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Old 02-04-02, 09:56 PM  
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Smile Just found this article on YJ website

There is an article about inverted poses during menstruation on the Yoga Journal website.

"From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." - Dr. Seuss
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Old 02-05-02, 09:48 AM  
Linda B
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This came up just yesterday for me. I had just 3 hours to exercise (little one at pre-school) and that seemes to be my peak flow. I was a bit crampy, but more just wiped. For some stupid reason I decided to do MBS. As the tape went on, I felt worse and worse- and I only made it 12 minutes into the tape. Finally, I took a break, went downstairs and had a short, but necessary potty break.

When I went back upstairs to exercise again I took out Millennium Stretch. Now, that was perfect- that short tai chi session was gentle but moving, my crampiness disappeared entirely, and my energy came back and my mood lifted. The yoga stretches relieved a lot of that "time of the month" tightness. It was the perfect workout at that time. I need to keep it mind for that, as I rarely use it at all. But, it made me feel sooooo good.

Now, that workout isn't exactly yoga (or exactly tai chi), and has no inversions whatsoever. But, in my case it was exactly perfect for "that time". And, made the worst of it much more pleasant, I might add.

So, for me a definite yes to yoga at that time. Not sure on the inversions- I did them once, and they definitely changed my normal flow pattern, but I still have yet to be convinced that is bad. So, in my mind, they may be right- there certainly is an effect. Still, I don't do many inversions anyway, so I can't really say much more.
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Old 04-27-04, 03:25 PM  
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Yoga During Period

Hi. I Just Wanted To Add To The Others. I Read Something Else Recently About Yoga And Menstruation. The Article Talked About Zinc, And The Criticle Flow Of It During Menstruation- And That Yoga Tnded To Change The Balance Of Zinc In The Body. I Am Sorry I Can't Relate What I Read Better- Or Remember Where I Found The Article, But It Talked A Lot About Blood Flow And Zinc.
Also, Fyi- Yoga For Inflexible People Has 2 Workouts On It For Menstruation. They Are Mostly Relaxing Type Poses- But, Man, Do They Feel Good! Lol
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faq, menstruation, yoga

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