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Old 09-26-20, 05:30 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
OT - Puppy question

Itís been so long since Iíve had a puppy, I donít remember what I did in the past. My almost 9-month old puppy destroys every type of bedding I give him. Iím afraid heís going to eat some and I donít want him to have to have surgery for an obstruction. Is it mean to let him sleep in the bare floor? Or is there some other option?
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Old 09-26-20, 06:26 PM  
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If he's chewing and ripping with his teeth, you could try spraying it with bitter apple spray. (You can spray this on anything he's chewing.) Most dogs hate the taste, and once they learn the smell of it, they won't even try to bite anything sprayed with it.

I say most, because I know one dog who seemed to love the taste of it.

Also, if its just soft, fabric/foam type bedding he destroys, you put down a yoga mat or an exercise square for him, if you feel bad about the bare floor.

My dog actually spends about half of her time on the hardwood, despite having beds, pillows and rugs galore.
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Old 09-26-20, 06:52 PM  
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I didn't put a blanket or bed in Cyric's crate until I knew he was past the tearing up stage. And he too will sleep on the hard floor often despite all his beds.

What breed is your puppy? I bet he's adorable no matter what breed!
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Old 09-26-20, 07:03 PM  
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Have you tried giving the puppy something hard to chew on? We gave our pup bully sticks. Satisfied her urge to chew and she never chewed on her blanket again. Worth a try maybe.

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Old 09-26-20, 07:10 PM  
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Our dogs always slept on our ceramic tile floors, and didn’t like bedding. But I’m in the Phoenix area, and they had a lot of fur. I think bedding was too hot for them. In the winter, they sometimes slept on the carpet in our bedroom.
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Old 09-26-20, 07:24 PM  
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Thank you for the input! Iíll have to go look for bitter apple.

He has lots of chew toys. I bought a Bully Buddy and bully sticks, but he was able to get the stick out of the Bully Buddy so they are supposed to be mailing me a replacement. He also has one of those treat dispensers that rolls around and drops treats.

He IS adorable! He is a Boston terrier - very active but he also loves to stop and stare at things. We were at the park the other day and there was a little poodle there. He tried everything he knew to impress her - jumping in the air, rolling on his back and kicking his legs, etc. She turned her nose up and walked away. I told him, ďSon, sometimes less is more.Ē

Interestingly enough, heís not a barker. I think Iíve only heard him bark three or four times.
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Old 09-26-20, 07:44 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2012
Location: Virginia
Primo Pads are the best! I learned about them a few months ago and bought one on a whim. Theyíre used by trainers and breeders because theyíre virtually indestructible. We put one in our puppyís crate a few months ago and it still looks brand new.
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Old 09-26-20, 07:44 PM  
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We gave our puppy old pillow cases. We would sleep on the pillow cases for several days so our scent was on it. Then we would put them with him to sleep on. Imagine Linus with his blanket since he dragged it elsewhere to sleep on.
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Old 09-26-20, 09:55 PM  
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Location: New Jersey
Our Ebony slept on a stone fireplace hearth as a puppy . Or she would jump in our bed if she was lonely. But mostly the fireplace hearth. When we moved again, it was the same. Fireplace hearth (tile this time) or one of our beds. She was quite spoiled. I don't know why she preferred the fireplace hearth.
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Old 10-09-20, 08:21 PM  
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alydinva, you were absolutely right about the Primo Pads. I bought the bed and heís made a couple of teeth marks on the frame, but for the most part, in perfect condition! Yay! Easy to clean, too.
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