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Arrow Just The Workouts~APRIL 2020~*Everyone Welcome!*

April 2020

This month I am continuing on with some strength workouts, Yvette, Cathe Live, maybe some walks outside, as well as yoga. Yoga is always a must!

1 - LITE Metabolic Blast; 2 hours cleaning up DS's flower beds @ his condo MB seemed super easy today--probably b/c I was using mostly 5's & 8's and not "ramping it up" like I usually do. (Conserving my energy for outdoor work). I hope it wasn't a mistake...sniffles and a headache already setting in...but it is so beautiful in the sunshine!!
2 - Cathe Live Rapid Fire Legs #180; Michelle's Yin Yoga; 2.25 hours yard work (at my house) Just LOVE this Live...maybe my favorite Leg Live? It has it all: weighted leg work, FW band segment (that includes cardio); hamstring/inner thigh mat segment; & a creative core segment and is just F-U-N!!! Too short on the stretch at the end, though, so I always have to add more. This is when I wish I had a 55" stability ball instead of a 65" during all those hamstring roll-ins!! This class has such a great focus on inner thighs, too! If my lower body isn't sore tomorrow from this workout + the 2 days/4 hours of stooping/squatting of yard work, then I don't know WHAT I have to do to make them sore, LOL!!
3 - Yes, I am SORE today! Winsor B&T; Michelle's Afternoon Yoga Reset with Twists (27 min.); 2 hours cleaning windows inside & outside LOVED Michelle's feel-good class - just a great destresser after the cleaning frenzy! Bookmarked - very rarely does she film classes where you're already warmed up and with no sun sals!
4 - Cathe Live PHA 2020 (#278 44 min.); Heather Robertson Full Body Stretch (Hip focus 12 min.) TOTALLY LOVED PHA 2020!!!! There are 4 sets of LB/UB format with same exercises for 2 rounds then 2 sets of different exercises. It didn't seem repetitive to me at all and I loved this one so much more than her Step Boss PHA! It may be b/c I liked the lower body exercises she chooses in the Live version and without using the topper? Or just maybe b/c it seemed a tad easier?? Don't know, but I am so glad I bought this D/L!!!! The first half seemed a little more metabolic than the last half but it could have been b/c I was using heavier weights than she was and I was going at a slower pace in spots. The last half definitely has more of a "heavy strength" focus than the first half. 312 cal burn after Heather's stretch. This definitely will be my go-to for an awesome PHA workout!! 4 from me!! I really enjoyed Heather's stretch....her stretches are hit/miss for me, but this one focuses on hips and it was a hit as it hit them good! haha

5 - Level Up (Detox); LU Meditation (Mental Noting) I always feel so accomplished after these LU practices. This one is super sweaty and I even had a headache afterward from the toxins being released. Fantastic class! I didn't do too bad on the meditation today until... Travis says to go ahead on your own, and then I couldn't concentrate after that! But I'm getting there....
6 - Yvette Bachman At Home: 40 min. METABOLIC BURN!!!; Mimi's Deep Stretch (Bonus stretch) Short & Sassy describes this class - LOVED!!!! A good one for a "crunched" workout area - she films in her basement and WHAT a spectacular basement it is!!! Wow! I loved all the exercises in this class...I used 15's like she does and only had to slow down the pace for the bicep curls/"W" curls for my elbows. Definitely a fantastic metabolic FUN workout!! Her kitty comes around often and loved how Yvette finally gave him some lovin'! Anyone wanting to try this one or to see her basement, LOL:
7 - 3.03 Mile Walk Outside! (43 min., 382 cal); Michelle's Yin Yoga; (Later): YT Cathe One on One Boot Camp Blast Home Workout Finally nice enough (for me) to take it sinuses/allergies are ok right now but I do have the sniffles. I did the loop around 3-4 different subdivisions past the lake and up the big hill and my time wasn't too awful bad for the first time out this season! Close to 80*(!) here now (late afternoon). Cathe's workout was a nice little PM pick-me-up! It was so cool to see her house, too! Beautiful!
8 - Michelle's Yin Yoga I was at the grocery store in my garb of gloves and mask by 8:00 a.m. before the crowd. Then, in afternoon I had to take my parents to an appt. so the day was pretty much shot...only got to do a stretch...but just as well, as my body is SOO sore from my walk yesterday!!! I couldn't hardly walk today...I certainly don't want to egg on my hip issues again. I think the speed walks are what caused it probably not going to get in fast walks often. IF ONLY I could just walk at a leisurely pace!! ;0/
9 - ICE MM (w/u); Beast Total Body; my Beast add-on; stretch Felt soooo good to hang with Sagi today (and didn't have to speed walk, LOL!). Great, great workout...during my add-on, I could only do 1 set for each muscle group as my muscles were spent. I used 12's - 30's today and my muscles are pumped!
10- Winsor B&T; Yoga 30For30 (Edge); Gina B's Standing Abs Walking Workout; Yummy by Justin Bieber Standing Abs The baby took only cat naps today so I did get 3 out of the 4 workouts completed at once, LOL. Gina's were so fun and easy to do upstairs with no equipment.
11- Cathe Live Burn It Bootcamp #280 (43 min.); YT Effortless Health Glute Challenge #2 (10 min.); Yvette Bachman Short Core Stretching workout on Stability Ball (13 min.) I don't know if it is just me but I thought this Live seemed a little disorganized, like Cathe was making it up as she went along. Therefore, I missed the first rep on a whole lotta exercises b/c she doesn't give us time to pick up weights. And picking my poundages added to that as well. I could've went heavier on quite a few but I mostly followed Cathe today. Also the warm up was a bit inadequate for me. So really, I'm glad to have an easier Live in my D/L library! It seems I always buy the ones that are tougher. I used my step at 8", 5's-15's are used and the format is a cardio exercise before each UB and LB exercise for 6 rounds. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have purchased this D/L if I had done it in its' entirety beforehand. There are a lot of other BC's that I enjoy more so. 243 cal burn (but I had a HRM glitch, so not sure when it malfunctioned). I guess I can't love 'em all! Effortless Health GC#2 was really good! It starts out doing goblet squats with a 25# KB then mostly standing lunge variations into glute bridge work with 5#'s. I have never seen bridges with your feet in a diamond shape! Loved this bridge work and think this w/o would be a nice alternative to Winsor B&T sometimes. Thanks, tangerine, for posting about this!!! I liked the instructor as well...she seems like she knows her stuff. Also added Yvette's stretch in which she has her chiropractor with her discussing core and back stretches. Laying your back over the ball was recommended by my chiropractor as well to really stretch out your back. He had some good pointers. I love how Yvette is really pumping out the workouts! I like that a lot are shorter and a variety of workouts, as well!

