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Arrow Just The Workouts ~NOVEMBER, 2020~ *Everyone Welcome!*

November, 2020

This month: Perfect 30/Yvette Fit/IDT Yoga & others/Daily Meditation/Cleaner Eating. I think I hit it all? Also, TONS & TONS of YARD WORK!!!

1 - Meditation; Perfect Pump Upper Body; PP UB Bonus; Yvette Fit 30 Min. Low Impact Step; PP Extended Stretch Ugh, going to try this the dreaded internal 500 error. LOVED PP Upper and I can see me using this one a lot to get in/get out. Matched Cathe's weights on most but room to grow too. Loved the pace of the reps, just wish she'd give a little more prep time. LOVED the Incline Clutch Press and next time I'll try 20's or 25's. I don't like using bands with weights, so I used a heavier weight for those. I'm wondering how often I'll use the 4 min. UB Bonus, since I changed up the upright rows with pull-downs, and used weights for all with no tubing. My tubing won't allow for overhead shoulder work....[maybe I need to consider a new Cathe equipment purchase of lighter resistance bands?] Yvette's class was a very basic step workout with 1 riser but we're talking Yvette here, so it was NOT all low impact! Her backgrounder may have been new to step(?) and did a great job, but I was thinking maybe she'd show the low impact option but that was not the case. It was perfect for me wanting to get a little more calorie burn with some steady state cardio, but it's also really easy to take up the intensity with higher impact moves and I did that frequently. Yay, I noticed Yvette added the times of the workouts to the titles of each workout...she must've been reading our check-in, haha! 437 calorie burn
2 - Meditation (after yoga today); IDT Work In & Work Out: Day 7 Power Yoga Classic (Travis-62 min.); 1 mile walk (had to make it quick as dad was picking up baby soon) A classic class, indeed! Loved it and it just sailed by. Forty-five minutes of warm up series and a fantastic flow, then some mat stretches w/ boat, spinal twists, and thread-the-needle. Fabulous!!!! I didn't have time to fit in a meditation my usual time...I had 101 things to do before the baby got here! May go for a stroll later (if she'd ever wake up - going on 3.5 hours now!!!)... ETA: I had to wake her up after 4 hours...mama's orders.
3 - Meditation (20 min.- found one I truly loved); Perfect Pump Lower Body; PP LB Bonus (w/ ankle weights, no vest); Core, Extended Stretch; Caroline Girvan 15 min. Lower Body Kettlebell Workout TOTALLY LOVED Cathe's LB workout!! I dug out my weighted vest (and took out some poundage to make it 12#) and that meant that either I matched Cathe or went quite heavier on a few. So happy I used my vest as it wasn't a dread factor with just 12# on it! And since this is the time of year when my hands start feeling compromised with my arthritis flare-ups, the vest was a god-send so I don't have to hold such heavy weights. Although I was very sweaty when done, it wasn't unbearable since I had 2 fans blowing on me, LOL. LOVE the Cossack Squats and was thrilled to see them again in Caroline's workout! I even omitted the KB swings at end of hers to do more Cossack Squats! :0) I can't believe how FAST Cathe's workout went by ... it was zip in/zip out and she gave quite a bit more prep time in this one. Added on the LB Bonus & core which was a nice little finisher. Core was ok...nothing special there. Thought I could do more, so I added on Caroline's 15 min. "finisher" (w/o vest) which was perfect too, although I used a 30# or 20# DB instead of a KB except for the swings. The PP Extended Stretch was really good so will use that a lot too. Loved Cathe/crew outfits, background, and the music doesn't annoy me so I'm thrilled with this series so far! 500+ calorie burn (can't remember exactly). ETA: Mow Max/Yard Work - 2.25 hours Beautiful weather this week!
4 - Meditation; Perfect HiiT (Low Impact); (Pyramid HiiT Bonus); Heather Robertson No Jumping HiiT w/ DB's (29 min. sans w/u & used 5# DB's); Michelle's Yin Yoga -listening to Heather's music I have to say I was pretty surprised how much I enjoyed these HIIT workouts! Low Impact was super fun with some new moves - yay Cathe! Loved the Heisman Rock & Run, agility moves (which I normally don't like), star jacks, etc. The only move I didn't like were the Wind Sprints - which is basically running up, touch down, and running back and did tuck jumps on the rebounder. This w/o is really easy to start the sets early which I did most of the time until Cathe introduced a new move as there was quite a bit of down time. The Pyramid Bonus was good too! I just used my topper for the box jumps...I put it back on my risers for the rest. I'm glad to have another Pyramid type HiiT workout in my collection! All these just sailed by, so I had time for HR's workout too. This is a fun one and I appreciated the no jumping but I was still sucking wind! The format is :45/:15 with 3 circuits each repeated once. I think I like her no repeat workouts more so, as this one did seem a bit repetitive, but the music is fab in this and I played it again when I did Michelle's stretch which was really a great idea: when the beep sounded, I knew to switch positions after holding each stretch for :45!! Great workout today - 552 calorie burn
5 - Meditation; IDT Living The Good Life (Travis - 64 min.) This is definitely one of the BEST classes on the site, IMO, and it's even on YT, FYI. Jammed packed with a dynamic flow complete with fantastic balance challenges with great words of wisdom of the 7 steps on "Living the Good Life" throughout the class. Travis even does a little chant at the end of Shavasana. ;0) This class reminded me a lot of a Level Up class with challenging poses that flow in a great sequence with music playing in the background and I enjoyed Travis' witty remarks throughout. This is exactly what I needed today - feeling really DOMS-y from the workouts this week.
6 - Meditation; Yvette Fit 60 Min. Cardio, Kickboxing, BOSU, Core Workout; Michelle's Yin Yoga done to Heather's music Yay! So glad to see this workout made it to the new site!! It is sooo fun that works your whole body but is such a LEG FRYER with the kicks, BOSU, ankle weight conditioning, FW band segment, etc.! One of my favorites!!
7 - Meditation; 2.06 mile walk; 1.75 hours yard work It seemed like a whole ****load of leaves just fell from the sky the past 2 days, LOL!! It's probably due to the warm, dry goes so quick with my blower though!
8 - Meditation; Power Yoga for Happiness: Strong, Free & Happy (53 min.); 1.5 hours of more yard work I hadn't done any of Eoin's classes for a few years but Travis just has me so spoiled that I didn't even really enjoy it. :/ Today DH was available to help with the leaves, but it seemed it was for naught. When we were done, it looked like we hadn't touched the yard, as the wind was blowing them down faster than we could rake/blow! Oh well....I'm done today!!

