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Location: Michigan

1. Returned home from the cabin.

2. Going to try the 4 week WW Plank Challenge so Day 1 of that while waiting for my coffee to brew. Later did Perfect Pump Lower Body + Lower Bonus and extended stretch

3. Perfect Pump Low Impact Hiit. Only lasted until about the 17 minute mark and decided enough of that. I still hate doing drills and I missed the timer telling me how much time was left for each drill. WW Plank Challenge Day 2.

4. Perfect Flow Strength & Flexibility (about 25 mins then quit). It was just okay to me but then again, I was worrying about my sister’s appt so that could have been part of my problem....I didn’t feel like doing anything in the first place. Also did WW Plank Challenge Day 3 and went for about a 30 minute walk in the afternoon.

5. LITE Cardio Party Calorie Crush premix and Perfect Pump Upper Chest & Tricep premix and bonus chest exercise then still had some time left so did the shoulder section too. Also did WW Plank Challenge Day 4 later in the day.

6. IDTV The Complete Practice with Lauren. Basically about 20 minutes of Vinyasa Flow (which had a pretty hard balance sequence), 15 minutes of Yin Yoga and a few minutes of restorative yoga which were both nice. Later in the afternoon I went for about a 30 minute walk. I’m really enjoying these temps in the 60’s for November. I think we only have a couple more days left. Also did WW Plank Challenge Day 5

7. Low Max Step Combos Only premix....warm-up through combo 3 and Pump Upper Back & Biceps.

8. Beautiful day so went for about a 50 minute walk.

9. Perfect Pump TS Total Body Premix, then I added on lower body bonus and extended stretch. Premix was pretty good for 30 minutes. I could’ve used a little more lower body which was why I added the bonus but still worth doing for a quick total body.

Going to be tired today. I fell asleep at 10:00 last night, then my SIL called at 11:00 and woke me up needing peroxide. Her puppy ate some raisins and those are bad for dogs. (She could die). Vet said to give her 1/4 tblsp of peroxide to make her vomit. If she didn’t vomit, do it again and if she still didn’t vomit, she’d have to bring her in. My peroxide was old so Joseph went to the store got more and took it over. Luckily she puked pretty quickly. Of course by this time I’m wide awake and was up until 2 am. Went to bed and back up at 6:30. Workout is probably only going to be a Leslie workout or a walk since it will be nice out.

10. Only ended up going on about a 30 minute walk. I was so tired and so busy all day. But I did manage 11,427 steps despite only actually going for that 30 minute walk.

11. Had a morning appt so not much time for a workout but it was my yoga day so managed to do IDTV Chill Out. Also went for about a 30 minute walk in the afternoon.

12. Perfect Pump Mish Mosh Upper & Lower premix. This was a nice premix. You did Back & Biceps, then some lower body exercises, then shoulders, then more lower body, then chest & triceps, then the rest of the lower body. It’s about a 54 minute premix. I did skip a couple exercises here and there to shorten it a little; although it probably wasn’t much shorter since I had to keep pausing to change weights anyway.

13. We were puppy sitting so had to do a quick workout. I did Step Sync Combined Step Combos Section 2 times premix. The puppy cried at the basement door the whole 30 minutes (and yes, DH & DS were both upstairs with her). I also took the puppy for a couple walks too. Yesterday was a 40 Minute Walk outside. It was chilly (in the 30’s) but sunny and I just felt like I needed to get out of the house so bundled up and went for a walk.

14. 40 Minute Walk outside. It was chilly (in the 30’s) but sunny and I just felt like I needed to get out of the house so bundled up and went for a walk.

15. Workout yesterday was IDTV Blissful Hips with Mychal. First time trying another instructor on here and I liked Mychal.

16. Rest day (had an unexpected errand to run so decided to call it a rest day since if my workout doesn’t happen in the morning, it usually doesn’t happen at all).

17. I had to go drop DS’s car off at a repair shop 30 minutes away so know morning workout again; but, I did manage a quick 15 minute Leslie mile in the afternoon....really would have rather went for a longer walk outside but was too cold out.

18. IMax 4 Step Combos Only premix. I did up my step to increase the intensity a bit more since it’s only a 30 minute premix.