12-He Is Risen✝️✝️✝️ Eoin's PYFH2 (Bliss Rider 42 min.); Amazon Prime Strong & Centered 2 (Steve Jones)
13- Yvette Bachman 45 min Big Leg & Cardio Burn; Effortless Health Glute Challenge #2; Heart Alchemy Yoga Yin Yoga for Stress Release. This is my 5/6th? attempt to post today: keep getting 500 Error message....and too lazy to type my comments again!! But a Very fun Yvette class!!
14- Yvette Bachman BOSU Burn (49 min.); Heather Robertson (Low Impact Standing Abs); Crunch Candlelight Yoga (Seated stretches, Restorative Pose, Final Relaxation Pose segments=15 min.) Besides being at poolside, and an incredibly noisy annoying bird chirping throughout the whole thing, this one was FUN! Love how she incorporates core throughout the whole thing and her BOSU workouts always are fantastic leg workouts....probably not such a good idea to do this one after yesterday's leg workout. It seemed I was mostly a beat behind Yvette, as I'm still getting used to the Bosu for quick cardio....but still had great fun and kept up pretty well. This one was sweaty for me - can't imagine doing it in the hot sun like they were!! Heather's class is always a great core segment and it's literally been years since I pulled out Candlelight Yoga!! Very nicely chaptered to do the segments you want. Glad to see I'm not getting the posting error today! ETA: Mowed the grass (40 min.) What a cold & blustery day - I think I broke the record for mowing as fast as I could! Haha, talk about taking the corners on two wheels! And I did get that speed walk in there anyway! :0) But is it SAD that I actually enjoyed being out there just to get out of the house??? haha
15- YT Get Heather Fit (Move Your Asana Pilates Fusion=59 min.); 2 25 mile walk later This site was mentioned in GD and I was wanting something different today, so thought I'd give Heather a whirl. I think she probably is an intermediate barre-fusion teacher (my guess) but you have to get used to her personality. "Yaahh?" was mentioned quite a few times when cueing to give her that Northern dialect (think Fargo, LOL). This class reminded me of Barre 3 stuff, very fusion-y, and with a driving beat. I really didn't mind it....not sure how often I'll do barre-type stuff but it was fun for something different. The core work wasn't much but maybe it seemed easier to me since I'm used to Cathe & Yvette. I know why I don't like to do this kind of workout often...she works one side for quite awhile then when it's time to work the other side, there's a big dread for me. This w/o wasn't so bad but the format reminded me of Tonique and those type of w/o's which I really tend to dread b/c of that. Later, I dressed for a walk (I was competing with the wind so no speed walk today, LOL). But the sun is shining so bright it made it a little more doable. While I was out, I stopped at the store to check for Chlorox Wipes that perhaps might be there, but no luck....:0(
16- Heart Alchemy Yoga (Michelle's Quarantine Yoga w/o-Grounding, Centering At Home Yoga Class (35 min.); Winsor B&T Michelle's class was an easier flow and I enjoyed it.
17- LITE Pyramid Pump (Pyramid Up Upper Body 3 sets premix=30 min.); my UB add-on; PHA3 (Extended Lying Stretch); YT Full Power Yoga Cross Train w/ Travis (30 min.) I did PP during the baby's nap then took her downstairs with me while watching me do my UB add-on. :0) She did great (only 15 min., but still...) I talked to her while doing the exercises which kept her interest. She laughed while I bounced my stability ball around! Later, upstairs I did Travis' class using my laptop while she watched her sing-along-video on the TV....that really did work well! Have to remember that! ;0)
18- YT Effortless Health 20 min. Low Impact HiiT: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Improve Fitness; Yvette Bachman 30 Min. Cardio/Bodyweight Workout; Sydney Cummings 10 min. Full Body Stretch EH was a great warm-up...liked her moves while being all low impact. I did Yvette's class again...just love it for some great cardio and bodyweight work! I used 8's and I used 5's for EH w/o. The first half of Sydney's stretch includes psoas stretches which I needed! I changed up the last segment of Sydney's standing stretch by laying on my mat to do more leg exercises. (I don't like stretches that are all standing...have to LAY on mat to stretch me out!). It felt so great to do some cardio today after having the baby two days in a row. I don't want to be in the middle of a tough cardio workout and have to stop if she cries...strength w/o's and yoga are ok to stop in the middle. ;-) ETA: 2.36 mile walk It was so incredibly windy out there that I'm second guessing if it was a good idea to go or not. I had my air pods in my ears but the wind still got in them....I can't risk another sinus infection again, ugh!

19- Yoga30For30 (Intention; Even Flow) Love these two classes!
20- Cathe Live Hooked On PHA Live #288 (52 min.); 1 hour yard work; 2.74 mile walk Ugh, I need to subscribe for a month to try these Live classes out before I buy them!!! LOL It reminded me of Step Boss PHA3 even though this one is easier, and I didn't really mind the exercises (no push dips, thankfully) but the form of some of the class members was terrible! Usually I can look away but not today (I was mesmerized haha) and it didn't help that they're in camera range for most of the workout. :/ It wasn't just on a few exercises, it was on MOST. And I don't like to criticize people who try like heck to be there every class and want to work out with Cathe, but I really wish they weren't in Cathe's camera range....I found it really distracting today. I'll try this one again but now I know I'll have to not watch her, LOLOLOL. I think I need to try one of the Lives where Cathe's by herself. ;0) There was a lot of stooping doing yard work, as I was picking up lots and lots of small twigs from getting our tree trimmed yesterday. So I was fatigued before my walk. And it was windy again (ugh) but today I had my hood! All around, not the best work out day!! :0/
21- Travis' Short & Sweet (#1)
22- KCM Lean Circuits (Boxing/UB premix--15 min. only); Hammer & Chisel (Total Body Hammer); my Beast add-on consisting of 2 sets 15R of Sagi's bi's/hammers, tricep k/b's, & calf raises; stretch Wasn't feeling KCM's w/o so put in H&C. Such a good one even tho it omits direct work of triceps & biceps! So that is remedied by doing a Beast add-on since Total Body is on the H&C disc anyway! :0) Great to see the Sagi man!
23- 3.16 mile walk; Mow Max/Yard Work=1.5 hours It was awesome weather - 63* and no wind which makes all the difference.
24- Yvette Bachman Cardio Kickboxing BURN with Weights (41 min.); Shiva Rea Daily Energy (Shanti); 2.08 mile walk; stretch How much fun was Yvette's workout?? Major FUN!! I was craving some k/b lately and this one was an absolute BLAST! It didn't seem overkill and had just the right amount of reps. Loved her combos! She puts a few kicks in there--not many--would've even liked more, and inserts weight work for shoulders, back, legs, & biceps using dumbbells and resistance band. This one gets 4 hearts from me! I had no choice but to really hoof it on my walk - esp. the last mile, as it started to rain right at the mile marker! But I didn't get too awful wet, I wore my rain coat and ball cap just in case so I was prepared. These last two days were great workout days!! (Was starting to feel a little down lately and was yammering on my workouts & class participants). I think the walks and Yvette have helped!!
25- Cathe's Great Glutes (no Floor work premix=45 min.) This is a good workout and easy to do after a weight workout the day before. I used 12's mostly and held a DB doing the exercises Cathe doesn't use any weight, although I did drop it (on purpose!) while doing the Warrior lunges. Sometimes you need those easier workouts, too, in your collection and this was one of those days!

