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Old 04-01-20, 09:52 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA
I will join in, too - I participate in the Just the Workouts check in, too, but these are crazy times and the more the merrier -

Today was: Ellen's Core Cardio (from her streaming site) and Trifecta Pilates - (also streaming) Tone, Burn & Stretch (half of it - it was a long one at 45 minutes).

Will try to add on a spark during my work from home day and a walk this evening. Taking walks every evening has been good for my soul and my dogs and my daughter!

I hesitate to say what my focus will be for the month b/c I have been very unfocused as of late but so far Pilates is hitting the spot. I like Trifecta b/c I think being consistent with it will help me improve my Pilates practice.

hope everyone stays safe, sane and healthy today!

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Old 04-01-20, 01:07 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2009
I'm in! I've been doing a combo of yoga and outdoor walks, but not consistently. My focus is just to keep moving and stay calm.


1. Jane Adams Gentle Yoga - Evening Practice
2. Rest
3. Ellen - Cardio Core; Jane - Lying Full-Body Practice

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Old 04-01-20, 01:32 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: MI
Day 1) 3 mile walk outdoors & 100 Butterfly Bridges Challenge by Cassie Ho
Day 2) 4 mile walk outdoors & 100 Fire Hydrant Kicks Challenge by Cassie Ho
Day 3) 3 mile walk outdoors & 100 Hamstring Curl to Butt Lift Challenge by Cassie Ho

… Cheryl
Weider X-Factor graduate 04/12
MET Rx 180 graduate 10/12

JMBR graduate 06/13
BJ Gaddour's MetaShred 11/02/2019
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Old 04-01-20, 01:52 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2016
Count me in:

April 1 - Susan Chung Rapid Fire 4 - w/u combos 1 and 2. Iron Yoga tree pose segment.
April 2 - 2 mile run
April 3 - Burn & Build Upper Body Supersets
April 4 - Ruah Release
April 5 - 3 mile run
Mon April 6 - Lots of walking and dog walking otherwise rest day
April 7 - Bodyfit 360 #3 Athletic conditioning, bendy body hips and thighs
April 8 - KCM NYC Upper body exercises
April 9 - KCM B&B core circuits + yoga for balance quad class. Yes! sometimes I just want cardio like this.
April 10 - 2 mile run + will try cathe legs drills from Kick Max at lunch.
April 11 - Barlates mat/interval - upper, abs & inner thigh
April 12 - 3 mile run.It was really nice outside
Mon April 13 - Lots of walking and dog walking
April 14 - AM Cathe UB pyramid just up part, PM KCM B&B lower body tabata
April 15 - Cathe Revd up Rumble w/u, kick drills, blasts, abs & extended stretch
April 16 - Lots of dog walking
April 17 - 2 mile run +svelte u booty & abs
April 18 - Barlates fusion flow dynamic stretch. Don't know why I keep buying these as I just don't click with her workouts - some too easy some too hard no in between.
April 19 - 3 mile run
Mon April 20 - KCM B&B tone and trim intervals + CF yoga chi gong and hip openers.
April 21 - short blogilates segments and a walk later rainy & cold outside.
April 22 - Amy Bento Kickbox Surge - premix all combos and abs and stretch. Wow! Love this one and the abs is hard could not do all reps.
April 23 - Michelle Dozois One on One Total body + mobility
April 24 - 2 mile run
April 25 Barlates yoga fusion - extreme elongation
April 26 - 3 mile run
Mon April 27 - KCM Kickbox and kettlebell
April 28 - Tamilee I want that body Arms 1 + Jessica Smith standing barre
April 29 - Cathe Rev'd up rumble main routine
April 30 - Horizontal conditioning vol 1 - actually made it through the whole thing but could not do all the reps.
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Old 04-01-20, 02:30 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Maryland, USA