19. Leslie’s Purple Mile and Perfect Pump Lower. Later in the day, I managed to get in a short walk outside too.

20. Nothing

21. Nothing

22. Nothing

23. Workout was just a quickie....Perfect 30 Pump Chest & Triceps.

24. Perfect Bump Back, Biceps & Shoulders, then the Lower Body Light Weight and Bands premix. Nice premix though despite not being that light of weights.

25. Leslie’s Blue and Purple miles.

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I'm thankful for all the sets I've been blessed with, so to show it, I'm actually going to use them!

Week 1: Leslie Miracle Miles + JNL
1. 3 miles from Disc 5 - didn't use the band, but followed along anyway
2. JNL 10 Minute Total Body done my way. I do a chapter 3x before moving on. For the last circuit, instead of "Fusion 4" I did calf raises, and rather than burpees, I did plank jacks, mountain climbers, and a rocking plank. I warmed up and cooled down with Leslie (10 minutes each)
3. TKO Fat Blast w/Leslie Warm up & cd ,then away to South Lake Tahoe. plenty of walking
4. walking a ton in South Lake Tahoe
5. walked a bit before heading back home
6. Leslie 2 miles + JNL Speed & Agility
7. JNL Lean Legs - Cathe w/u and c/d since JNL doesn't have any. grrr I find that I have to look away from the screen to keep my annoyance level in check. The weights are light, the speed is fast, the form is bad, and the mugging is out of control, but other than that, these are perfect.

Week 2: JNL + KettleWorx
8. JNL Bicep Builder - which is really a bicep and chest workout. There were the dreaded burpees w/pushup. I did set one as-is, set two I stepped back and in, set three as-is. For the last move "gliders", I did the first not touching the ground, so just moving my legs side to side, set two I touched the ground but stepped out and in, set three was as-is. That's a tough move to end with!
9. "rest" - I slept in but then went grocery shopping at two different stores, which can be tiring. I'm sore from yesterday's workout, in my upper back and abs! I don't know how that happened.
10. KettleWorx Resistance Surge (20+minutes) + Core Cut (10 minutes). For some reason, even after looking at the exercises, I thought each move was one minute. No, I found out 30 seconds into the first exercise of squats with overhead press that I was NOT halfway done, but rather, I had a minute and a half left. Thankfully, when we work one arm or leg, we get to switch after a minute. But my arms were shaking in round two of static lunge w/arm overhead. I then put in the SuperCharged Core because I knew for sure that those 5 moves were only 1 minute and you do the circuit twice. No, you don't! Those were also two minutes. I don't know where I came up with the 5x2 but I need to take better notes next time.
11. Thank you to all our Veterans. JNL TKO + KW Cardio Ignite - THIS is the one with one minute of work, I thought I made that up! You do four exercises for a minute each, then repeat. I did them once, then FFed to the next 4. I wasn't sore from yesterday's workouts but right now my glutes are feeling it from today's!
12. JNL Shoulder Shredder - my god this woman loves high impact, but I'm not doing three rounds of that stuff! For the first round, I usually half-arsed it, or even 1/4 arsed, but for the other rounds when I did them, I made sure to do them right. I like these for the weight work, so I think the next time I visit JNL, I'm going to focus on the weights and do bicycles or planks instead of the cardio moves.
13. KettleWorx Resistance Slam - I chose this because I could easily do two minutes of each of the exercises. LOL I was wrong. Those shoulder presses at the end were killer, I had to miss a few reps. And the side to side lunges with a front raise really got my heart rate up! (lunge, raise, lunge) Then I did about 15 minutes of JNL's "Fusion Stretch".
14. KettleWorx Core Rock + 1/2 of Power (?). I was supposed to have done a JNL upper but my triceps were too sore, so I thought about bringing Sexy Saturday back and even had the Burlesque disc in the player, but I felt weird about breaking my own rules, so I chose Core instead. 4 base exercises, repeat, do 4 similar w/some advanced modifications.

