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Old 11-30-03, 10:26 AM  
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thank you for compiling and organizing this wealth of information. I really appreciate it. I am an Exercise Log diehard - have been using it since I started working out, pretty much.

Another thing that I do to supplement my workout log (which really doesn't have enough room for me to write down ALL the weights I use for each segment of a Cathe workout) is, I keep a file of index cards, with sections designated for every Cathe strength or circuit workout (Power Hour, Muscle Enduance, Slow + Heavy legs and shoulders, etc.). On the index cards, I write every single segment of the given strength workout, and then fill in what weights I used that day, next to the segment. I date the card (also I write whether it was an a.m. or p.m. workout, since I am 'a.m. exerciser in-training' ) and I keep the cards in their proper section. I always look at my last weight useage from the last workout to clue me in as to which weights to use. As well, there is plenty of room for notes on the cards ('go heavier next time, etc.'). It works out great and is still as neat and orderly a system as my exercise log.

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Old 03-23-04, 11:09 AM  
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I use a personal journal over at

They are free and the site has lots of great information.

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