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Old 04-01-20, 12:50 PM  
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Has anyone gone to Trader Joe's very recently?

I had read that they have an employee outside enforcing six feet between customers, that they are wiping down each cart before you take it, allowing only a small amount of people in at a time and squirting hand sanitizer for each customer. If you use your own bags, you need to bag groceries yourself.

Has this been anyone 's experience? We are trying to shop as little as possible, but we have my been there in over three weeks. Thank you!
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Old 04-01-20, 12:56 PM  
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A co-worker of mine (who is very paranoid) was there a week ago yesterday. She said they are doing all of those things and that she had a good experience. Wegmans is also engaging in many of these same practices. They have lines that you have to stand behind at checkout and are wiping the conveyor belt every time.
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Old 04-01-20, 12:57 PM  
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I was there a couple of hours ago. There was someone outside with a spray bottle and a sign saying something like they will only let in a certain number of people if it got busy. It wasn't busy when I was there. We said hi - she was more of a greeter, but she may have been spraying the carts.

I did have to bag my own purchases (I did bring my own bags, but still used one of their paper ones), although the cashier offered to help if I needed it.
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Old 04-01-20, 01:06 PM  
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Costco has been doing this for the past 2 weeks. Sam's caught on about a week later.

They created a pathway to enter the store by creating "walls" with stacked up wooden pallets about 5' high, this prevents people from cutting in line. they also limit the # of people, and the cashier lines have spaced-out (6') tape on the floor of where you stand before moving forward. They also wipe down all of the carts, and offer cleaning wipes to each customer.

In Sam's, once you get in the store, there's a special line for paper products, also "tunneled" with either upside-down carts or yellow "do not cross" tape.

in both stores, their optical departments are both closed.

once you get in, it's fairly "wide open" - you can move around without bumping into another person.

our local CVS has a new sign by the cashier that they are not allowing returns for "non prescription" products until further notice. I think prescriptions have always been non-returnable by law.

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Old 04-01-20, 01:26 PM  
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Trader Joe's has been doing that for 3 weeks or so around here (northern CA). I haven't gone because I read that it can take forever, but it looks like all grocery stores will be required to follow similar guidelines in the next couple of days. Expect it to happen in every state/county with shelter in place rules.
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Old 04-01-20, 01:37 PM  
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We went to Trader Joe's on Saturday, they only allow up to 30 people in the store at a time. There was a line outside and everyone was at least 6 feet apart and it moved rather quickly.
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Old 04-01-20, 01:41 PM  
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I went to Costco last week, and they did have the pallet maze. And the yellow tape on the floor. They also had sneeze (cough) shields in front of each cash register, and a gal was wiping it down after every customer.

I haven't been to Trader Joe's because I didn't know if they even had anything. (We have a very small store.) Whole Foods was bare last week, so I didn't go this week. Perhaps they have restocked.

I'm trying to get to stores as soon as they open to avoid crowds as much as possible, but since the seniors get the first hour, I don't know that it helps. Bread is almost impossible to find. Many things are being restocked, but others aren't. I did snag a bottle of rubbing alcohol at Walmart.

I ordered a thermometer at Amazon that is supposed to be here by tomorrow, but tracking doesn't indicate it has even moved since it supposedly shipped last Wednesday. But then it shipped from China, so who knows. DH and DS both have to check their temp before going to work, and they are having to share an oral thermometer because it's all we have. I'm trying to sterilize it between uses. I can't find one anywhere.
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Old 04-01-20, 01:49 PM  
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Originally Posted by cam522 View Post
We went to Trader Joe's on Saturday, they only allow up to 30 people in the store at a time. There was a line outside and everyone was at least 6 feet apart and it moved rather quickly.
We went yesterday. When my husband saw the line he said no way are we waiting but I insisted because I really needed things. It actually looked a lot longer than it was because everyone was at least six feet apart. The clerk who was at the door was friendly with a big smile on his face (at the same time he was wiping down shopping carts). They didnít offer hand sanitizer (I had my own) and Massachusetts has a temporary ban on using reusable bags (during the pandemic). At the register they had an X on the floor where we had to stand which was probably five feet (maybe six) from the cashier. I did have to step forward to put my credit card into the machine. The bagger stepped back so we could take our bags without getting to close to each other.

Keep in mind though they are limiting 2 items per customer (except for produce).

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Old 04-01-20, 05:51 PM  
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I've been going to Trader Joe's on weekend mornings and yes, they've been doing exactly everything that mentioned. Our store only lets in 20 at a time, probably due to its size, but it does go fairly quickly.
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Old 04-01-20, 08:35 PM  
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You can add Whole Foods to this list. The stores near us only allow 45 people in at a time (number includes employees on the floor). They spray the carts, have taped separation lines on the floor, installed plexiglas screens between the cash register worker and the customer. The workers are all wearing gloves and they are bagging everything in paperbags - no reusables. There are limits of 2 on many items - including lettuce, pasta sauce, chicken, frozen vegetables, cleaning products, etc.
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coronavirus, covid-19

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