Week 3: Kettleworx + PowerFit Harmony
15. KW Cardio Fire - that got my heart rate up! The non-kb moves were skaters (thankfully they weren't fast or low), mountain climbers, squat jumps, high knees. The weighted moves felt like a rest after doing these.
16. PFH Sculpt Push + Core Balance -- I'm just not in the mood to complain about how many times Stephanie says "Four", I'm just not. But if you play Push, you'd be inclined to believe that FOUR is the only number she knows. Or perhaps she was paid extra for every FOUR she says? Or maybe she got stuck on FOUR. The robots in the back had their smiles stuck, so maybe she did, too. So then I popped in Core, and was surprised that TWO was the new FOUR. I tried to count, but when I heard TWO over and over, I knew it was the clear winner. It's like she doesn't know any odd numbers. But wait... was that a three? Pulse for 3! 3, 3! Wow! If I weren't already on the ground, I would have fallen over. Now pulse for 7! OMG! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear such different numbers. I can't wait to play the other dvds to see what awaits.
17. rest
18. Today I did... are you ready? PFH Lower Body Blast. On the plus side, I don't remember hearing any specific number over and over. However, Listen up!! She said, "Are you ready?" A LOT. Listen Up was a close second. Upper Body Blast was the same. What about the workouts? Heck if I know, I kept feeling doubt and uncertainty about my readiness to do the workout the more she asked.
19. PFH Cardio Burn and Core Express. Look at how much fun we're having! She didn't say it, I thought it as I joined the robots in smiling. It really was. I didn't even notice if she said four or listen up. And I couldn't tell you if she asked if I was ready. My head hurts terribly during a certain time of the month, and while it hurt a little during this workout, it was just what I needed to feel somewhat better. I think these workouts, and Stephanie, are growing on me. just two days left to do KW, but I don't think that's going to happen with this headache. grrr
20. Pull & Core, gosh I don't even know what the names were. The reverse and curtsy lunges were not enough to make me sweat, but I got warm. I exercise in the morning before the heater kicks in, and I hadn't been getting too warm with these workouts. (except yesterday's) I liked these both.
21. Cardio Move it and Power Up - These both had some movements that could be done on a step. I didn't because I thought I'd be too clumsy and noisy, but I think I had done it before with no mishaps. These aren't exactly fun, but they weren't boring, and she's great at cuing so even if she didn't say that there were four left, she gave me some time to let me know when a new move was coming. And The Charleston makes an appearance. I love that move, I get to be silly while exercising. PFH is done! Moving on...

Week 4: The following is X-Rated
22. X-Factor ST - Week 1 because after doing PFH last week, I wasn't sure if I could handle the others that I know are more challenging. The instructor bugged me for some reason, while the crazy punching girl didn't. There's a really long thread with breakdowns, but some exercises are: squat w/knee up, lunges with arms out to side (I did reverse lunges on round 2), frog jumps, plank, pushups, superman, swimmers. And after 40 minutes of exercise, my Fitbit didn't acknowledge any of it! I may as well have been sitting on my behind for all it cared. Um, I have a confession. It must have been so long since I'd done these that all but one disc were stuck in their sleeves. Is this funny or shameful? So if you have this set and you've left it in the original sleeves, check up on them. There's some gunk from where they stuck and I just played one but it was fine, so I think the others will be.
23. XF week 2: I just looked through my 2012 comments where I mentioned that this workout makes me hungry; it still does! I was so hungry this morning after doing it. I gave myself a big breakfast to stop the growling. Unlike in workout 1, I paused for maybe 20 seconds to drink water before moving on. I don't really care for a few of the abs moves, but overall I liked the exercises. 45 degree lunges, deep squat kick, lateral hops, skaters, and side planks, to name a few. I previewed week 3 to make sure it plays and I'm still scared! I'm sure that stupid surfer move will give me trouble.
24. All aboard the XTrain! Cathe sure has a lot of cargo on some of these, but I did one with minimal: Burn Sets Bis and Tris. I didn't realize that I'd need a band for the last set of triceps and wasn't ready, so I improvised. The back of my left leg hurts a little, so I'll be doing another upper body workout tomorrow.
25. XTrain Burn Sets Chest & Back premix - why don't I do this more often?! I guess I forgot that I liked these workouts. And you only need a step w/risers and weights for this; the last back exercise uses a loop around the ankles and a resistance band for upper, but I'm sure you can do without and still feel it. For shoulders, I did a workout that my husband got from AthleanX. Workout A one round with 8s nearly killed me! lol I'd done one round with 5s a while back and it wasn't too challenging, so that's why I went heavier.
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Alright alright alright!