26- Five Parks Yoga (Yoga For Intense Times - 47 min.); Later: 2.55 mile walk + 20 min. yard work This class was absolutely MAGICAL for a Sunday morning!! One of my favorites on her site. Just a fabulous flow with the right amount of balance challenge to make it zip right by. She includes some nice words of wisdom also. Highly recommend! <3
27- Five Parks Yoga (Yoga For Intense Times - 47 min.); Winsor B&T; 1.5 hour walk strolling the baby Yes, I did the same yoga class...that's how much I love it! The weather cooperated to stroll the baby and she was asleep by a .10 of a mile out! One neighbor jokingly commented to "slow down" as I passed him....hmmm, didn't think I was going that fast, LOL.
28- 4.24 mile walk; Five Parks Yoga (Deep Stretch Yoga Class-15 min.) It was a beautiful day (until evening before the rain), and I felt like I could keep going and going and going on my walk. Love that feeling!
29- Cathe Live Muscle Confusion Live #285 (45 min.); Angie's Bedroom Body (60 min.) Cathe's class was an easier class...probably more intermediate as Cathe, herself, mentions. It uses DB's, gliders and includes cardio, core & weights. A bit metabolic but there's tons more fun metabolic ones, IMO. At least I didn't notice any bad form today!! ;0) I forget how tough Angie's workout is!! It was so good to revisit this one (hadn't done it since 3/18!) and was thrilled that I can still do the duration of the boat work in the core segment w/ outstretched hands. Love the clam work, too! Enough of the "put your shoulders in your back pocket" talk though! That I didn't miss, LOL.
30- Yvette 30 Min. Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing; stretch; Mow Max (1.5 hours/yard work); 1.65 mile walk I really liked Yvette's class for some "downtime" cardio that includes no jumping. This is more of a conditioning kickboxing class that is slower so it focuses on form so I didn't burn very many calories. (That said, I usually don't with true k/b classes that include very little high impact). I thought Yvette gave some good form pointers and I loved her combos!! Finally, some k/b combos! I couldn't help but throw in some jumps in there, just b/c, so this class is super easy to ramp it up with jumps and with gloves too. LOVE to have added this in my favorites for those non-high impact days! Super windy out today but 63* & the sun is shining so bright, I added on an add'l walk to Mow Max/Yard Work.

Wow! I didn't take a FULL-OUT total rest day this month!! I guess I could count a yoga-only day as a "rest" day, but my body might disagree with that philosophy. :0)
Currently doing a strength rotation with various workouts along with yoga
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Steel magnolia time!

April 1 rest
April 2 30 day butt lift HIIT cardio; Cathe Muscle Endurance
April 3 30 day buttlift Dance Fit; element total body pilates 30 min
April 4 Cathe Cardio & weights
April 5 weeding and lumberjack workout
April 6 YouTube foam rolling and mobility workouts; CS Forever Painless hand and finger workout
April 7 rest :-)
April 8 yard work and mobility stretches
April 9
April 10
April 11
April 12
April 13
April 14
April 15
April 16
April 17
April 18
April 19
April 20
April 21
April 22
April 23
April 24
April 25
April 26
April 27
April 28
April 29
April 30

Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

What if it's just a hill? --Cardio Coach Sean

It's ok to tremble a little....Cathe

Word for 2020: Strength
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1. TBL Back to the Mat Total Body Tone, ePilates Beginner Workout, 30 min walk
2. Barre3 Cupid's Class, Essentrics PM Workout
3. TBL Back to the Mat Arms and Abs, Essentrics Ultimate Leg Sculptor, 30 min walk
4. TBL Posture and Pelvice Floor, Essentrics Waist Toning Express with Gail, BB Mat Stretch
5. Essentrics Total Body Tone with Gail, BB Hip and Thigh Extensions and Hip Stretch
6. Ballet Beautiful Live Stream April 3, TBL Neck and Shoulder Release
7. TBL Posture and Poise, BB Outer Thigh Blaster, 30 min walk, Essentrics PM Workout
8. TBL Back to the Mat Lower Body Burn, Essentrics BSS Ab Flattening and Waist Shaping, 30 min walk, Hip Stretch
9. TBL Posture and Pelvic Floor, Essentrics Express Arms with Meg, 30 min walk, Essentrics YouTube Thigh Thinners and Express Posture
10. Essentrics Arm Blast and Posture Boost, Butt Express with Meg, 20 min walk, TBL Back to the Mat Stretch and Release
11. Essentrics Ultimate Leg Sculptor, PBL Extreme Upper Body, 5 Min More Abs, Back Strength Ball workout, 30 min walk, Bend and Flex with the Band
12. Ballet Beautiful Live Stream April 10th
13. PBL Lisa's Favorite's Abs workout, 5 Min More Legs, TBL Beach Barre Workout, PBL Standing Stretch
14. TBL Full Body Target Training with Weights, PBL Total Trimdown Leg workout, 30 min walk, BB Ultimate Mat Stretch
15. PBL May Makeover Total Body, New You Strong Abs, TBL Back to the Mat Perfect Posture, BB Arabesque Lifts
16. TBL Posture and Pelvic Floor, Essentrics AM Workout with Meg, BB Supermodel Bridge and Outer Thigh, Mat Stretch, 30 min walk, Essentrics Hamstring Release with Gail
17. PBL Sciatica Workout, Strength and Stability Workout, TBL Hip and Back Release, 25 min walk, PBL Ultimate Flexibility Rotation
18. PBL Spring Into Summer Arms with Weights, Redefine Your Outline, 5 min more stretch
19. Barre3 Posture with Jenni, PBL Burn and Firm workout, Essentrics PM Workout
20. Barre3 Burner, 30 min walk, TBL Back to Mat Full Body Flow
21. Barre3 Standing Slim, 30 min walk
22. Essentrics Rebalance Your Connective Tissue, 50 min walk, Essentrics PM Routine
23. Barre3 Ballet Fit, CS 1305, 20 min walk, Essentrics SIM Lower Body
24. Barre3 Studio Shape, Essentrics AM Stretch, 45 min walk
25. Barre3 Ballet Bootcamp, Essentrics Express Leg Toning and Quad Stretch
26. CS 1315 and 1220, 30 min walk, PBL Central Park Stretch
27. PBL Body Band Sculpture class, 5 Min More Stretch with the Band, Upper Back Stretch Routine, 30 min walk
28. PBL Lower Body Sculpting Session, Core is the New Black
29. PBL Abdominal Sculpting Session, Resistance Plus Posture Workout, 30 min walk
30. PBL Body Burner Workout, Luscious Legs Workout, 30 min walk, TBL Pilates with a Purpose Stretching and Tension Release
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I'm in!!