9 - Meditation; 2 hours yard work raking/blowing; IDT Flexibility & Beyond (Short & Sweet 30 min.); IDT Sleep Well (Dreamy - 15 min. FF'g in places) Got out early and got all the leaves out to the curb before the big truck came and sucked them up--although tons more fell during that time! :/ Later after I cleaned my house and some laundry, all I wanted to do was lay on my mat after 3 straight days of yard work. So these classes were nice...S&S was really welcomed and Travis only held the poses for 2 min. Lots of nice relaxing poses with relaxing music all done on the mat. My kind of Yin! I didn't realize Travis has a 7 yr old son...he talks about him during this class; must be from a previous marriage? Since I was in such a tranquil disposition after that, I thought I'd see what a SW class entailed and these poses are held longer with little talk from Travis. I think these would be good to make you feel really relaxed but just is hard for me to carve out time right before bed.
10- Meditation; 1 mile walk (trying to get baby to sleep); 1.25 hours yard work/raking/blowing; Heather Robertson Standing Abs Workout; Michelle's Yin Yoga And here I thought I was getting out of raking since I had the baby! :/ Took advantage while she slept and got the front yard done. Hope to do a workout yet....well, I didn't feel like anything strenuous and didn't want to get started and then having to stop if she woke up. Heather's and Michelle's were a perfect fit.
11- Meditation; KCM 30 MTF Sculpting Rx (Workout 2 w/ 5's & 8's); KCM 30 MTF Strength & Stamina (Bonus Step; Express Workout 1); extra stretch; 50 min. yard work @ parents picking up leaves My hands are really feeling achey due to my arthritis flare-up (brought on by the raking/blowing), so no heavy weights for awhile. Love SRx workout 2 and was perfect with its' light weights. S&S Bonus Step is SO FUN!! Groovin' to some Turbo Jam tunes, I was! Then S&S weight workout 1 was very good - my heaviest weights were 12's. Great combo today!//Happy Veteran's Day! to all who serve/served!! My parents took advantage of a free breakfast for veterans that was HUGE -- they got 2 meals out of it!! All they had to do was drive up to the grocery store and they brought it out to them. Later I took them back to the store and my mom took advantage of 15% off everything in the store for all veterans. Score! I think they did all right today! It's the little things...:0)
12- Meditation; Yvette Fit 60 min. Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing; 2.25 hours of Mow Max/Yard Work This class was one of Yvette's easier (and we're talking EASIER!) steady state low impact k/b class that had very little jumping and was really a super core burner throughout the whole thing. It didn't take a lot of energy so thankfully I was left with extra to go out and do more yard work! The 2nd half of this workout I liked better as it included more kicks and combos...the first half got a little tedious for me and I had time to focus on the backgrounders' less than perfect form (or maybe that was in the second half?) But I LOVED her IT-band focused LONG stretch at the was really long for Yvette but she still didn't hold the poses long enough for my tastes. ;0) I saw where you did this one too, Jane and I said hi!
13- Meditation; X-10 (w/u), KCM Super Sculpt (Workout 3 - w/ Step Ups-Special Premix=36 min.); KCM Box Fit (3 Box Combos w/ Legs Premix=35 min.; extra stretch; Later: 45 min. yard work (just blowing leaves that dropped since yesterday); 11 Min. Yoga Quickie-Hands, Fingers & Wrists (Adriene) I need an add'l w/u for SS to feel totally warmed up, as Kelly starts in on with the FW band right out of the gate; but I really enjoy the FW band segment! I used 10's & 3's and 2 risers and it seemed to flow better this time (I knew I would keep going in sports since she doesn't cue as to having 1 or 2 more reps left). ;0) The Box Fit premix was good although I just don't think her combos flow very well. I did like including the legs and used my vest for the heavy weights (used 1 30# and 12's#. It's less painful to hold 1 30 than 2 15's). Great combo today although I'm not sure I like BF that much...maybe I need to try different premixes? Really feeling my core from yesterday and today's workout (typing this late afternoon).//It felt so nice today to go shopping (@Kohl's/TJ Maxx & some ME time)....I had $48 Kohl's cash to use and some TJ rewards to spend...even got some Christmas shopping done too.
14- IDT Flexibility & Beyond (Foundations - 45 min., which also served as my Meditation) Each pose is held around 5 min...thankfully, my kitty wanted some lovin' while on the mat so I could do something besides listen and lay there, LOL.
15- Meditation; Yvette Fit 60 min. BOSU/Bodyweight Cardio BURN; stretch TOUGH STUFF! Great balance challenges using the BOSU - loved the creative moves! The 3 little bounces/hold on the BOSU was so hard for me, as well as the jumping up on it with two feet...still don't trust that my knees will like that. ;0) If you LOVE Burpees, then this is the class for you!! But once you get to the 30-35 min. mark, you made it to the easier recovery moves and thankfully, very few burpees left in the last segment but still not easy for sure. This was the hardest one on her new site that I've done so far. Very FUN!