1- Ellen - Cardio Core; Trifecta Pilates - Tone, Burn & Stretch, Blessful Body Beginner HIIP, outdoor walk
2- Trifecta Pilates - wake up with Pilates, 2nd half of Tone, Burn & Stretch, Pahla B Hot 100 Day # 1, outdoor walk
3 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion, Trifecta Pilates - Standing Pilates, outdoor walk
4 - Ellen - Barre Conditioning, Trifecta Pilates - Strength and Connection; outdoor walk
5 - Ellen - Moving for Beauty, Trifecta Pilates - Quick Pilates, Outdoor walk Fit in 10 - Total body
6 - Jessica Smith - total body standing strength circuit, Trifecta Pilates - Pilates Kickstart Total Body, Ellen Core Cardio, outdoor walk; Blessful Body - Hip stretches
7 - Jessica Smith - 20 min Fat Burning Cardio, Blessful Body - Inner core pilates, outdoor walk
8 - Pilates and Yoga with Katja - Morning Yoga Pilates to start your day; Fit in 10- Lower body/bell blast, outdoor walk
9 - Jenny Ford - March Across America - Utah, Jessica Valent Pilates - Detox; Pilates and Yoga w/ Katja - post run yoga, outdoor walk
10 - Jessica Valent - Create Some Space Pilates; Ellen Quick Tone; outdoor walk (short)
11 - Jenny Ford - Step Across America - Wyoming, Blessful Body Gentle Soul Flow (Pilates/Yoga blend); outdoor walk, Trifecta Pilates Hip Stretches
12 - Jessica Smith - Get Strong - Stepping Strength; Jane Adams Yoga for Beginners - Breath and movement, outdoor walk
13 - Jessica Smith - 4 Mile Power Walk ( Miles 1 &2); Blessful Body - connect to your core outdoor walk
14 - Jenny Ford - Workout w/ Weights # 1 (you tube) Blessful Body - Upper body flow; outdoor walk
15 - Ellen - Barefoot Cardio, Jessica Valent Pilates - Open Your Heart (stretching); Blessful Body - Gentle HIIP outdoor walk
16 - Jessica Valent - Low Impact HIIT (Circuit), Blessful Body - (joint mobility/stretching), outdoor walk
17 - Blessful Body - Barre Blast; Jessica Valent - Pilates w/ Small Ball, outdoor walk
18 - Jenny Ford - Step Across American # 2 California, Trifecta Pilates - Pilates Kickstart - Stretch; outdoor walk, jessica Valent - Stretches for Sciatica
19 - Jessica Valent - Good Morning Routine, Full Body Pilates Barre; Arms & Abs Pilates; outdoor walk
20 - Ellen - Strengthen, Lengthen and Breathe; Lucy Wyndham Read 4 min HIIT & Leg sculpting workout, outdoor walk
21 - Lucy W-R 7 min melt off belly fat, Jessica Valent - full body Pilates, outdoor walk LWR - ballet toning, Blessful Body - Good night mat
22 - LWR - 20 Min walk at home, Blessful Body - Zesty flow; CS - Connective Tissue; outdoor walk
23 - Jenny Ford - Live - Marching Workout; Sarah Starr - Happy Yoga - Waterfall; Blessful Body - HIIP Lite, Core Workout (no walk - raining...)
24 - Blessful Body - Gentle Morning Mat; Jessica Valent - leg power workout, Blessful Body - Pilates Stress Soother; outdoor walk
25 - Jenny Ford - Step Across America - South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse); Sarah Starr Happy Yoga - Peaceful woods; outdoor walk
26 - Blessful Body - Open Hips/Open Heart; Gina B - Soul Walk, Jessica Valent - Neck Pain stretches; outdoor walk
27 - Jenny Ford - March Across America - Malibu; Blessful Body - Core Fundamentals; DoYou.Com 14 Day Challenge - Day 1 - Cardio; Outdoor walk
28- CocoLime - Standing Tone & stretch, CocoLime - Easy Stretch for More Energy; Jessica Valent - Weight Workout # 1, Shoulder Routine, outdoor walk
29 - Ellen - Core Cardio & Might Mat Pilates
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Old 04-01-20, 03:28 PM  
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: West of Chicago in the Illinois Corn Belt
I will join. I had plan to do yoga/meditation or QiGong every day as well. Just to keep the anxiety levels down.

