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Old 08-06-20, 09:11 AM  
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I saw them on KCM's group page - they look great for walking!
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Old 08-06-20, 12:24 PM  
summer breeze
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Originally Posted by Pat58 View Post
I saw them on KCM's group page - they look great for walking!
What a great idea Pat! I didn't think of that but I totally agree. Now I want them
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Old 08-06-20, 01:09 PM  
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Originally Posted by Kathy G View Post
I bought the 2 lb. total cardio egg weights. I put them in my cart and got most of the way thru ordering and then got distracted. . The next day I got an email with a 20% discount code AND PayPal sent me a $5 coupon. So I was able to get them for $23!

I really like them because they’re compact and not bulky like using boxing gloves. They also come with the cutest little duffle bag to store them in.
was shipping around $5?

Originally Posted by BunnyHop View Post
I wish I could figure out which weight to get. So many choices.
if you have weighted gloves or 2# weights, you can practice with those. if it's for walking, i've gone up to 3# weights, and for a 30 min walk, it can be very challenging, even if you use minimal arm movements. with 3# weights during walking, i felt stress on my shoulder joints. for walking, i prefer to use bands or a weighted belt (2#).

for boxing, i can only go up to 1.5# weighted gloves max, but i prefer 1# gloves.

the eggs look cute, but gosh, i have similar equipment.

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Old 08-06-20, 04:15 PM  
Kathy G
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Originally Posted by bzar View Post
was shipping around $5?
I just went and looked it was priced like this:

$29.96 - $5.99 (20% off) + $7.90 (shipping) - $5.00 (Paypal discount emailed to me) = $26.87

So I was thinking of the $29.96 - 5.99 = $23.97 (when I said I paid about $23 for them). Yeah, shipping is high without any discounts!
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egg weights

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