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Old 08-08-20, 07:35 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Michigan
Went for another hour walk yesterday after dropping my minivan off.

I spent some time yesterday looking into how much money we will get when Darrell retires. He has a pension and will get SS of we have his 401k and our savings, etc. Weíll be okay but honestly I wish he would try to stay until after the first of the year because his pension goes up more each month he is there but I just canít stand listening to his whining or him being so damn crabby about it anymore. I think we are putting the paperwork in for Sept 30 unless they offer another layoff again before then.

Vannie - Ugh what a long day for your DH. That stinks about your elliptical display. I get that. You gotta see your stats! I would feel like itís not worth my time if I canít see my stats! Lol Dang girl, what a week you had!

JBliff - Got my car back yesterday - $465 later. Calliper and hose on rear brakes and front brake pads replaced while it was in there because it needed them. Our heat & humidty is supposed to be going up today. I can deal with it though because there wonít be too many more days like that up here.

Karen - No, Iím not really ready for DH to retire. I like some alone time and he does nothing with anyone but me so itís been quite the adjustment with him on lay-off the past few months. Sometimes he makes me crazy being home all the time! Now this will be permanent. But, I get that he is tired of it and ready to be done. On the plus side, we can go up north more to the cabin.
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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