1. CS #0732 Ab and spine strengthening
3.Element Pilates total body plus S90 chest, sh, tri
4. Cathe Perfect flow Yoga Strength & Flexibility
5.Jill Miller Yoga Tune up Quickfix Lower body
6.Jill Miller Yoga Tune up Quickfix Neck and Shoulders
7.BBL High and Tight
8. yardwork..yay
9. Element Pilates Targeted toning for beginners waistline segment plus S90 Cardio challenge
10.Element Pilates Targeted toning lower body segment plus Bum bum live
11.Jill Miller Yoga Tune up Quickfix upper body and hands fingers wrists
14.Element Accelerated pilates plus abs bonus
16.T25 Beta Dynamic core
17.Jessica Valant 10 day challenge day 1 & 2 basics and back pain relief exercises; XFST#1 Round #1 plus Ruthless Ringside
18.Jessica Valant 10 day challenge D#3 legs & hips; Caribbean pilates
19.Jessica Valant 10 day challenge 10 min core workout; XFST#2 plus Ruthless Wicked lower body
20.Jessica Valant 10 minute stretch and Yogatx 15 min Morning hip routine
21.Tamilee wt loss walk mile #2 plus Tom Holland Total body workout
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Loosely following Cathe's Perfect 30/Lite rotation.

1. SSoD 3X3 Turn and Burn 60 min ride
2. Pump UB
3. Perfect HIIT (high impact, I modified)
4. nothing
5. Lite Stacked LB
6. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #50 30 min ride
7. Lite Stacked UB
8. nothing
9. Perfect HIIT (low impact)
10. Lite Metabolic Blast
11. nothing
12. Lite Rev'd Up Rumble
13. nothing
14. FitScope 45 min rhythm ride
15. Lite Body Weight and Bands
16. nothing
17. Perfect Pump UB
18. Lite Cardio Party
19. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness 45 min ride # 48
20. nothing
21. 3.53 mile hike (first one of hiking season)
22. 1.5 mile neighborhood walk
23. Lite PHA
24. SSoD EighTease 40 min ride
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Back for November!!!

1 - Blissasana Yoga - Earth Element Grounding Yoga (YT)
2 - Pahla B - Walking with Weights Osteoporosis Prevention Workout; Yoga w/ Kassandra - 15 min Morning Yin
3 - Jessica Valent - Full Body Weight Lifting Workout; Trifecta Pilates - Feel Good Pilates & Deep Hip Stretches; outdoor walk
4 - Pahla B- 2 Mile Power Walk for Women over 50; Trifecta Pilates - Hamstring Stretches; outdoor walk
5 - Pahla B - Midlife Metabolism Boost; Jessica Valent - PT for SI joint; Full body Flexibility; outdoor walk
6- Trifecta Pilates - Connection workout,outdoor walk
7- Pahla B - Moderate Weights Day 4 of Body Shaping Challenge; Jessica Valent - Advanced Pilates Routine; outdoor walk
8 - Pahla B - Let's Run Podcast - Core Strength (done on the bike 20 min 3:1 intervals); Trifecta Pilates - Reset Roller Routine; outdoor walk
9- Pahla B - 30 Min Weights Workout for Women over 50; Trifecta Pilates - Release and Ease Stretches; outdoor walk
10 - Ellen - Total Body Tune Up; outdoor walk
11 - Pahla B - Squat Free Cardio & Standing Abs; Jessica Valent - Pilates & Yoga for Arms, Trifecta Pilates - Upper Body Stretches
12 - Jessica Valent - Buns & Guns HIIT (kettlebell); Jessica Valent - Morning Stretches
13 - Ellen - Super Fast Body Blast; Moving Mango - 90 Day Pilates Challenge Day 50
14 - Outdoor walk, Trifecta Pilates - Strength Pilates Workout
15 - Bike - 30 min (listening to Pahla B talk about running a 5k); Jessica Valent - Creative Resistance Band workout; Bun Burner; outdoor walk
16 - Ellen - Prayer Flow; Jessica Valent - 10 Day Pilates Challenge Day 1
17 - Ellen - Moving for Beauty; Jessica Valent - Pilates w/ a 5 lb weight (i used a 3 lb weight); short outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - 10 Day Pilates Challenge Day 2
18 - Ellen - Sweet 15; Jessica Valent - Stronger Core; Trifecta Pilates - Standing barre (15 min), Jessica Valent - 10 Day Challenge Day 3
19 - Leslie - 2 Miles (From You Tube); Jessica Valent - Scoliosis Routine (15 min)
20 - Jessica Valent - Pilates Barre, Barre for Inner Thighs, 10 Day Challenge Day 4 & 5
21 - Outdoor Walk, Trifecta Pilates - Dynamic Pilates Routine
22 - Pahla B - Walking w/ Weights for Women of a Certain Age; Jessica Valent - 10 Day Challenge Day 6 - Cardio Pilates, Day 7 - Pilates for Arms; long outdoor walk
23 - Pahla B - Low Impact Cardio & Dynamic Weights, Yoga w/ Kassandra - Morning Yin Stretch
24 - Natalie Spadaccino - Sculpt & Flow (from Ellen's site), Jessica Valent - Strong & Fun Pilates routine
25 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion, Jessica Valent - 10 Day Pilates Challenge - Upper Back
26 - Pahla B - 20 Min Steady State Cardio - Running meditation - Gratitude, Jessica V - Pilates Tabata, Yoga w/ Adriene - Yoga for Chefs
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I think I might join you too. I've been working with KB the past few months, but I had a breast biopsy last week after an abnormal mammo (biopsy turned out to be benign). Cathe Perfect 30 DVDs arrived during that time and are still in shrinkwrap somewhere in my house ; I may try them out soon. I've been waiting for more of the bruising to go away before doing much. Work has been super busy, and I've really missed everyone here.