16- Meditation; 2.5 hours of yard work; Cathe's P30 Perfect Pump (Upper Body - AKA The Sweaty Knees Workout :0)) Today was chilly but great since there was little wind to do the yard (actually, I also did both next door neighbor's front yards too, yes, a new toy, and look what happens)! Realistically, I had an ulterior motive: not wanting their leaves blowing back in MY yard, LOL. Hey, it works for everybody. Ran errands than came home and talked myself into Cathe's UB, no dread factor when it's only 30 minutes and was "perfect" since my arms were fatigued from the blowing/raking. :0) Really enjoyed this workout today! I went a bit lighter but matched Cathe on some body parts since there are so few reps. It seemed easier to grab the right weights today than the first time and didn't seem so rushed. So glad to have this in my collection on days like this...when my arms/hands are compromised but want to do something. Side note: My new red band worked good was a bit lighter than the green one but since I was dialing it down and I wanted to try it out, I'm glad I got it now.
17- Meditation; Rest day
18 - Meditation; Heather Robertson Low Impact/Total Body HiiT Workout & Weights (No jumping); YT Bob & Brad (Hand & Finger exercises - 2 x) I really liked Heather's workout - format is 2 circuits with :45/:15 x 2 rounds each. I used 8#'s for all...for the Shadow Box punches at that fast pace, I did upper cuts to the shoulder. I didn't think this one seemed repetitive since there are so many different exercises.
19 - Meditation; 65 min. yard work (while baby slept); 2.57 mile walk pushing stroller Wow, it was WINDY!! I could hardly push the stroller facing the wind (which makes me scratch my head as to why I bothered with the leaves at all today!) ;0)
20- Meditation; 2 hours yard work Lot better wind-wise today....raked up/picked up the hundreds of pokey-balls and got 'er all mowed up (and ran mower out of gas, so that means I'M DONE?!?!?!)
21- Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Cathe Live Metabolic Boot Camp Live #263 (45 min.); Cathe's Lower Body Blast (Floor work; Single Leg Conditioning Drills; Stretch) From my notes, I needed an extra w/u (her Live w/u is all stretches(?)), and this one is so fun and flys by! Five circuits of mostly weighted compound exercises w/ very little (maybe one?) cardio exercise that still provide that cardio effect and a few core exercises at the end to get in/out. These are my favorite type of Live workouts!!! Added on Cathe's floor work/cond'g drills which was a nice little leg finisher. Now I need to figure out which Live D/L's I NEED to buy and which Lives I WANT to buy, LOL!
22- Meditation; Yvette Fit 60 Min. Cardio W/ Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps Circuits; IDT Feel The Joy (Lauren- 30 min.) This class is a new format for Yvette - 1 min. of step cardio/1 min. of weights/:30 of core work that sometimes uses the stability ball. So kind of like a Boot Camp HiiT workout - LOVED THIS!! The core work & weight work gave you some recovery time from the cardio. Very few burpees in this - and not until around the 45 min. mark. Shoulders, bi's, tri's are worked (really!) well and even a chest press in there too; jump rope is listed but she didn't use it. Really a fun one!! Lauren's class was a nice, gentle flow with a few balance challenges. It felt great after Yvette's class.

23- Meditation; YT Bob & Brad Hand & Finger Exercises; Cathe's Perfect 30 Perfect Pump (Lower Body/LB Bonus--using ankle weights/green band); ICE MM (Chest/Back--2 rounds each); PP Extended Stretch FANTASTIC workout today!! I used my 12# vest again and love how this really adds on the weight used for each exercise. My hands were feeling pretty good this morning, so I lifted heavier than last time. For fun, I tallied the difference what Cathe uses and what I used with my vest for each exercise....get this, I added on 228# extra!!!!!! Whaaa?? Using the vest REALLY ups the poundages...esp on the calf raises where I used 60# (+ vest; Cathe uses 50#), that's 22 x 3 extra pounds right there with the 3 rounds, plus there were a couple unweighted exercises where I had my vest! That really puts everything in perspective how much poundage you could add when wearing a measly 12# vest!!! I added on ICE MM's (no vest and skipping D/L's since I did enough of those in PP) finishing the rest of UB from yesterday...but I could only eek out 2 rounds, as my arms were toast by then!! I think this may be my favorite Cathe LB DVD ever, since the exercises all agree with my knees (#1!), good length, good pace, music doesn't annoy, participants do not annoy, and using my vest I can really go heavier when my hands allow, LOL. LOVE! 403 cal burn today...FEELING STRONG!!
24- Meditation; Heather Robertson Intense Low Impact HiiT/Total Body-No Jumping (40 min.); IDT Power Hit Yoga (Brittany 20 min.) Heather's w/o was a sweaty one but probably not a favorite...there is a lot of repetition (didn't preview) and wasn't fond of some of the exercises but appreciated that there was no jumping. Jeesh, she loves those bear kick backs! LOL, there was more jumping in Brittany's class with the bunny hops! I liked her class for a quick flow when short on time.
25- IDT Meditation; Yvette Fit 40 Min. High Intensity Kettlebell Workout; P30 Extended Stretch This one is appropriately named and oh, SO S-W-E-A-T-Y!!!! A fun, shorter workout that really packs a punch in 40 min.!! All bodyweight cardio moves with the 2 riser step vertically until the last 10 min. where she does 15# KB strength work with a few cardio k/b moves. Very FUN!! Great to see Theo (Y's brother) again! 346 cal burn
26- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! So very thankful for all my blessings despite the unfortunate circumstances....
IDT Meditation (Level Up -Gratitude); Les Mills Body Combat #80 Intense w/ gloves; Cathe's Perfect 30 High Intensity HiiT; stretch Ha, like Jane, I rewarded myself to some new subscriptions/D/L's for Black Friday. Why not? What else do we have to look forward to?? ;0) Anyway, LM sure has changed since I put my subscription on hold!! Some of the workouts are filmed outdoors now with beautiful mountainous surroundings, like this one. On a platform surrounded by water, and sometimes with voice-over, the camera pans all around the instructors sometimes changing backgrounds. Very different than the dark, stage-like classes, but probably just the Body Combat ones can be filmed outdoors since they don't include any equipment. This class was fun with powerful moves with the fun music and was so nice to work out with Dan & Rach again! <3 I got the 3 months for 20% off deal. Thought I'd do Cathe's HiiT's ok, but once again, this proves my preference of Cathe's weight & metabolic workouts. I think why I don't take to this one so much is b/c I don't really find it very fun. I'd much rather do a Heather or Yvette HiiT workout! So another BF deal I took advantage of is buying 10 Live D/L's. The way I look at it, I have these workouts to keep $$ worth spent. Of course, most of them are metabolic!! ;0) Hope everyone has a great day celebrated with family members (or without). Just my DS will be celebrating with us, as DD/SIL are going to his side of the family. What's really different is that I have to cook the whole meal instead of just taking a side, LOLOLOL!
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Tammie M
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1 - Tracie Long TLT Better Burn ... Better Buns
2 - Gilad Quick Fit: Cardio Blast + Classical Stretch Season 8: 827
3 - Margaret Richard Good for You: Sessions 1&2
8 - Chalene Johnson PiYo: Drench + Maureen Solomon The Athletic Yoga Workout - Core Workout & Stretch with the T-roller
9 - Jen Carmen TLT Strength in Movement
10 - Jessica Smith WS2: Burn Fat & Have Fun - Walk 1 + Classical Stretch Season 8: 805
11 - Margaret Richard Good for You: Sessions 3&4
12 - Jessica Smith WS2: Burn Fat & Have Fun - Walk 2 + Classical Stretch Season 8: 813
16 - Susan Harris TLT Finding Your Core
17 - Jessica Smith WS2: Burn Fat & Have Fun - Walk 3 + Classical Stretch Season 8: 820
19 - Tracie Long TLT Endurance for Movement
22 - Margaret Richard Forty & Fabulous + Exhale Core Fusion 30 Day Sculpt: Week 3, Day7
23 - Cathe Step Heat
24 - The Firm Maximum Body Sculpting
25 - Michelle Dozois Break-thru Cardio Dance
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All about that CORE...

