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Old 01-19-21, 09:47 PM  
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OT: Can medications cause dental plaque buildup?

I had a long lasting foot injury (broken bone) that I wrote about here. I am finally better and walking again, but for over 2 months I was taking a nerve pain medication. It seems like that medication caused sudden, dramatic buildup in dental plaque. It was visible and disgusting. I had my teeth cleaned today, and the dentist said it looked like I hadn't brushed my teeth for months. It was embarrassing! The only thing that was different since my last cleaning was the medication which did cause a strange taste in my mouth. Has anyone experienced this or know anything about it? I hope it was just the medication and not some strange new health problem on top of everything else.
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Old 01-19-21, 10:37 PM  
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Is it possible the medication affected the moisture level in your mouth, leading to the unpleasant taste and plaque buildup?
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Old 01-20-21, 06:40 AM  
Carol K
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Amoxicillin that I took for acne decades ago turned my teeth brown. The dental hygienist was able to scrape it off and said it wasn't coffee. It never came back after I stopped taking the drug. As far as I know, I'm the only person on the planet that had this reaction.
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Old 01-20-21, 08:17 AM  
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I am not a dentist or even a medical professional, but I google quite often and scare myself .

Here is an article on WebMD about how certain medications affect oral health. It mentions that certain medications can cause a strange taste, and gives the names of some of the medicines.

This article from Guardian Direct lists medications that affect oral health.

This article from Carefree Dental explains that it could be that the medicine causes dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause the following problems: "If there is a lack of saliva, the plaque on the teeth cannot be routinely washed away, as usual. The amount of friction and abrasion in the mouth increases and the gum tissue dries out. All of these things are extremely unhealthy for the teeth and oral tissues. If dry mouth becomes a chronic condition, it can significantly raise the risk of developing deep cavities." So maybe if your medicine caused dry mouth there was plaque build up?
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Old 01-20-21, 08:50 AM  
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Dilantin, an epilepsy medication, is known for it.
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