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Old 02-02-16, 06:09 PM  
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Hi ladies! I'm doing a Fe Fit rotation too. I'm basing mine on the 4-day-a-week plan but I'm shifting the off days around to suit myself, and on Saturday I am doing the "essentials" workout for whatever genre the plan calls for. Also, I'm planning to switch off and do weeks of other instructors anytime I get tired of Hilary. I'm on week 2 now. Today I did Upper 1 and Stretch Flow 1 (the rotation called for Stretch yesterday, but I wanted to do an hour of yoga instead). I really liked both of those; there was more mommy talk than in the others I've done, but it really isn't very much. I don't have kids so I'm not crazy about the mommy talk, but after the intro (which I'll never watch again) it hasn't bothered me.

Val, I thought 5's for lower body, but in LB1, you use the weights behind your knee for glute and thigh moves, and the 5's fell out! I'm going to use 3's next time I do LB. 3's were plenty for me for UB and TB, but that's good, 'cause I have a shoulder issue but light weights don't seem to bother it.
- Laura

"Don't say 'I can't' ... say 'I presently suck at this thing.'" - Matt Meese, BYU Divine Comedy
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