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Old 05-29-02, 11:23 AM  
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DVD Update 5/29/02.....

Hello all,
I saw the link to this thread I started awhile ago, and was inspired to give you all an update on my new DVD purchases and impressions! I still need to chapter them all for you guys, but I'll have to do that later as I'm at work right now. Let's see if I can remember everything I bought...the grades are for chaptering, not for the actual workouts.

10 Minute Solution - chaptered for the sections (5 of them), allows you to program them in whatever order you want. A

KV Cardio Strength/BLT - chaptered for each individual workout as well as for separate section (and there are many of them) I give it an A (no A+ only because you cannot program sections to play in an order of your choosing)

Firm Super Cardio Mix - chaptered for each section of cardio, chaptered/broken down very well; allows programming A+

Firm Upper Body Split - chaptered for each segment as Super Cardio, but no programming feature (only an A, boo hoo)

Firm Lower Body Split - ditto

Voight Total Body Pilates - chapters both complete workouts separately, no chaptering of segments. C-
(but the workout gets A+)

Yoga Zone Sculpting - two 20 minute routines, chaptered into 9 segments. Well chaptered A

Kathy Smith Kickboxing - Chaptered kind of weird. It's broken up and gives you alot to work with, however it's a little haphazard. Oh, well, they're still learning. A for effort, B for chaptering

Crunch Yoga - Excellent! They chapter every segment in each workout. A+

Dummies Pilates - Excellent. Chaptered for every pose. 2 sections, beginner and intermediate. You can turn off the tunes as well. A

Dummies Yoga - ditto-even the 2 workouts. But on this one the int. workout is a sun salutation and it plays all together if I am not mistaken. A

Leslie Sansone WAP 3 mile - no chapters except the actual workout, F (workout A!!!!!!!)

I don't think I am missing anything, but if I am, I will edit this post!

OOOh...last but not least, I just ordered Cathe's PS DVD and MIS/Power Hour DVD...A+++++++++++++++!
(I don't need the DVD's to see that those are well-chaptered! I have!)

Hope to hear some more of yours!!


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Old 05-29-02, 12:06 PM  
Loretta S.
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The Living Art Yoga for Weightloss DVD is an excellent yoga session and has excellent chaptering. In addition to the chaptering, you have many options for modifications. There are four exercisers (including the instructor) showing the workout at four different levels of modification and you can choose several views. For example you can choose to view the workout showing all four exercisers or your can show the workout just showing the exerciser who is doing the one level that you choose. It is chaptered for several different segments of the workout. I would consider this one to be state of the art and wish that other DVD's were done this well.
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Old 05-22-03, 12:25 PM  
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Thumbs up

Pilates for Dummies is very well-chaptered.
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