november 2020...

1. PERFECT30: Pump LOWER Body + VHSunday!!!: WINSOR PILATES: 20 Minute Workout. Loved Pump Lower Body. It was over before I knew it. Loved the rep speed. Loved all the exercises. My heaviest weight is a 30# kettlebell so used that when Cathe pulled out the 40# weight. Love that Jaiís top is my favorite color and was kind of digging Catheís shoes and pants. I will also be focusing on my powerhouse this month so killed 2 birds this morning with my VHSunday workout and the person that loves saying powerhouse, Mari Winsor. I would eventually like to revisit all the WINSOR Pilates workouts. Definitely felt a little more stretched out by the time I was done even though it felt hard due to my lack of core strength and flexibility. So a short core/ab routine every other day this month. P.M. Yvw: RIO. Spent time setting my office up in the basement. This is probably the only way Iím going to tackle the unfinished section of my basement. Itís a mess. The plan is to work on it a little during my two 15 minute breaks and 1 hour after my work day ends. In the basement, no excuse. When the basement is done, will move to my loft area.
2. PERFECT30: Pump UPPER Body + ZUMBA EXHILARATE: Rush. Loved Upper Body too. At the end wondered why Catheís knees look sweaty. . I noticed that on the DVD cover as well. Maybe itís that the pants are dyed that way, who knows, lol. Great workout, love the new exercises, loved that she got in and out. Perfect. Even the short stretch was perfect (donít need a long stretch for upper body).
3. rest day...
4. PERFECT30: High Impact Hiit + CORE: Kick, Punch & Crunch Abs, 6:33 + Yv2: Sweat Sensation. Still enjoying High Impact Hiit. Making progress on my basement project. DD helped by whole punching all my workout logs/rotations and putting them in a binder. Good to organize some of my printouts.
5. XTRAIN: Burn Sets: Biceps & Triceps (1 set, 17 mins) + TAE BO: Cardio + LESLIE: Walk Blaster Light Walk + CORE: CORE DE FORCE - 5 Minute Core on the Floor.
6. CATHE LIVE: Love Me Some Kickbox + Yv2: WISI. Last year I put one of my Christmas trees up on November 11th because it snowed that day. No snow yet, but Iíím thinking about putting my tree up soon. I love working away from my dining room table. I even like being in the basement except for the number of times Iím up and down the stairs. Going through the items (crap) in my basement is going to be a long tedious process but I feel good about the progress made this week.
7. CATHE LIVE: Metabolic Meltdown + QI QONG: 30 Day Challenge - Day 1. The perfect amount of core work in Metabolic Meltdown. Also, I think I may end up digging Qi QONG.
8. Yv2: Rock It Out! + RWH: Lift It Hiit It: Biceps & Triceps (1 set + finisher) + VHSunday: SLIM IN 6: Slim & Limber. P.M. QI GONG: Day 2