1) Cathe Live Total Body Giant Sets 2 - what a good workout. It moves very fast though, so it's quite metabolic. I wasn't expecting to get as sweaty as I did.
2) Cathe Low Impact step for 30-35 minutes plus Bret Contreras bonus booty band workout.
3) Cathe Live #290 - Total Body Fit - this is one of the new ones with just Cathe. This was a great workout that I could go heavier with. The pace was not metabolic, but she did move on to the next exercise quickly a few times. I used a heavier barbell than normal for me. I expect I will be sore tomorrow. I like having Cathe all to myself.
4)-5) No formal workout - did a lot of cleaning on Saturday and a lot of laying around on Sunday
6) LMOD Body Combat remix - I really liked all of the cardio tracks, but they put an ab track right in the middle and I didn't want to do it then. So I just FF'd through that ab track and did a 10 minute ab workout at the end.
7) walk - got my 10k steps
8) Cathe Live Rapid Fire Legs & Core - inspired by AnMrsDe - this was in my favorites, but I hadn't done it in long time - great workout! I did also have to add on some stretching at the end.
9) LMOD Body Combat #77 (45 minute version) - I think it's my 3rd time doing this one and I just love it every time.
10) rest
11) Cathe ICE Metabolic Total Body - this is actually a pretty tough workout - especially if you use heavier weights. It's starts off seeming pretty easy, but by the end, I was really feeling it. I also added on Icy Core 1 and I had forgotten how much I liked it. I almost didn't work out today, but I pushed myself and I'm glad I did.
12) rest
13) Cathe Live Ramped Up Total Body #281 - this was 4 rounds of 7 exercises with the last exercise in each round being an ab exercise. Rounds 1 & 3 were upper body and rounds 2 & 4 were lower body. In the last round there are some lower body floor exercises (ball roll ins, side leg lifts on the ball). I liked this one - no repeats of exercises and while not a metabolic workout, I did get a good sweat going.
14) LMOD Body Combat - Cardio Remix plus Icy Core 2 - good fun workout! However, my fitbit band broke and I feel lost without it. Did I burn any calories?
15) Cathe Live Lower Body & Core Down on the Floor - needed a gentler workout today and this was a nice pilates style 1 on 1 Cathe workout. I liked the floor work. I did most of the core work, but got interrupted by a phone call so didn't completely finish. Nice change of pace today.
16) Jenny Ford Step Across America - San Francisco workout - just felt like doing some plain step and this was pretty good. It said "not for beginners" so it wasn't too basic - but also not complicated either. Basic enough for me.
17) Cathe Live Vertical Loading 2 - another great Cathe Live
18) rest - but my new fitbit band came so I am back in business taking steps and burning calories.
19) Cathe Live Push/Pull plus LMOD BC 30 minutes - this was a big calorie burner! I had time today so I wanted to do a longer workout. During the week I workout at lunch and that is only 45 minutes. Sometimes I start work early so I can do a longer workout. I think I'm going to try following the Live workout rotation from 2Lazy4theGym. I've never done push/pull and it was a great workout! It moves slower so you use heavier weights and she packs a lot into 41 minutes. I don't know if I want to do the workout on the schedule tomorrow, so I added on 30 minutes of body combat today.
20) rest - actually went to the grocery store during lunch. Luckily, it was pretty well stocked and not too busy.
21) Cathe Live Totally Toned Legs - this one was already in my favorites, but I must have done it a long time since I've done it. It was a very good workout - tough, sweaty but not metabolic., a mix of high step, standing and floor work. I'm still sore so I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow.
22) So today I was supposed to do Cardio Core Blast, but I had a meeting at 1 and I didn't take lunch til 12:15, so there was not enough time for that one. Instead I did Cathe Live Quick Fix Cardio. I actually really liked it! When it's a HIIT type workout, I appreciate a shorter workout and this one was only around 33 minutes or so. Perfect for the time I had. Afterward I felt energized and not wiped out, so that was good too,
23) Cathe Live Buff Upper Body #165 - I've never done this one before. It's about 48 minutes long and is a pretty good upper body workout. Not my favorite, but not bad either. Tough on the triceps. She uses various weights and a step as a bench and does groupings of exercises together. I liked the music and I liked the length, but I didn't add it to my favorites.
24) Cathe Live #82 Rock it Sock it - this was a tough workout! After punching and bag combos/drills, there are leg drills - and all of this is great and fun. But then, she adds on a bonus cardio segment!! I did it, but kind of half heartedly because I was pretty done from the drills, tabatas and kicking combos. Mostly loved it!! And then at the end she wishes us a happy new year lol!! I think she was punishing everyone for sins they had committed during the holidays After that I added on Icy Core 1. Overall a great calorie burner and lots of fun.
25)-26) rest
27) Cathe Live #146 Lower Body Boot Camp - very good lower body workout. I used to be afraid of Cathe's lower body workouts, but I've grown to love them! I'm glad I had a couple of rest days before because I need rested legs to do these.
28) Leslie Boosted Walking - felt like doing a walking workout today and I like Leslie. This was pretty good. I'm surprised how many calories my fitbit says I burned and how many steps I got. Makes me question my fitbit lol.
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Tammie M
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01 - Barlates Chisel It Series: Circle Sculpt + Classical Stretch Season 6: 616
03 - Barlates Yoga Wheel Pilates Series: Yoga Wheel Inner Thighs + Classical Stretch Season 6: 624
04 - Barlates Yoga Wheel Pilates Series: Yoga Wheel Upper + Classical Stretch Season 6: 630
05 - Barlates Yoga Wheel Pilates Series: Yoga Wheel Glutes and Outer Thighs + Classical Stretch Season 6: 608
06 - Barlates Yoga Wheel Pilates Series: Yoga Wheel Abs + Classical Stretch Season 6: 623
07 - Chalene Johnson Turbo Jam: Punch, Kick and Jam
08 - The Firm Super Sculpting
09 - Yoga Foundations with Travis Eliott: Foundation 1
10 - Barlates Ori Active Hula Barre Fusion: Standing Lower and Abs
11 - Rob Glick CIA 2302 Amazing Step Styles
12 - Barlates Drop Sets Upper Body: Drop Sets Back+ Classical Stretch Season 6: 615
13 - The Firm Calorie Explosion - Kick-Butt Athletic Drills & Explosive Power Moves + Barlates Drop Sets Lower Body: Drop Sets Calves
14 - Barlates Drop Sets Upper Body: Drop Sets Chest
15 - Barlates Drop Sets Lower Body: Drop Sets Hamstrings
16 - The Firm Calorie Explosion - Cardio Kickboxing & High-Intensity Moves + Barlates Drop Sets Upper Body: Drop Sets Shoulders
17 - Barlates Drop Sets Lower Body: Drop Sets Inner & Outer Thighs
18 - Barlates Drop Sets Upper Body: Drop Sets Triceps + Barlates Drop Sets Upper Body: Drop Sets Biceps
19 - Barlates Drop Sets Lower Body: Drop Sets Glutes
20 - Yoga Foundations with Travis Eliott: Foundation 2
21 - The Lotte Berk Method Muscle Eats Fat
22 - Minna Lessig Tank Top Arms * Bikini Belly * Boy Shorts Bottom
23 - Jamie King Rock Your Body
24 - Janis Saffell Brand New Butt and More
25 - Christi Taylor Step Heaven - Stages I and II
26 - The Firm Vol. 4
27 - Barlates Ori Active Hula Barre Fusion: Cardio Sculpt Lower + Classical Stretch Season 6: 625
28 - Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs: Level 2 + Autumn Calabrese Country Heat: Bring the Heat
29 - Barlates Grace & Strength: Inner Thighs + The Firm Cardio Dance Slimdown
29 - Barlates Grace & Strength: Arms + Barlates Grace & Strength: Abs + The Firm Club Dance
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~~~ APRIL ~~~

