bicep curl/tricep extension w/ front kicks
Arm raises w/ knee ups
Horizontal bicep curl/tricep extension w/ front kicks
Running in place w/ bicep pumps
Half jacks

Lateral side reaches
Overhead side reaches
Across the body reachs w/ step touch

Speed skaters
Side lunge pulses
Speed skaters
Side lunge pulses
Reverse lunges
Reverse lunge into knee up
Reverse lunge into front kick
Reverse lunge presses
*repeat series on other leg*

Squat presses
Squat into rear kick back
Squat presses
Front into rear kick
*repeat series*

Side step w/ row
Squat w/ bent over row
One arm rear delt row
Bent over lat raises in increments
Full range lat raises
Upright rows
Bicep curls
Squat pulses w/ hammer curls
Front lateral raise into a pullback

Plie squats w/ one arm cross over
Plies squats with chest pull ups
Plies squats w/ chest press
Narrow squat w/ tricep kickbacks

Reverse lunge w/ front lateral raise
Reverse lunge into a kneeup w/ front lateral raise
Reverse lunge into a front kick w/ front lateral raise
Reverse lunge presses
Forward lunge w/ bicep curl
Stationary Lunge w/ lateral raise
*repeat series*

Front lateral raise into a side lateral raise into a rear delt pull back
Narrow squat w/ ďWĒ press
Narrow squat pulses

Chest flyes
Chest press
Tricep press
Tricep extension w/ pelvic tilt

Inner thigh work (leg separators??)
Side leg lifts
Side leg extensions
*repeat series*

Pushups 2 counts up / 2counts down

Weighted crunches
Curl w/ reach thru
Long lever lifts
Reverse crunch

Cool down
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Slim Series and Slim in 6 - what's the deal with these two?

parothdsue's question - I guess what I really want to know is are all 6 tapes really that different from eachother? Or are they different variations of the same type of thing? make any sense? LOL... Also, how similar are they to the original set? Thanks!

Dawn's answer -
I think the biggest difference in the Slim Series from the Slim in 6 set is the fact that you get a lot more strength training and much longer workouts. I've only tried Shape it Up so far and I'm sore today from the upper body weight segments. I have Keep it Up and Burn it Up from the original series and those are more aerobic than the new series, from what I understand. I plan on doing Tone it Up and Mix it Up this week so I can let you know more about those later on this week. From what I've read I think you get more variety in each workout with the Slim Series than you do with Slim in 6. I think if you're looking to lose weight and really tone up then you might want to try getting one or more of the Slim Series workouts. Firm it Up is all lower body toning and Cool it Off if all stretching, but the others combine upper and lower body strength training and I know a couple of them incorporate light cardio. Hope all that makes sense.

Leela's answer-
Slim in 6: This is an expensive proposition. In the end, the real tape of value is "Burn it up". You do "Start it up" week 1, and then "Ramp it up" week 2 & 3... and finally, end up doing "Burn it up" for the rest of the program. You can lower the intensity for Burn it up, and turn it into Ramp it up/Start it up.

They sell these individually, so if I were going to do it, I'd just buy Burn it up.

The slim series is an excellent deal. You get 6 really good videos that are not the same videos :-) many have done the slim series without doing slim in 6 - and slim series is more intense than slim in 6. But you can always lower it's intensity by skipping reps, taking a rest break, etc.
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Slim Series vs. anything else

kittybug's question - Can anyone do a comparison of the intensity of the Slim Series vs. anything from Cathe? I am really interested in these new workouts but don't want to sacrifice what I've gained in endurance (muscular and cardiovascular) doing Cathe.


Leela's answer - The slim series reminds me of the firm (m)
And also of Joyce Vedral.

The weight work is non stop - and you do lots of reps (so you use a lighter weight). Sometimes she uses compound moves, other times, not... but giant sets are frequently used. Yeeouch.

Cathe - well - she has a variety of styles - but mostly doesn't mix cardio into her strength (except for the intensity series).

Which would I buy? Well - I have both - but at this point, I am using the slim series, because I:

a) want to see what I'll look like in 4 weeks after sticking with this rotation

b) like the idea that I can workout upstairs - the cardio bursts aren't long, and aren't terribly hard on my knees, so I don't need my special cardio floor that my husband built - AND - her tapes don't require heavy weights - 3-5-8 is all I need, and mostly - I'm in the 3s (high reps).

Debbie, like Cathe is very friendly and motivating.

FWIW, after my recovery week (yoga, pilates, etc), I plan on jumping into an intensity series rotation for 4-6 wks.
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Does the slim series use a step??

Martha Edington's answer - One of the things I love about the Slim Series is the minimal equipment required--dumbbells (and not many sets), tubing (or you can substitute dumbbells if you like, although they don't show that), and occasionally a chair.
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How long are the DVDs?

aileenmichelle's answer - If I'm remembering correctly, Tear it Up and Shape it Up are both 78 minutes or so, the other 4 videos clock in at just under an hour (around 55 minutes).
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How is the chaptering on the DVDs?

aileenmichelle's answer - The DVDs are not chaptered per se, although there was a thread saying that it was easy to skip from section to section using the fast forward on your remote. I haven't used all my DVDs since I just got them the other day, but it seems like these are structured to best be used all in one shot for best results. Obviously that can be an issue if you are time constrained.
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