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1. Perfect 30 Flow - Yoga and Mobility sections
2. Perfect 30 Pump - Lower Body
3. Walk Strong 2 -Have a Ball
4. Perfect 30 Pump - Upper Body
5. Walk Strong - Lower Body Sculpt and 360 Abs
6. Core de Force MMA Shred
7. Rest
8. Walked 2 miles
9. Nothing
10. Travis YT - Living the Good Life
11. Nothing
12. Walked 3 miles
13. Walk Strong - Upper Body Sculpt and Brain Fitness Fun
14 - 15. Camping days so lots of trail walking and bike riding
16. Tracie Long Stronger Longer Vol 1
17. Walked 2 miles
18. Imax 4
19. Tracie Long Stronger Longer Vol 2
20. Nothing
21. Essentrics Ultimate Stretch - Muscle Release
22. Nothing
23. Nothing
24. Nothing
25. Walk Strong 2 Balance and Agility
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11/15 2 mile walk
11/22 2 mile treadmill walk
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✨✨ November 2020 ✨✨

Goal for the month: Enjoy whatever I'm doing

1 - Travis Eliott's Yoga Basics Slow & Gentle Flow. After two days of pushing myself, my body really needed a long stretchy practice, and this was just perfect. I feel like it's taken me several years but now I'm starting to 'get' yoga.
2 - Bike Ride (1 hour total). Completely stressed by work, went to dinner with my darling and then bed.
3 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan's 5 min HIIT warmup, 15 Min Full Body KB Workout, Beginner EPIC Series Day 2 Upper Body. I felt like I wanted to try again with the UB workout, but I also really wanted to swing a kettlebell. I suspected the combination might be trouble, but the KB workout wasn't as intense as I feared. I love that Caroline incorporates swing intervals between all the other exercises. I've never understand why people complain that KB workouts have too many swings - that's the best part, the whole reason KBs are so fun. And then - I made it all the way through the UB workout! There were only two moves that I couldn't do the full 45 seconds, and I can feel myself getting stronger. Hooray!!
4 - Bike ride (1 hour 40 mins total). Wanted to get another short workout in after dinner but couldn't fit it in. The bike rides will have to do.
5 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Caroline Girvan's 15 Min Lower Body KB Workout, Beginner EPIC Series Day 3 Abs & Core. I figured the LB KB workout would be a good conditioning workout, not too intense, and sure enough, it was. Of course, Caroline's swinging 16kg and I'm only using 8kg but it still made me feel good. Good enough to take on the Abs and Core workout. That's never my jam, and here I am coming back from surgery. But I told myself that I could quit any time, just try it. To my great surprise, I made it all the way through. The exercises are sequenced really well to work parts of the core and from different angles. I'll definitely do this one again, no dread factor but I can still improve.
6 - Travis Eliot Yoga Evolution. I remember this was one of my favorites, but today I felt it at a whole new level. I’m so loving yoga right now.
7 - Bike ride (40 mins total). Caroline Girvan's Beginner EPIC Series Day 4 Dumbbell Full Body, Iron Core KB Express. I have a fun new game with my bike rides - I try to engage my core for balance and lift my hands off the handlebars. I hover half an inch above and then grab the handlebars again in a few seconds, but the duration is getting slightly longer each time I practice. I'm big into Caroline Girvan right now, and the weights workout was just right. Adding on the KB moves toasted my back and shoulders to perfection.
8 - Rest. Maybe adding on the KBs yesterday was just a bit too much. I was just tired all day and felt like I was coming down with a cold, which usually means I need more sleep. So I did - naps and and early bed.
9 - Full Body Flow (Audible yoga practice). That cold came in, couldn't do anything else.
10 - Bike ride (45 mins total.
11 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
12 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Caroline Girvan's Beginner EPIC Series Day 5 HIIT, Skogg Roots Level 1. Feeling better and I really wanted to complete the set of Caroline’s beginner series. This HIIT seems perfectly matched to where I am right now - if I match Caroline’s pace I’m challenged but feel I can do everything. Then added in some KBs just to start conditioning my hands again.