1 - Sarah Beth Desk Yoga for Hips & Back; live stream yin yoga class from my favorite yoga studio; brief walk, too windy; 6,156 steps.

2 - A cardio workout from Jane Fonda's Firm & Burn; floor work from Prime Time; 6,417 steps.

3 - Margaret Richard Strong for Life; 4,627 steps.

4 - Beach walk; Core Power Blend Pilates with Kit Rich (Glo); 6,701 steps.

5 - Beach walk; Jane Adams Core Strength & Flexibility; 5,879 steps.

6 - Unplugged 1917; Winsor Power Sculpt Buns & Thighs; 4,896 steps.

7 - Tara Judelle Morning Gratitude; Unplugged 1918; 4,879 steps.

8 - Live stream yin yoga class with Heidi; 4,932 steps.

9 - Kathy Smith Ageless Staying Strong, arms and core; 4,238 steps.

10 - Kathy Smith Ageless Staying Strong, legs and bonus stretch; Benagh AM/PM Yoga, Short Rest; 7,670 steps.

11 - Cleaning and purging project; walk at beach; 6,322 steps.

12 - Nothing formal; 4,148 steps.

13 - Tias Little Low Back Stability (Glo); 4,915 steps.

14 - Kathy Smith Ageless Staying Strong glutes; KS Fat Burning Pilates abs; 5,536 steps.

15 - Yoga with Kassandra Morning Challenge Day 1, 10 Minute Morning Yoga Stretch; Unplugged 1919; 6,879 steps.

16 - YwK Challenge Day 2 - 10 Minute Wake Up Yoga; Jane Fonda Prime Time Tone & Flex, upper body; 5,738 steps.

17 - YwK Challenge Day 3 - Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch; Unplugged 1920; 6,740 steps.

18 - Nothing formal, lots of reading and cleaning; 4,239 steps.

19 - Walked around the neighborhood; 7,121 steps.

20 - YwK Challenge Day 4 - Morning Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Relief; walk around the neighborhood; Jane Fonda Trim, Tone 7 Flex - lower body; 6,735 steps.

21 - YwK Challenge Day 5 - Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch; KCM Trim & Tone Intervals (Build & Burn); 7,122 steps.

22 - YwK Challenge Day 6 - Sunrise Yoga for Energy; 5,896 steps.

23 - Kathy Smith Ageless Total Body Turnaround - Total Circuit; YwK Day 7, Yoga for Anxiety and Stress; 7,311 steps.

24 - YwK Day 8, Full Body Morning Stretch; Lucy Wyndham-Read Walk & Tone at Home plus cool down stretch; 7,295 steps.

25 - YwK Day 9, Best Morning Yoga Practice; longer beach walk; 7,907 steps.

26 - Back PT, short walk around neighborhood; 5,469 steps.

27 - KCM Muscle Up, workout 1; YwK Day 10, Neck & Upper Back Pain; 6,640 steps.

28 - YwK Day 11, Energize Your Day; WW Walking Kit 20 minute walk; 6,545 steps.

29 - Nothing formal; 5,831 steps.