April 1-20 mins yoga, CS/1001, 1 hour walk
April 2-20 mins yoga, 1.5 hours raking leaves, 50 min walk.
April 3-20 mins yoga, 1 hour walk
April 4-15 mins meditation, 4 hours yard work, 70 min walk
April 5-4 hours of yard work, 70 min walk, 30 min yoga.
April 6-2 walks, 1 70 mins, 1 60 mins, 10 bedtime meditation ( I needed this tonight, I was so stressed).
April 7-23 mins of morning yoga, 1 hour walk
April 8-1 hour walk, 20 mins yoga.
April 9-1 hour walk, 12 mins yoga, some meditation.
April 10-1.25 hour walk, I wasn't feeling it today but powered on, 15 mins yoga, some meditation.
April 11-1.5 hour walk, 3 hours yard work, 30 mins yoga.
April 12-1.5 hour walk, 1 hour bike ride, 10 mins yoga and meditation, 4 hours yard work
April 13-2 walks, one 45 mins, one 50 mins, 30 mins yoga.
April 14-60 mins walk, meditation
April 15-70 mins walk, 30 min yoga
April 16-Essentrics/Sahtra/Strength in Motion, Meg/AM Routine, 70 mins walk
April 17-1 hour walk, 20 mins yoga
April 18-2 hours mow and yard work, 1.5 hour walk, Essentrics/Live class via Zoom, 60 mins, 25 mins yoga
April 19-2 hour walk, 20 mins yoga
April 20-CS1002, 20 mins yoga, 70 min walk
April 21-CS1006, 20 mins yoga, 1 hour walk
April 22-1 hour walk, yoga
April 23-70 mil walk, 20 mins yoga, Essentrics
April 24-65 min walk, Essentrics/Meg/Am and 1305
April 25-1 hour Essentrics Class, 35 mins yoga. What a dreary rainy day. All day.
April we are talking. Sunny and 60. Did yard work from 9:00-4:00, took 1.5 hour bike ride and 50 mins walk.
April 27-1 hour walk.
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Old 04-01-20, 04:13 PM  
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Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Raleigh, NC
I'll do it I'm going to start my Tapout XT rotation tonight, and this time I need to actually complete it!! Mike Karpenko is super motivating to me, even more so on his YouTube channel, which I've been following. So hopefully adding the accountability here will make me successful! I do plan to replace the yoga workout with something else, but otherwise plan to do the rotation as written.

ETA: Original plan out the window already Just going to work through my collection to see what clicks for me!

1. Tapout XT - Cross Core Combat
2. Cathe ICE -To the Mat Legs & Glutes
3. Les Mills Combat - Combat Kickstart
4. WWW Power Series - Upper Body 1
5. YouTube channel Nate Bower Fitness - Boxing Beats
6. Elliptical workout
7. Elliptical workout
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Old 04-01-20, 08:43 PM  
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Okay, I'll post in both places - double the accountability!!

April 1 - Tracy Anderson Method Express Arms
I've been doing this one consistently, hoping to see some results from it.

April 2 - Kettlenetics KB Elements + Firm Calorie Killer + Leslie Sansone 5 Really Big Miles (only 20 minutes as a final steady state workout)
I forgot how much fun Calorie killer is - and it's not kidding about killing those calories either!

April 3 - Youtube Cardio Core 10 mins + Cardio Sculpt Blaster + 20 mins of Leslie 5 Really Big Miles
It was my first time doing Cardio Sculpt Blaster - seemed a bit short at only 35 minutes so added on a Leslie again.

April 4 - Cardio and Core 20 minutes + 20 minutes floorwork all off YT

April 5 - Rest Day, originally I was in the mood to do a light resistance band workout today but I found that all my bands were too old and snapped easily so I just took a day off. Need to get new ones soon!
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Old 04-01-20, 10:07 PM  
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Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: West coast of Canada, eh. ;)
Thanks for the starting this challenge Alison! I’m in.
I’ll be focusing on Essentrics, Pilates, high rep/low weight workouts, walking, & gentle yoga. As you can see, I love variety.