13 - Bike ride (1 hour 40 mins total).
14 - Bike ride (30 mins). Really wanted to fit in a workout but nothing in my day went as planned.
15 - Caroline Girvan’s Beginner EPIC Series Day 2 Upper Body, Cardio Coach vol 2 on elliptical, Blissology Yoga for Runners as stretch (podcast). The UB workout felt even harder this time - probably because I was watching the screen and trying to match Caroline’s deliberate pace and range of motion. Wowza. After that, Cardio Coach felt pretty easy.
16 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan’s Beginner EPIC Series Day 1 Lower Body, Bedtime Yoga Wind Down Happy Hips (Audible yoga practice). This time Caroline's LB workout seemed noticibly easier, and when it ended, I thought "That's it?". I guess all those hours of bike rides are adding up. Will have to gird myself up and look for her regular (not beginner) lower body workouts. Gulp.
17 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Too exhausted by the roller coaster of work to do any more.
18 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan's Beginner EPIC Series Day 3 Abs & Core, Skogg Roots Level 1. I'm really loving the Beginner EPIC series, and planning to do it all the way through 3x this month. The only problem is that the music is the same in all of them, and it's starting to worm its way into my brain. I found myself humming one of the songs as I biked home from work. Doing Skogg again has helped me realize that the perpetual problem I have with high pulls is mostly my grip strength. I'm not sure I'm dedicated enough to work on it consistently, so I might need to be ok with the fact that high pulls are not in my repertoire and just find a substitute move.
19 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Caroline Girvan's Beginner EPIC Series Day 4 Dumbbell Full Body, Iron Core KB Express, Stretch Max #2 (with the ball). This time upped the weights oh so slightly, using 10 and 12.5 lbs instead of 4 and 5kg. Incremental progress, right? I’m quite sure I’ll never match Caroline’s 10kg bad boys. But I love that she does it.
20 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Baron Baptiste’s Journey to Power Vinyasa Yoga Level 1. I can see how this informed Travis’s yoga practices but the flow just isn’t as smooth.
21 - Yvette Bachman's Bosu Cardio with Leg and Back Circuits, Cathe Yoga Relax Express Premix 2 (32 mins). With all the fun workouts I've been doing, I felt ready to take on Yvette. And, I did it! By 50 mins, I was starting to skip some of the intervals, and I definitely picked lower weights than she did. But I made it through and felt mighty at the end. You know it's a tough workout when I'm looking forward to a situps circuit as a rest. The best part is that the way she uses the Bosu for planks and burpees really works for me, even with my wrist problems. Yoga Relax is one of my virgins, and it was just ok. I'll try the full workout at least once but I think I'd prefer yoga led by a yoga practitioner.
22 - Caroline Girvan's Beginner EPIC Series Day 5 HIIT, Yoga 30for30 Intention. My love for Caroline's series continues to grow. The second time through is usually more intense for me, because I've learned what's coming and can really go for it. As I did, I noticed how perfectly she's sequenced the circuits. Just when my legs are on *fire*, and I don't think I keep going, she switches to some plank and core work. And it feels like a break! And then my abs are dying, and now it's balance moves. I was sweating so hard my airbuds kept sliding out of my ears. And then Intention just the perfect pairing - enough heat to serve as a gradual slow down, and some whole body stretch and length.
23 - Bike ride (30 mins total). Feeling tired, so basically took it as a rest day.
24 - Rest. Wanted to work out in the evening but my stomach hurt after dinner. Then while I was waiting for it to go away, I fell asleep. Oh well.
25 -
26 -
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 -
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Post Not Giving Up in November!