30 - YwK Day 12, Complete Full Body Yoga Stretch; Tribeca Pilates 10 Minute Pilates Abs; 4,646 steps.
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Social Distancing training 2020

1. Cathe Live PHA Training and Love Me Some Cardio KBing (minus heavy bag) Did the OG PHA. I went heavier on all the lower body and I’m struggling with my grip strength. I’m just not used to holding heavier weights. In retrospect I could have worn my weighted vest for this one. Great sweaty workout without jumping. It was pretty chilly and windy this morning so I did some kickboxing. I have conflicting feelings about this one. Good workout, nice mix of drills and combos. The camera work seemed all over the place in this one, they have the camera on confused people while Cathe is doing a new move. It just seemed a little disorganized. And then you have Nate Totally hot and perfect form, and what a beautiful smile too!! He should have been up front.
2. HoyPro 60 min Total Body Abs Killer #17 + 2 mile walk + 5 Parks yoga Deep Relaxation yoga class I didn’t look carefully enough at the description for this one. All I saw was ABS and I went for it, didn’t notice the Extreme in the description. It was one tough workout for sure! I wouldn’t do it again. It was 4 circuits of 6 exercises that each repeated. The exercises were done 40/10 or 30/10 depending on the exercise with a 30 sec break between rounds. Lots of exercises with a balance component which is why I picked it but it obviously moved fast. I just slowed down and modified where I needed to.
3. Barlates Endurance 90 Handstand Variations and Total 20 Elevate+ 2 mile walk I did my own morning workout today. It was nice to just do what I wanted and have a little alone time. First time doing Elevate. It has a quick warm up and uses a step bench with three risers. There’s three segments and the first two are a bit tricky but I was fine when I got into the flow of it. There’s some jumping up onto the step with your hands on the step. It was different but I did enjoy it. It’s free on YouTube.
4. Cathe Live Total Body HiiT + 2 mile walk + 5PY Gentle Yoga from Nicaragua I know I’ve only tried one new to me live since resubscribing but I prefer knowing that it’s on the simpler side or we can make do with the equipment I have for both of us. My husband can’t do any complicated choreography, he complains during the warm ups if there’s side stepping. This one is simple and effective, definitely a favorite. Excellent yoga practice in the afternoon!
5. Rest Woke up to a cold downstairs this morning. Our downstairs heater was not working. At least it’s going to be warm out for the next few days here so it’s not an emergency. Ended up doing a reorganization/clean out of the basement storage room where the heater is. It was on the list but I wasn’t expecting to do it today. It’s so easy to accumulate stuff!!! Feels good to have it done.

6. HoyPro 60 min ABAB HiiT And Strength Intermediate #22 + Barlates Tone Up Express Ankle Weights + 2 mile walk This MH workout was listed as Int/adv in the description and I’d agree with that. It’s probably the easiest one we’ve done but after that last one I definitely wanted something easier. It’s too easy to start dreading workouts like that. This was sweaty but I felt on top of it the whole time. Tone up AW was hard!!! Short and sharp. Lunges and kicks with weights really made it tough. Lots of balance work between both workouts. We went out back and played a few rounds of horseshoes after dinner. We got someone to come out for the heater today. We have to wait for the part to be shipped since the supply stores are closed now but at least it’s in the works.
7. Cathe live Total Body Fit + 2 mile walk + 30 min Gentle yoga on YouTube
8. Romney Studios Pulse 3/25 + 80 min bike ride Finally got a workout to myself this morning!
9. Cathe Live TBGS2 + 3 mile walk + 5PY 30 min slow flow All this Cathe and Millionaire Hoy is twinging my shoulder. I really like these workouts while I’m doing them but I don’t like the way they leave me feeling. I probably shouldn’t do more than one a week. I miss my light weight/bodyweight stuff
10. Yvette Bachman Step Cardio Blast (the Christmas one) until 45 min and the last 15 minutes of Bust your Butt Cardio Just wanted to do some fun cardio today and I wanted to try the band part of Yvette’s BYB. I just did squats or handstands instead of the shoulder work.
11. Christine Salus 30 min Cardio Sculpt/ Bodyweight Moderate Intensity and 30 min At Home Glutes and Hamstrings + SarahBeth Yoga 20 min Glute and Hamstring stretch + MadFit 30 min Stretch Great Christine combo. The bodyweight workout was sweaty but not killer and it shared some exercises with the hamstring/glute one. Did a longer stretch after and then the MadFit one in the afternoon.
12. Barlates Resistance Sculpting Energize + 2 mile walk + MadFit 30 min stretch

13. [B]Yvette Bachman 30 min Cardio/Bodyweight workout + Barlates Traditional Barre Full Body
14. 2 mile walk
15. Christine Salus 7x7 Full Body Sweat, Shred, Tone & Sculpt + Popsugar 30 min Restorative Yoga Fun no repeat workout where every section has a different equipment focus. Really enjoyed today’s stretch, even had a guided savasana. The instructor (Koya Webb) looks like a weight lifter! She has a great physique and a really cute outfit.
16. Christine Salus Brutal Bodyweight HiiT // 200 rep challenge and 30 min HiiT-weights & Tabata// Full Body + my own stretch Put two 30 min newer 30 min workouts together. Added an extra round in the rep challenge, Christine’s breaks between the rounds were too long for me so I just fast forward.
17. Barlates Shape Up Barre Box and Target 10 outer thighs Added in 12 burpees in every cardio segment.
18. Cathe Live Glutes and Thighs 293 plus my own stretch Cathe’s newest and I liked her by herself. 4 rounds of 3 exercises two times each. This one got my heart rate up there! The last round was less metabolic and included floorwork. I was hoping for a decent stretch because this is a longer one but you definitely have to add your own. ETA: Two thumbs up for this Cathe! I’m still feeling my hamstrings today. Very thorough lower body workout. My husband is still talking about it.
19. Barlates Bodyweight Basics Stretch Sculpt and Total 20 Flow + 2 mile walk I really needed a stretchier workout today, forgot that I had already tried Flow. I think I liked it better today. I was sweaty doing it but I had already done stretch sculpt. Weird moves but I think into it more today. I like the odd up and down moves- pushups to curtsy lunge and bridge kick up to standing calf raise. I think “no way” but they’re totally doable.