9. PERFECT 30: Pump Lower Body + ZUMBA: Rush + CORE DE FORCE: 5 Minute Core on the Floor + QI GONG: Day 3. Pump Lower Body is still a winner. Loved the elevated lunges/jumps & squat/cross back & Cossock lunges (sp). Burned like crazy. My legs felt like lead during Rush and then I was sweating even more with the core work. Rounded it off with Lee. Surprising how much Iím digging Qi Gong. Beautiful scenery too!
10. PERFECT 30: Low Impact Hiit + Yv2: Sweat Sensation + QI GONG: Day 4! Still loving Low Impact Hiit. Love that there is no jumping but still intense and that Cathe doesnít rep us to death before moving on. I sweat like crazy. Love the energy. I donít know what I think of Qi Gong yet other than I like it. Feels meditative and it slows my mind down.
11. SALUTE to all the Veterans!!! CATHE LIVE: Cardio Boxing Metabolic Conditioning + QI GONG: Day 5. Cardio Boxing has a little ab work at the end. Perfect. P.M. Yv2: WISI
12. PERFECT 30: Pump Upper Body + Yv2: RIO + QI GONG: Day 6. Pump UB is a sweat generator. Cathe definitely has sweaty knees and I think I figured out how most of it got there. During the cool down stretch, sitting on the step, legs out, reaching down to grab your toes. Iím sure her shirt was soaked and then reaching down sweat rolled off her face too. Lol. Also, how do they manage to keep their weights lined up so neatly? My weights start that way but Cathe keeps it moving so Iím scrambling to keep up. The key to using the weight sheets is to fill in your weights before you start the workout because there is no time to record as you go along.
13. ZUMBA EXHILARATE: Activate + Rush + LIS: Athletic Training Core, 5mins + QI GONG: Day 7
P.M. Yv2: MYB
14. CATHE LIVE: Metabolic Mish Mosh + QI GONG: DAY 8. Forgotten how much I enjoyed MMM, and core work is done.. Yeah! Feeling stronger already. Since Iím WFH in my basement now, Iíve been getting 15+ floors each day. A strong core is good for going up and down those stairs with good form. Noon: Yv2: SS. P.M. Yv2: MYB. COVID 15: down 14#ís.
15. VHSunday: CHRISTI TAYLORíS CIA 9801 Hi/Lo + PERFECT 30: Perfect Flow Mobility Basics + QI GONG: DAY 9. Great to revisit Christi. Lots to take in and in some places I was all over the place. Just went with it, wasnít willing to rewind but I do plan to do this again soon. These throwback hi/lo workouts are so great. Too bad not many instructors do these type workouts any more. I enjoyed Mobility Basics as well. Still enjoying Qi Qong. Surprised to see that I was down another 2 #ís this morning. P.M. Yv2: RIO

16. Recovery day... QI GONG: Day 10
17. TAE BO AMPED: Jump Start Cardio + XTRAIN: Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps, (1 set, 13 mins) + Yv2: WISI + QI GONG: Day 11. Lots of standing core work in JSC. I keep typing QI QONG instead of QI GONG. I think I fixed my errors. !
18. CATHE: Lean Legs & Abs (w/u, Chair/firewalker, bonus barre & CORE, stretch) + ZUMBA COUNTRY: Crazy Country + QI GONG: Day 12. Country music aside Zumba Country is really good. Way better than Country Heat. All signature Zumba moves done while the cast is dressed in stereotypical country garb. Cass leads and also recognized Nick from Zumba 20 Minute workout. Cass did a great job with choreography. The only song I recognized was Cotton Eye Joe. Also, Qi Gong gets better each day! Still loving it! The core work in Lean Legs about did me in.
19. PERFECT 30: Low Impact Hiit + ZUMBA COUNTRY: Burn It Up + QI GONG - Day 13. The endorphins are flowing this morning!
20. PERFECT 30: Pump Upper Body + ZUMBA: 20 Minute Express + ZUMBA: Betoís Ab-Stravaganza + QI QONG: Day 14. Betoís abs is only 13 minutes, a very challenging 13 minutes... Also The Curious Case of Catheís Knees continue. New conclusion, the first time I really noticed Catheís knees is when she removed the step topper to do tricep pushups, so now Iím wondering if she spilled water and was kneeling in water? Her knees are too wet to be just sweat. Lol.
P.M. Yv2: Sweat Sensation
21. PERFECT 30: High Impact HiiT + ZUMBA COUNTRY: Crazy Country + QI GONG: Day 15. P.M. Yv2: RIO + Yv2: MYB.
22. CATHE LIVE: Metabolic Bootcamp + VHSunday!!! - TAE BO: Basics + QI GONG: Day 16. Today was a scheduled metabolic day, saw that AMD did this one yesterday so decided to copy her. Also first time doing this and I started sweating right out of the gate. Glad that it is more intermediate and loved that it included core. Also wanted an easy VHS workout today so Tae Bo Basics fit nicely. P.M. Yv2: SS

23. CATHE LIVE: Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing + CORE DE FORCE: 5 Minute Core On The Floor + QI GONG: Day 17 P.M. Yv2: WISI, 15mins
24. Yv2: WISI, 12 mins + P30: Perfect Pump Upper Body aka Them Knees + ZUMBA EXHILARATE: Rush + Qi Gong: Day 18. P.M. Yv2: RIO
25. recovery day.... QI GONG: Day 19
26. BBL: Bum Bum + ZUMBA COUNTRY: Burn It Up + QI GONG: DAY 20. Bum Bum got the blood pumping - love it!
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November 2020

1. Penny Barnshaw Tabata Kettlebell HiiT (60) My husband has done this one twice and really raved about it so I gave it a go this morning. It’s 5 10 minute circuits of 6 exercises done Tabata style (20/10). It moves quick and doesn’t feel as repetitive as it sounds. I thought the 4th round was the hardest, it ends with a full burpee jump over the kettlebell but I just left the kettlebell out of it and jumped over my mat. Good solid burner with a lot of core moves added in. Penny has her calorie burn at 458, mine was 425 so I don’t think she’s pumping that up. I think she’s 10 years younger than me and probably a bit bigger, taller that is
2. Rest

