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Old 01-02-21, 07:10 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Michigan
Yesterday’s workout was Leslie’s Burn to the Beat. I really wanted to quit after 2 miles (from boredom) but made myself keep going to finish the workout. Felt good since I usually skip working out on New Years Day.

JBliff - Classical Stretch is hit & miss for me but I never seem to really want to to them.

Karen - We got snow again here yesterday. Probably a couple inches but since none of us had to drive in it, we could just enjoy how pretty it was. That sounds fun that you could drive to that restaurant in GA. I didn’t know the Peleton App is free right now. Is it just free when you bought a new Firestick? My aunt bought a new Peleton bike (which I love!) and she was showing me stuff in the app that she likes. I wouldn’t mind trying it if I could get the app free for a couple months.

Vannie - Nice workouts yesterday!

Gibbee - Did you and Alex end up going to Branson?
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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Old 01-02-21, 10:18 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Virginia
My workout yesterday was Perfect 30 Mobility Basics.

- How fun that you got snow and didn't have to drive in it!

Vannie - That was quite a workout you had yesterday.

Karjoy - It rained all day here yesterday and it was pretty cold too. A good day to stay inside. You must be right on the border to get to Georgia in 20 minutes. I would love to get some good seafood but DH is against even getting takeouts. Our case numbers continue to climb here. In our area the hospital now has 3 times the number of patients from the height of the pandemic.

Gibbee - How are you doing?

Have a good day, everyone.
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Old 01-02-21, 10:32 PM  
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Cher, no the Peloton ap is free for 2 months regardless. I just needed a Firestick for my upstairs TV where my treadmill is. Really, that 2 months is an excellent deal, with or without a treadmill. They have all kinds of workouts—Pilates, Yoga, strength, HIIT, body weight only, running and walking both indoors and out ( of course audio only outdoors), cycling and I could go on. Most are 30-45 minutes but there are some 1 hour running workouts. They even have 10-20 minute workouts.

Jbliff yes we will not go back to that seafood place again. We haven’t gotten much takeout but the few other places we have tried have no indoor dining and only a person or 2 inside ordering. We just won’t go back to Georgia period. They just are too lax.

Vannie your New Year’s workouts sound like fun!

It rained all day here, and it really rained unlike yesterday when it just rarely sprinkled. So I did another Peloton treadmill workout for about 50 minutes.
I no longer dread the treadmill!

Night all, kareng
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Old 01-03-21, 07:52 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Michigan
Forgot it was a new week and posted here. Oops! . So, deleted the post and decided to add the link to the new week.
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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