20. Rest
21. Cathe Live Total Body Blast #289 and Supercuts push-up
/sit-up finisher and Core 1+ 2 mile walk
Another Cathe on her own. Not nearly as tough as the last couple solo lives I’ve done. AMD I took a peek at the Live you did. I didn’t do it simply because of the equipment requirements. I’m just going to say that I’d be totally okay if everyone in the Lives went at their own pace. I do!! That being said, why be right behind Cathe? I thought the same thing during the last newer kickbox Live I did. I’m really enjoying the solo lives. I did the Supercuts finisher after for the first time in a long time and I totally kept up!! My husband was intrigued and wanted to try it and he did 6 rounds like I used to. We finished up with some core. Now he wants to try Supercuts.
22. Lift it Hit it Chest, tris, shoulders and bonus Abs 2 + 30 min MadFit stretch My husband accused me of holding out on him after this workout, he loved the rest periods, the finishers, and that there was a guy (Al) in this one. He was very impressed!
23. Lift it Hit it Back, Bis, Shoulders and Bonus Abs 1 + 30 min MadFit stretch Have to say that my upper body feels pretty darn noodly after doing these two workouts back to back. This core seemed pretty easy for Cathe.
24. YB All out Step/Cardio + YoginiMelbourne Juicy yoga flow Just wanted a fun cardio today and this really worked. Yvette does 30/10 intervals and uses really great playlist. Tangerine, thanks for yoga recommendation, her voice is very nice!
25. STS Disc 14 Legs and Lite Bonus Abs + 2 mile walk
26. Yvette Bachman Cardio Kickboxing Core Class

27. Rest
28. Millionaire Hoy 60 min ABAB HiiT & Strength #15 + 2 mile walk
29. Romney Studios Bosu with Amanda 4/13 + 3 mile walk
30. Xtrain Supercuts + Core 2 Wore my 8# vest

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26. Yv2: RIO! ! + Yv2: SS
27. P.M. Yv2: Move Your Body + Work It! Shake It!
28. P.M. STS M2D23 Legs + Yv2: RIO
29. STS M2D24 Back & Biceps
30. rest day...
Week 10 - Recovery Week
31. A.M. 1st Half of Yv2: MYB. P.M. 2nd Half of Yv2: MYB + CIZE: Crazy 8ís

april 2020...

Continuation of Week 10 - Recovery Week
1. rest day...
2. Rest day...
3. Rest day.... Went into the office Friday. We can have 1 person in the office each day so it was my day. Interesting day.
4. Yv2: Rock It Out!

Week 11 - Meso 3, Week 1

5. STS M3D25 - Chest & Back + Yv2: Sweat Sensation. I was struggling lifting the barbell and couldnít stop thinking about buying a weight bench with a barbell rack. I was witching the whole time that my 35# barbell felt so heavy. It wasnít until I was almost done with the workout that I realized my barbell was at 45 #ís. Good to know that I can lift this weight but I wasnít happy with how it felt lifting the barbell up from my step bench. So until I find a bench with a rack, I wonít be going any heavier. I was in Wal-Mart last week and all the weights were gone. I didnít check for a bench so I may do a quick drive by this week.
6. 1/2 of Yv2: Move Your Body. Lunchtime: CL: Love Me Some Kickbox (first 30 minutes)
7. P.M. Yv2: WISI!.
8. 1st half of Yv2: RIO. During my lunch I did STS M3D37 - Squat Rack Legs. Used my Empower 8 # weighted vest. It felt heavier than 8 pounds so I weighed it to be sure. I bought this from Target a year + ago. Target had the wrong price on this initially so I got it at a bargain price. P.M. TAE BO - 20 Power Rounds. 91 degrees today, too soon for this!
9. Yv2: SS (1st half). P.M. STS M3D27 - Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps
10. LIS: Low Impact Step, 30 mins
11. Cathe Live: Cardio Boxing. I think Iíve done this before but it could also be that itís similar to one of Catheís series kickbox workouts. Thumbs up!

Week 12 - Meso 3, Week 2

12. rest day...
13. A.M. 1st half of Yv2: RIO. Lunchtime: Yv2: WI!SI!. P.M. STS M3D28 - Chest & Back
14. My day in the office. P.M. Yv2: Rock It Out!
15. Lunchtime: Yv2: Sweat Sensation. P.M. STS M3 D38 -Squat Rack Legs.
16. Lunchtime: Yv2: Move Your Body. P.M. BRAZIL BUTT LIFT: Cardio Axe
17. Lunchtime: BBL: Cardio Axe. I like Cardio Axe but the camera work is the POV of the male gaze. So annoying, I donít want to see shaking booties in short shorts or shaking abs. Ugh. Canít wait until I can do the choreography from memory. Yv2 gives you 500+ more steps per workout. Still, itís good to add another Leandro workout to the 4 that Iíve been doing over and over and over and over. Love. . Afternoon: Yv2: Work It! Shake It!. P.M. STS M3D30 - Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps. I think Iím going to move onto something else after Meso 3 and maybe return to Meso 2 + Gym Styles after a month break. Iím missing my metabolic workouts.
18. BBL: Bum Bum + Cathe Live: Love Me Some Kickbox. Really enjoyed both workouts. Iím looking forward to doing more BBL workouts.

Week 13 - Meso 3, Week 3

19. Yv2: Rock It Out! + Cathe Total Body Stretching: Basic Stretching
20. Lunchtime: Yv2: SS + BBL: Bum Bum Rapido. Loved Bum Bum Rapido. New respect and love for Leandro. P.M. STS M3 D31, Chest & Back. Only did 3 sets. Why do we need 4 sets?
21. rest day...
22. Yv2 MYB
23. rest day...
24. Yv2: WISI. P.M. STS M3 D32 - Plyo Legs
25. Yv2: RIO + SS & STS M3 D33 - Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps (3 sets)

Week 14 - Meso 3, Week 4

26 - 29. Rest days... Work - super busy, barely had time for restroom breaks. Ugh
30. Yv2: RIO, 15 mins. P.M. STS M3 D34 - Chest & Back
formerly TheTerminator2B
*STS 1/20 - 5/20 * FT/ICE/LIS/Generic 90 Day 1/20 *XT 90 Day - 7/19 - 10/19 *90 Day Body BEAST Rotation, 09/16 - 12/16, 01/17 - 4/17 *90 Day Undulating XT/ICE/RWH Fusion Rotation 2/16 - 5/16 *3 Month STS/LIS Transformation Rotation 10/15 - 1/31/16 *XT/Hybrid 90 Day Undulating Rotation 11/13 - 2/15/14, 9/14 - 1/3/15 *Jillian Michaels Body Revolution - 4/12 *RKS (3 rounds) - 9/11. *STS Timesaver Rotation Grad - 8/10 *Insanity Grad - 9/09
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March Total = 27/31

1 - Rest
2 - KCM weights + Peloton
3 - Peloton Hannah 70s Rock 2/6/20--58 min, 14.5 miles, 376 cal. I swear I end up with the same stats every Friday! You would think it would vary by a calorie or 2 or a tenth of a mile. Oh well, I'm a sweaty mess & these stats are better than they used to be.
4 - KCM Cardio Sculpt Overload No Lower Body premix--wore my 4# vest. I woke up thinking about this workout; love it when I do that so I don't have to spend time staring at my workouts trying to decide what to do.
5 - 2 YT Leslie walks + Day 30 of Lee Holden's 30 Day Qi Gong Challenge--28 min walking including my favorite Happy Walk and a 13 min fast walk. Nick posted a video on Leslie's YT channel 5 days ago previewing a new walk called 'Walk, Run and Lift'. Not sure if it's a series or a single.