1. Essentrics class on Zoom taught by my friend
6 km trail walk
ePilates: Pilates Mini ball Class 1
My own yoga practice....headstand & yin poses
2. 1 hour of gardening, as a non gardener, that’s my limit.
Walking Online Workouts: Park Walk
A friend’s Essentrics class on Zoom
Ellen’s Prayer Flow
3. 1 hour gardening, tilling & weeding
Virtual Essentrics class
Walking Online Workouts: 30 min walk
My favorite yin poses
4. Functional fitness, sweeping, mopping, cleaning, & organizing - DH and I did another cleaning binge, he vacuums and I clean. My house has never been cleaner, lol.
Neighborhood walk
Ellen’s Power Express
MFML: Yoga Detox & Energize
5. Another hour of gardening trimming a huge fragrant rosemary bush in our front garden. It did smell heavenly!
ePilates: Full Body Band workout
ePilates: Barre Legs
6.ETV: CS 1307 Strengthen Legs & Feet
Neighborhood walk
Headstand & Yin Yoga on my own
7. My friend’s Essentrics class on zoom
neighborhood walk
WOW: Bruno Mars walk
Headstand practice
Ellen’s Yoga Tone
8.Taught Essentrics on Zoom
4 mile walk in the neighborhood & around the golf course
Headstand & my favorite yin poses
9. 5 km walk
10 min gentle rebounding
Jessica’s Walk On Metabolism Booster: upper body circuit
Ruah Release: 20 min standing segment
Headstand & yin deep shoulder stretches & hip openers
10. My friend’s Essentrics class on zoom
Neighborhood walk
Headstand & yin poses
11. Taught a 30 min all standing Essentrics class on zoom
Jessica’s Walk On 21 Day: Tred & Shred
Neighborhood walk
12. neighborhood & trail walk, lots of hills
Jessica’s Build Balance & Inner Strength: core control
MFML: Wrist Friendly Flow
13. Taught Essentrics on zoom
My friend’s 30 min floor Essentrics class on zoom
Jessica’s Build Balance & Inner Strength: Poise & Grace
Neighbourhood walk
Headstand, yin forward bends, hip openers, chest openers, gentle backbends
14. 6 km trail walk
15. My friend’s Essentrics class on zoom
ePilates: Barre Arms
Neighborhood walk
Reclined leg & hip stretches
16. 6 km walk
Essentrics class on zoom
ePilates: Barre Legs
Reclined leg & hip stretches
17. Taught Essentrics on zoom
WOW: 30 min walk
10 min freestyle rebounding
18. Jessica’s WS3: Barre Sculpt
Neighborhood walk
Headstand & yin forward bends & hip stretches
19. 7 km walk through the neighborhood & local golf course
20. Essentrics class on Zoom
Jessica’s TBB: Sole Sculpt
Headstand + Yin forward bends and chest & hip openers
21. Essentrics class on Zoom
Jessica’s TBB: Sole Sculpt
Headstand + Yin forward bends and chest & hip openers
22. Taught Essentrics
Neighborhood walk
23. Mini Essentrics stretch workout on the Classical Stretch Facebook page
24. Mini Essentrics stretch on FB
WOW: Mosaic - this was a lovely compilation of songs at various lake or ocean front locations
15 min rebounding
ePilates: Intermediate Mat class with Hand Weights
MFML: Alchemy Yin
25-30 More of the same!

I got lazy about posting, but didn’t miss a day....Essentrics, yoga, Pilates, barre, walking, rebounding....

Certified Level 3 Essentrics Instructor - September 2020

Hatha YTT - 2011

Your body keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down.....

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
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"Its not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. - Tony Robbins

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Old 04-02-20, 10:10 AM  
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: TarHeel country
Awesome, everyone! The weather is gorgeous here today, so I may drag the kids out for a walk later.
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