3. Tonique Tuesday Spain Whipped I chose a Tonique that I thought was more doable for level right now. I like this one because it alternates mostly squat exercises with all fours and down dog exercises so it feels good to get up and squat and it feels good to get on the floor. None of those feelings last long. At about the 45 min mark Sylwia changes it up and there’s some full push-up burpees then Abs and bridge work. Toward the end there’s a roll back into a handstand, I used my step to roll back. There’s side lunges in this but no curtsy lunges! I haven’t been doing push-ups since the bothered my shoulder so I was really feeling them in this workout so I can’t wait to get my push-up stamina back. Sylwia in working out in a shady spot on gravel with a backdrop of a winery and vineyard.
4. Yvette Killer Step Burn (60) Step with one riser which felt so wonderful after using 3 risers in the last couple Yvette’s. This was a more moderate workout with little blasts mixed in with what felt like recovery step moves. Yvette uses 15 and 10 lb KBs, I used 10s through 25s. There’s core exercises mixed in and more at the end, followed by a nice 6 minute stretch using a strap. 442 calories.
5. Penny Barnshaw 60 min No Repeat HiiT 5/11/20 50/10 strength, 45/15 cardio, 40/20 core and repeat that structure. That second cardio section feels so tough!! 451 calories.
6. Peloton Jenn Sherman 45 min Billy Joel ride + Cathe 5 Push-up/sit-up combo x 8 Very fun ride but that Jenn talks ALOT! Added that push-up/sit-up combo. I need to step up my push-up game since my shoulder feels better now. I couldn’t even do a chatarunga without pain when my shoulder was bothering me.
7. Yvette Cardio Kickboxing BOSU Core AnMrsDe, thanks for pointing this one out, it was so much fun! Great calorie burn too- 475!
8. Yvette Step Metabolic workout I really enjoyed this format, step cardio segments alternated with metabolic exercises. Yvette used one riser, I added a riser after the second step segment. I subbed some shoulder exercises with triceps or biceps. This one went by fast but if I do it again I would use that second riser for the full workout. I’d love if Yvette did another one like this but with body weight (burpee) exercises mixed in.
9. Rest

10. Tonique Tuesday 60 min of Femme Fatale Phase 2 Boy oh boy, this was something else! I took out my step to use for some of the plank cardio. I went as long as I could without it for each exercise but it made me feel better just knowing it was there. This may have been the toughest Tonique I’ve done. It left my upper back sore the next day! Next time I do this (ha ha ha) I’ll start earlier in the dvd and not do that jumpy cardio at the end. I was barefoot and I just did jumping jacks, squat jumps, and skaters instead of the dance style cardio at the end. I did leaves for about an hour in the afternoon.
11. 5 mile trail walk I wanted to get outside today since the weather was so mild and I wanted to listen to my book
12. Rest I had paperwork and chores to do before work that I couldn’t put off.
13. Penny Barnshaw 60 min Full Body Strength Circuit (69) Did this one with my husband. I used mostly 12s and a 20 lb kb. This was really a great workout! So many multiple muscle group exercises, and lots of functional exercises in the kettlebell family too. I really felt my core in so many of these. There were three circuits of 10? exercises that are just repeated once, done 50/10, so there’s not much rest in this one. Penny gives you a full minute between each circuit, but that’s only twice. There’s only two burpee exercises in this and that’s the only jumping. Two thumbs up!!
14. Yvette Bosu Bodyweight Cardio Burn (60) I described this as Bosu Burpee Blast! This was one sweaty workout and I really enjoyed it!! AnMrsDe I totally agree with you that once you get to the break, everything is downhill from there. I didn’t wear my Fitbit (needed a charge) but I wish I had since I’d love to compare the calorie burn to the Yvette’s I’ve done using the step with 3 risers. Great use of the Bosu.
15. Peloton Jess King 45 min sweat steady ride (11/14/20) + 5 min post ride stretch I want to try more instructors to see who I connect with. Jess is very nice but she might be a bit too out there for me. This ride was like a spiritual experience for her. I did like her Phoebe Buffay look!
16-20. Rest Just took a few days off, I had some things to take care of this week, good things but stressful, and my sleep hasn’t been so great. I’ll be back tomorrow
21. Yvette Bachman Upper and Lower Body Kickboxing and Step A more moderate intensity Yvette focusing on Legs, back and biceps. No burpees (at least that I can remember!!!) Perfect intensity for me today. 459 calories
22. Yvette Bachman Chest/Triceps Step and Cardio I really loved this one. Lots of bodyweight (burpees and plank cardio) mixed in. Longer step combos with little blasts then a chest exercise at 8-12 reps. Don’t be afraid to go heavy there’s much more cardio. At the break Yvette switches the step position and she does triceps. Then at the end she runs through all the weight exercises alternating chest and triceps. That was a burner at the end. Very fun and I didn’t even have time look at the clock. Just a little observation too: I was at my peak HR for about 10 minutes during this workout and it felt a lot harder than yesterday’s workout but I only burned 6 more calories today. 465 calories.
23. Rest Had an early morning errand.

24. Barre3 Cardio Focus w/ Jordan (30) and a barre3 10 min core I had a vidiot moment and signed up for Barre3. I was missing my yoga classes and having a real pity party for myself and next thing I know I have a Barre3 subscription. So I did a totally dread free 30 min workout and added on a 10 min core. It felt pretty easy but I did get a bit sweaty. Surprisingly my butt was really sore today
25. Fusion Fitness OnDemand 10/15 SweatLab wit Erica Second vidiot move of the week. I signed up for a (overly pricey) month of dream body on demand. Don’t judge, I’m having a stressful month and I decided to treat myself. These are just streaming style live classes with real people. Everyone was going at their own pace and it was tough to hear the instructor over the music. That being said I really enjoyed this workout. It was a good calorie burner (475) and there’s something about these workouts I like. I just go at my pace and make them my own.
26. Yvette Cardio Kickboxing Hi Lo Core Circuit (57) This was a more moderate intensity Yvette. No burpees, and the core work is interspersed into the workout. The first half uses the stability ball for the core work. I didn’t mind that it was a lower intensity but it didn’t include many kicks, mostly punches and lots of jacks. I would have liked more kicking combos for the “lo” part.