6 - 2 Peloton rides Jenn Philly Soul 2/6/20 + Sam 80s 1/29/20--64 min, 15.0 miles, 337 cal. Rode as an Endurance ride.
7 - KCM Cardio Pump WO2 + WO1 Chapters 3 - 6 cardio add on
8 - Rest
9 - KCM RAW January 2019 Ripped & Ride--Peloton Jenn 80s 1/28/20 32 min, 8.0 miles, 192 cal.
10 - KCM Facebook Live + Peloton Cody 80s + Denis Classic Rock, both 3/26/20--reporting earlier than usual today because I got up early and did Kelly's 30 minute live workout on Facebook. It was boxing & lower body work (squats, etc.). Since I was already warm and a bit sweaty, I decided to go ahead & do my usual Friday bike ride: 42 min, 10.6 miles, 255 cal. (Note: I did a 42 min ride instead of 58; I'm not that crazy!)
11 - 63 push ups + Peloton Arms Toning + YT 30 Minute Angie Fitness Step Cardio--did the push ups 21+21+21 (hadn't been able to do that for a while with the shoulder soreness). Did the Angie WO on the floor. She does a 10 minute segment, then that repeats exactly (same music, same commentary) so it's boring, but at least it didn't wipe me out. Angie does do a good warm up & cool down.
12 - YT 2 Gina B--about 41 minutes. Happy Easter!

13 - 2 Peloton rides: Denis 80s 3/30/20 & Emma Classic Rock 4/13/20--64 min, 15.0 miles, 336 calories. Rode as an Endurance ride.
14 - YT Lucy Reed 4 minute Arms + Angie Fitness Day 13 Fit over 40--used 8# bar with Angie; also wore 4# weighted for the 2nd round of drills.
15 - Rest
16 - KCM RAW September 2019 Ripped & Ride with a 25 min Peloton ride
17 - Peloton Denis 80s 12/2/19--58 minutes, 14.7 miles, 358 cal.
18 - KCM RAW Intervals #5 + 2 10 min Peloton rides--Did one ride before the KCM since Kelly's warm ups aren't long enough for me; did the other ride afterward as a descending resistance cool down.
19 - YT Leslie 3 Mile Heart Walk--Love this oldie--a go-to when I don't want to think while I'm working out. Wore my 4# vest for 42:00-12:00 on the countdown. Also put my Fitbit on my outer R sock just to see what numbers I'd get: 2.11 miles, 314 calories. Hmmm...

20 - Peloton Ben 80s 4/19/20--66 min, 14.9 miles, 326 calories. Rode as an Endurance ride.
21 - KCM Build & Burn Kettlebell Kickbox Fusion + YT 2 Gina B
22 - Rest
23 - KCM RAW June 2019 Ripped & Ride with a 31 min Peloton ride--This is probably my heaviest upper body workout--I am pumped right now!
24 - Peloton Jenn Classic Rock 12/19/19--don't have my stats because our power went out about 40 min into this workout! I waited a few minutes, then got a text from Duke Energy that their estimated restore time was 11:30 p.m! (This was about 6:00 p.m.) So I played some music on my phone and pedaled for another 20 min at whatever the default resistance is on my Schwinn recumbent bike (it isn't low!). Fortunately, the power came back on about 7, so I was able to cook dinner, etc. Unfortunately, the power went off again 2 more times, the last time at 10:00 p.m. with an estimated restore time of 4:00 a.m. so we just went to bed. Of course, the power came on 45 min later & the whole house lit up, ha!
25 - 63 push ups + Peloton Arms Toning + Cathe Step Blast (floor)--no power problems today (so far anyway). Had planned to do a KCM cardio, but heard "Video Killed the Radio Star" on a random playlist & it made me think of Step Blast, so I pulled out that old chestnut. That one is a toughie, even on the floor! (According to my notes, I last did Step Blast on 4/19/2018).
26 - YT Gina B & Lucy Wyndham Read--39 minutes total.

27 - 2 Peloton rides: Christine Classic Rock 6/6/19 + Robin Together We Ride 4/15/20--66 minutes, 14.9 miles, 324 cal. The second one was my 500th Peloton ride!! This was also the ride that 28,000+ people rode live this past Saturday; maybe you heard about it. Along the way, Robin treated us to one of the best coach-you-up, motivational "speeches" I've ever heard! Had me choked up by the end. A truly special ride.
28 - 2 hrs yard work + KCM Body Design Upper Body Strength + YT Pahla B Walking with Weights for Over 50--added squats to the Upper Body work. Wore my 4# vest with the YT workout.
29 - Rest
30 - KCM RAW October 2019 Ripped & Ride + Peloton Olivia Classic Rock 3/29/20--25 min, 6.1 miles, 147 cal.

April Total = 25 workouts/30 days
- Dorothy

"You want to go into life feeling great, feeling strong, and as you get older, feeling even stronger!" Gin Miller
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April 1 - Miracle Mile
April 2 - Miracle Mile
April 3 - Miracle Mile
April 4 - Miracle Mile

April 5 - Liift4
April 6 - Liift4
April 7 - Walk 15
April 8 - Liift4
April 9 - Liift4
April 10 - Walk 15
April 11 - Walk in the hood

April 12 - Liift4
April 13 - Liift4
April 14 - Walk 15 LOVED Rocky's mile
April 15 - Liift4
April 16 - Liift4
April 17 - Walk 15
April 18 - Walk 15

April 19 - Liift4
April 20 - Liift4
April 21
April 22 - Liift4
April 23 - Liift4
April 24 - Walk 15
April 25

April 26 - Walk 15 and Liift4
April 27 - Liift4
April 28 - Liift4
April 29 - Walk 15
April 30 - Callanetics
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
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just the workouts

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