Cardio Total: 993 min (last month 34.4 min/day; PR = 55.4 May '20)
Strength Total: 283 min (last month 10.6 min/day; PR = 17.2 Aug '20)
Yoga/Meditation Total: 758 min (last month 25.5 min/day; PR = 47.7 Mar '20)

Word for the Year: Flourish

1 Gina B. Power Walk Through the Decades (60s), 4 min PT, 21 min meditation
2 Body Groove HIIT (Workout 1), 4 min PT, 21 min meditation
3 10MS Butt Lift (All Segment except Core), 4 min PT, 18 min meditation
4 7 min dance party, Body Groove HIIT (Workout 2), 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 20 min meditation
5 7 min dance party, Body Groove Bootylicious, 10MS Pilates for Beginners (All Segments incl. Stretch), 4 min PT, 23 min meditation
6 Body Groove HIIT (Workout 3), 4 min PT, 17 min meditation
7 Body Groove HIIT (Workout 4), 4 min PT, 19 min meditation
8 Gina B. Power Walk Through the Decades (70s), 4 min PT, 19 min meditation
9 5 min dance party, Body Groove House Party 2 (First 8 Segments), 10MS Belly, Butt, and Thighs (All Segments), 4 min PT, 25 min meditation
10 Body Groove House Party 2 (Middle 7 Segments), 4 min PT, 22 min meditation, Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance (Trance Dance Preset)
11 Body Groove House Party 2 (Last 6 Segments), 4 min PT, 24 min meditation
12 Body Groove Mindful Movement (Workout 1), 4 min PT, 19 min meditation, 10MS Fitness Ball (Stretch)
13 Body Groove Joyful Exercise (Joyful Twist Workout), Body Groove Funky Friday Class, 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 23 min meditation
14 Body Groove Grooving Meditation, 10MS Dance it Off and Tone it Up (High Energy Fat Burner), 10MS Fitness Ball (Upper, Lower, Core), 4 min PT, 20 min meditation
15 Gina B. Power Walk Through the Decades (80s), 4 min PT, 21 min meditation
16 8 min dance party, Body Groove Family Groove (Workout 1), 4 min PT, 22 min meditation
17 Body Groove Family Groove (Workout 2), 10MS Target Toning for Beginners (All Segments incl. Stretch), 4 min PT, 25 min meditation
18 10MS Rapid Results Fat Burner (Intervals, Kickboxing), 10MS Dance Off Fat Fast (Flashback, Dance Sculpt), 4 min PT, 23 min meditation
19 Rockin' Body (Disco Groove), 4 min PT, 20 min meditation, 10MS Yoga for Beginners (Stress Relief)
20 Body Groove Family Groove (Workout 3), 4 min PT, 23 min meditation
21 16 min dance party, Jessica 10-Minute Quick Walk Mix (2-Mile Walk), 10MS Butt Lift (Abs, Butt/Thighs, Upright Booty), 4 min PT, 22 min meditation, 10MS Yoga for Beginners (Balance and Flexibility)
22 Gina B. Power Walk Through the Decades (90s), 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 21 min meditation, Shiva Rea Daily Energy (Forward Bends, Savasana)
23 Jessica Dance Walk (Dance Walk), 4 min PT, 20 min meditation
24 Jessica Dance Walk (Latin Dance Walk), CRUNCH Super Slimdown Pilates / Yoga Blend, 4 min PT, 20 min meditation
25 Jessica Walk Strong 3 (Barefoot Cardio Core), 4 min PT, 21 min meditation

26 X min dance party, Jessica Walk Strong 3 (Cardio Step Jam), 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 23 min meditation, Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance (Basic Trance Dance Flow)

27 X min dance party, 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, X min meditation
28 X min dance party, 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, X min meditation, 10MS Yoga for Beginners (Energizing Flow)
29 X min dance party, 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, X min meditation
30 X min dance party, 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, X min meditation
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just the workouts

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