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~~~ NOVEMBER ~~~

I Am Grateful

1 - Two mile walk at beach; my own stretch routine and inversion; 9,573 steps.

2 - Power cleaned kitchen while waiting for my new oven; stretch and inversion breaks; 8,831 steps.

3 - Tao Yin 101 class 3, Feel the Flow; 5,3319 steps.

4 - Two meditations: Destress and Focus by Rod Stryker and Support Restful Sleep by Felicia Tomasko; 5,409 steps.

5 - Tao Yin 101 class 4, Empowered Core; 6,093 steps.

6 - Cardio portions of Ellen's Power Fusion; 20 butt lifts; psoas release and deep stretch; 6,135 steps.

7 - Pre-walk mat routine and inversion table; one mile walk at beach; 7,776 steps.

8 - "Pigeon Prep" yin practice by Annie Carpenter (Glo); own yin series of psoas and heart openers using blocks; three hours of fall garden cleanup; 6,650 steps.

9 - Attended psoas yoga class via Zoom; 4,574 steps.

10 - Pre-walk mat routine; 30 butt bridges; lunch walk (.98, 24 mins); Kit Rich's Couch Antidote Pilates (Glo); MR Sculpture bis, tris and chest; 7,158 steps.

11 - Day off, caught up on housecleaning projects and laundry with frequent stretch and inversion table breaks; 6,508 steps.

12 - MR Sculpture - first half of lower body workout featuring warmup, calves, quads, outer thighs and inner thighs; PT; 25 mini ball crunches; 30 hip circle butt bridges; my own yin yoga hip and heart openers with blocks; Tias Little Yoga Nidra and Samadhi; 6,836 steps.

13 - Khetanya Henderson, 15 Minutes Arms & Abs Pilates and Felicia Tomasko Shoulder Saver Yin (both Glo); 30 butt bridges; stretch; 5,949 steps.

14 - Pre-walk routine and beach walk - did a 1.5 mile loop but my Fitbit ran dry; know I earned over 10,000 steps.

15 - GYM for 0 minutes recumbent bike warmup; PT on the cable machine; weight machines and dumbbells, total body; walk around the neighborhood (1.17, 26 min); 7,181 steps.

16 - Unwind & Let Go of the Day's Tension restorative by Jo Tastula (Glo); 4,843 steps.

17 - Pre-walk routine and 30 butt lifts; lunch walk (1.11, 26 mins.); GYM for 10 minutes treadmill, cable machine PT and some weight machines; Annie Carpenter, Yoga Nidra for Deep Ease; 8,083 steps.

18 - Lee Holden Tao Yin class 1-5, Empowered Core; Kit Rich Standing Abs & Core Pilates; 5,157 steps.

19 - RaviaAna Quick Fixes, Power Surge Warm-Ups and Delete Depression; 5,144 steps.

20 - Pre-walk routine; 30 butt bridges; lunch walk (.96 miles, 28 mins); most of B. Giorgi Attitude Tu, minus floor work; 8,442 steps.

21 - PT and stretch; got acquainted with Petrone balls; beach walk (1.43 miles, 40 mins); 7,880 steps.

22 - GYM for 10 minutes recumbent bike; cable stack PT; 50 box climbs; weight machines for all the parts; stretched out on Petrone balls and inverted; 6,456 steps.

23 - Flowy and gentle matrix from Shiva Rea Fluid Power; Annie Carpenter, Yoga Nidra for Deep Ease; 4,986 steps.

24 -

6 of 8 .... Yoga - hatha, yin, restorative
1 of 3 ....... Yoga - Kundalini yoga
3 of 5 ....... Pilates
0 of 2 ....... KCM
2 of 5 ....... Margaret Richard
1 of 2 ....... Ellen Barrett
0 of 1 ....... Kathy Smith
0 of 1 ....... Jane Fonda
3 of 3 ....... Lee Holden
4 of 4 ....... Gym (3), Attitude Tu (1)
6 of 12 ..... Walks outdoors
0 of 1 ....... Dump, stow or keep (dumping it - Yee's Yoga for Flexibility)
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1. Callanetics 10/10, 20 min walk
2. Barre3 45 Min Strength Conditioning with Andrew, TBL Upper Back and Neck Release
3. TBL Pilates with a Purpose Classic Flow and Lengthen + Strengthen, Ballet Beautiful Classic Inner Thighs, 30 min walk
4. Barre3 30 Min Cardio with Lindsay, TBL Pilates with a Purpose Strong Shoulders and Healthy Back, BB Mat Stretch
5. TBL Pilates with a Purpose Total Body Tone and Stretching and Tension Release, Ballet Beautiful Bridal Posture, 30 min walk, BB Daily Dance Stretch
6. Barre3 30 Min Strength with Andrew, Ballet Beautiful Bikini Inner Thighs, 30 min walk
7. Barre3 45 min Scottsdale Livestream , 30 min walk, BB Mat Stretch
8. PBL Everyday Essentials Classic Abs, New You Stretch Routine, Brooklyn Burn
9. Barre3 30 min Cardio with Christa Joy, PBL Target Your Trouble Zones Butt and Thighs, Two 10 minute Leslie Walk Blasters
10. Ballet Beautiful Total Body workout, Hip Stretch
11. Barre3 45 Strength Conditioning with Catie, PBL Target Your Trouble Zones Perfect Your Posture
12. Barre3 45 Min Strength Conditioning with Katie, Ballet Beautiful Inner and Outer Thighs
13. Barre3 30 min Cardio with Franny, TBL Quick Pilates Core workout, Pilates at Your Desk
14. Essentrics Live 45 min workout with Gail, 25 minute walk, BB Mat Stretch
15. Barre3 40 min Strength Conditioning with Catie, PBL Slimdown workout
16. TBL Standing Stability + Strength, Quick Back and Core, 30 minute walk
17. Essentrics 40 min live workout with Amanda, PBL Bridal Arms, 30 minute walk
18. CS 614, PBL Dream Body workout, Adore Your Core Strong Back, TBL Jumpstart Stretch and Release
19. PBL Strong and Defined Core, Bridal Leg Workout, 15 min walk
20. PBL New You Complete Body with Weights, Side Cincher workout, Slimming Stretch Routine, 30 min walk
21. PBL Amazing Arms: Total Toning, Lisa's Favorites: Lower Body
22. PBL Internal Resistance Workout, Ultimate Flexibility: Complete Body
23. PBL Love Your Legs Amplified, Ab Crunching Workouts with Ankle Weights
24. PBL Adore Your Core Strong Back, Ballet Beautiful Cardio Intro, PBL Pilates for Flexibility
25. Barre3 30 Min Strength Conditioning with Miesha. PBL Love Your Legs: Butt Booster, Upper Body Sculpting Blast, Essentrics PM Stretch
26. Barre3 45 Min Strength Conditioning with Dustin, PBL Adore Your Core: Obliques
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I'm in!

