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Old 11-13-20, 02:51 PM  
Join Date: Oct 2004
Originally Posted by ealakey View Post
CharM, I have a subscription for Lauren's Playground. I've used it off and on in the past, but am really sticking with it and enjoying now! I lost about 7 pounds when I started back with kb. I can't lift very heavy with some of the exercises though, so it's nice to pull in Cathe and dumbbells too. I like the length of P30.
Wow! I don't know if the weight loss was wanted or not, but it's impressive. All the P30 posts are kind of *just a little* giving me FOMO as I haven't read much negatives about them. But I hardly ever choose to do the Cathe workouts I already have, so that's why I wasn't tempted to buy. I just love reading how much everyone's enjoying them.
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Old 11-15-20, 07:25 AM  
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Location: Michigan
AnMrsDe, The puppy is doing great after the raisin fiasco. Thank goodness. It is going to be really windy today so the leaves that are still in neighbors yards will probably end up in ours since ours was done.
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Old 11-15-20, 08:32 PM  
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Hi, ladies. I did nothing all week this week - that sinus infection kicked my trash (as my 30 yo son says). I've had no energy after work, and even came home sick again on Wednesday. Friday I finally started feeling human. We are back to stage 2 in Idaho - which means that school sports will happen without spectators. It is a constant rotation of teams being out of school due to quarantines at this point. My parents were here overnight; they are headed to take a truck to my brother in AZ, then to FL from there. I hope they stay safe.
2 mile walk today.
Cher, DH mulched all the leaves Wed morning. By Wed afternoon, you couldn't tell due to a windstorm.
Beth, great job with the weight loss!
donnamp, it's weird at first when you go back to work but you get used to it.
CabCalloway, my state has deemed school employees. Even if you have symptoms, you go to work unless you test positive.
AnMrsDe, your place sounds like my son's in Ohio. They blow their leaves to the street, and there are giant piles. The city comes and picks them up.
Tangerine, I'm so sorry about your husband's job and I hope you feel better soon.
Chrys Dayley
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Old 11-16-20, 06:59 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Michigan
Chrys, glad you are feeling better.

T2B, congrats on the weight loss!

Does anyone know if Cathe usually does any Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. I want to buy a set of her bands but wondering if I should wait until then or just order now.

Our Governor is closing down restaurants again. No in building dining but they can still do out door dining (in Michigan in November???) and carry out. She also closed down movie theaters, schools.....high schools & colleges, group fitness classes, all school sports. She did leave gyms open for individual workouts and hair salons & Barber shops for now. This is for 3 weeks than weíll see.
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Old 11-16-20, 05:11 PM  
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Location: IL
Cher, glad the puppy is ok. It sounds like you have a new buddy! Do you have any pets otherwise?//I think Cathe will have a Black Friday sale...I'm hoping anyway! I have a whole list of Lives I want to purchase! //Things aren't looking good here either re: COVID. Restaurants are shutting down for indoor dining and possibly hair salons(!) could be next. Thankfully I have a hair appt tomorrow and will ask my stylist to cut it SHORT (for me) just in case, LOL! I made DH get his cut yesterday too! Schools are still open here though.

Chrys, I love the homeowners' feature of having our leaves hauled away!!! It makes it so much easier! Hoping your family stays safe through all the travel.

Beth/T2B, congrats on the weight loss!! T2B, you did that in RECORD TIME!!

Jane, that newest Yvette was TOUGH!! Alas, I must've chosen the easier ones from her site until yesterday!!! I've been having HRM issues and one minute it'll say my HR is 76! and then the next 182!! Sigh....either needs new batteries in the watch or I'm going to pitch it, LOL! My cal burn from that BOSU workout was felt like I burned waaaay more than that!!!! //So, there's a Phoebe Buffay look-alike on Peloton, eh? Cracked me up!!

~~~Waves to all~~~
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Old 11-17-20, 12:18 PM  
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Cher & AnMrsDe - thank you! I feel like it took a long time. Iím going to keep going to see what happens. Maybe I will rejoin WW when Iím 10#ís from goal.

Iím looking to purchase Catheís yoga mat if she has a BF sale. It is extra thick & long. I bought a 6mm mat from TJ Maxx last weekend to replace my tissue paper thin mat but I still want Catheís mat.

Cher - whatís going on with your sister? Has she started her treatment?

AnMrsDe - you crack me up! You know I canít stop looking at those knees. Even manage to not notice you know who.

Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well!
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Old 11-18-20, 06:04 AM  
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Location: Michigan
AnMrsDe, I would have my own dog in a heartbeat but my DH doesn’t want one so I borrow my SIL’s to get my puppy fix. . I made a haircut appointment for Dec 10 since I don’t need one now. I’m hoping they don’t get closed down by then but I’m thinking they might be by then. DH got his cut yesterday though.

T2B, my sister went on Friday for the scans and make the body mold they need to use for the radiation. She said it was an awful ordeal. She should hear soon when she starts the radiation treatments. It’ll probably be next week or the following one. (Thanks for asking )
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Old 11-18-20, 08:33 AM  
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Location: Maryland, USA
Cher - good wishes for your sister...

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Old 11-18-20, 09:25 PM  
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Location: Denver Area
Hi everyone!
We've been working late hours at work but I've managed to get in a few more workouts with P30 pump last week and am doing KB strength this week.

CharM, I did want to get rid of the weight I had gained during the first part of the Covid lockdown, and it was so nice to be able to do that! And now we are going into the holidays still at home, Lol I don't think my team will be going back to the office next year.

Cher, I hope the very best for your sister.

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Old 11-18-20, 10:55 PM  
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Location: Idaho
Hi, ladies. I had to get prednisone because I have a touch of bronchitis and it's working like a charm! I asked about getting tested again, but the Dr said since it is the same stuff I've had for 2 weeks there is no need.
Cher, we are back to stage 2 here, so school continues with hybrid instruction but sports have no spectators. We had one parent meeting last month, but we can't have our Honor Society Induction for now.
Beth, I need to lose my covid weight.
Cher, I've told my FH we will always have a dog. He refuses to have 2 ever again, though lol
AnMrsDe, we would love it if they did leaf pickup here!
T2B, sending you "stay safe" thoughts as well!
Chrys Dayley
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just the workouts

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