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Old 07-29-03, 06:44 PM  
Loretta S.
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I know some people have mentioned the music, but I find it fairly unobtrusive. It doesn't bother or motivate me, it's just there, barely noticeable.
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Old 08-02-03, 07:15 AM  
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Hi everyone,

The moderators have merged the "Everything Slim Series" and "Mother of All Slim Series Threads" so that all of this great information is available in one place.

To those who have asked that the thread be stickied, as a general rule we do not sticky threads that deal with specific workouts. As a consumer site, it is important that VF maintain its objectivity and not favor one workout or series over another.

With regard to searching, the most effective way is to use the search key that is to the left of the logout key. That will take you to the advanced search page. You can type Slim Series in the keywords, and then choose the "search titles only" option to streamline the search results you receive.

Hope that helps! Enjoy!

VF Moderator
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Old 02-06-04, 05:25 PM  
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slim in 6 or slim series?

Thanks to everybody that has posted on the Slim Series! I have decided to buy the DVDs. Does anybody have a recommendation on which series 'The Slim Series" or 'Slim in 6' would be better for an advanced exerciser? I've read the reviews on this website as well as descriptions but it was not clear to me the differences in the series.

I am a diehard Cathe fan but I'm looking for alternatives (especially since she is only releasing one advanced tape this time). Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Old 08-15-04, 10:25 PM  
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Slim Series or Sllim in 6?

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice dealing with the Slim series and the Slim in 6 videos. I am not looking to lose very much weight, all I want is to have a tone body. I have heard that the Slim series are not as easy as the Slim in 6 videos, but still for beginners. Is this true? Would the Slim series be a better buy?
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Old 09-07-04, 05:15 PM  
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debbie siebe, everything, faq, slim series

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