1 Ellen Barrett - Prayer Flow - 30 minutes; Pilates Nest - Pilates for Lower Back Pain Relief - 10 minutes

2 Cathe - Perfect 30 - Upper Body - 30 minutes
3 Cathe - ICE - Low Impact Sweat, workout #1 - 28 minutes
4 Cathe - Perfect 30 - Lower Body - 30 minutes
5 Planned Rest Day
6 Unplanned Rest Day
7 Cathe - High Step Training - 45 minutes
8 The Firm - Body Sculpt Blaster - 33 minutes

9 Ellen Barrett - Superfast Body Blast - 30 minutes
10 Erin O'Brien - Strong Body, Ageless Body - 40 minutes; 10 Minute Solutions - Slim & Sculpt Pilates - Lower Body & Pilates for Flexibility - 20 minutes
11 Jessica Smith - Walk Strong 2: Poise & Grace - 35 minutes
12 Planned Rest Day
13 Jessica Smith - Walk Strong 2: Have A Ball - 32 minutes
14 Pilates Nest - Release & Rejuvenate - 30 minutes
15 Suzanne Bowen Fitness - Total Body Beginner - 30 minutes & Reset Stretch - 5 minutes

16 Walk - 30 minutes; Suzanne Bowen Fitness - Feel Good Arms & Cardio - 20 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates Challenge #1 (Beginner)
17 Walk - 30 minutes; Suzanne Bowen Fitness - Lower Body with Dynamic Stretch Cardio - 20 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates Challenge #2 (Back Pain Relief)
18 Suzanne Bowen Fitness - Intermediate Upper Body & Core - 18 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates Challenge #3 (Legs & Hips)
19 Planned Rest Day
20 Unplanned Rest Day
21 Suzanne Bowen Fitness - Lower Body with Band Workout - 21 minutes & Relaxation Stretch - 20 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates Challenge #4(Core)
22 Pahla B - Low Impact Cardio & Dynamic Weights Workout - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates Challenge #5(Full Body Stretching)

23 Pahla B - Recovery Walk - 20 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates Challenge #6(Cardio Pilates)
24 Pahla B - Simple, Essential Strength Training Workout for Women Over 50 - 25 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates Challenge #7(Arm Workout with no Equipment)
25 Suzanne Bowen Fitness - Bounce Upper Body with Weights - 20 minutes & Advanced Upper Body Core - 12 minutes


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~ November ~

~ Jesscia ~

1. Jessica - have a ball; 2 mile walk

2. Jessica - Boost Metabolism - total body; 2 mile walk

3. Jessica - step and stride; 2 mile walk

4. Jessica - Boost metabolism - upper; 3 mile walk

5. walk - 2 miles

6. walk - 8.5 miles

7. Jessica - poise & grace; 2 mile walk

8. Jessica - 12 Minute Arms, Upper Body; 2 mile walk; yoga with Kassandra - 10 min morning yoga

9. Jessica - fit in 15 - stretch out stress; Taebo - basic live 1

10. Jessica - steady, ready go; Travis - flow and stretch

11. Jessica - 1 Mile Upper Body Circuit & 1 Mile Lower Body Circuit; Gina B - queen power walk

12. Jessica - 8-Minute Standing Total Full Body Stretch; Rick Bhullar - FAST Walking Workout | 5000 Steps in 36 minutes | Walk to the Beat

13. HSM - express; Tianda - 20 minute christian cardio workout; Yoga For Hips, Hamstrings and Lower Back with David Procyshyn

14. rest

~~ HSM /Pilate & Yoga ~~

15. HSM #8; Rick Bhullar - Uplifting Walking Workout | 1800 Steps in 15 mins | 1 Mile Happy Walk; Lee - qigon 7 min day 13

16. Rachel - 15 Minute Shoulder Stretch & 15 Minutes Standing Pilates for Balance, Strength and Coordination

17. HSM - arms; Keoni - walking workout #18; Lex Yoga - Full Body Yin | Deep Yoga Stretch

18. Yoga with Bird - 10 minute morning stretch; ZDancerLiz - motown; Hannah - waist toning pilates

19 -26. sick
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"I don't know," Alice answered.
"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
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just the workouts

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