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Old 11-13-20, 09:23 PM  
Garrie A.
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Carolyn: So sorry to hear about your SIL! (((HUGS)))

Beth: on the speeding ticket! Once a cop got behind me and started flashing my lights. I pulled over, but apparently he was looking for someone else since he passed me. Still scary though! My SO and I will have been together 1 year and 4 months come the 21st. We currently live apart, although I would like to move in within the coming year.

Pat: I feel the same way about Sculpture. Margaret is a machine in both workouts!

Sandra: A few years ago I was listening to a Petra Kolber podcast, and Molly Fox (who taught at Jane's studio) was a guest on one of the episodes. She talked about a photographer who complained about all the jumping during the early classes. When it made him mad, he would roll a bowling ball down the hallway. Workout with Weights is one Jane I wish would be re-released to DVD. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Linda: STS is a great program! I do have quirks about it (all the push-ups in the first month and all the equipment required), but I love all the variety and challenge of it.

Paine: I've tried both routines on Perfect Flow. The yoga is pretty good (like the music), and the sun salutations (at the beginning) are non traditional. The mobility one was good, too. Parts of it were hard for me. I also like the core bonus, which was very different for Cathe. My favorite Cathe ab bonus though is the Stacked Abs from Step Boss though.

Sherry: Good luck at Trader Joe's!
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Old 11-13-20, 10:59 PM  
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Happy Friday!

I'll be in to catch up over the week-end, but wanted to post this link to the 2020 Wildlife Comedy Photo Awards - some great pictures in here. Enjoy!

P.S. I cracked up at number four.
"People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway." ó Mother Teresa
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Old 11-14-20, 12:36 PM  
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I did an hour of Essentrics/Classical Stretch this morning.

Beth, you are always here for us so I'm always there for you!

Garrie, it's good to hear from you.

Cyana, those Wildlife Comedy Photo Awards were great. I also laughed out loud at #4.
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Old 11-14-20, 01:04 PM  
Garrie A.
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Today's workout was a reformer combo from Marjolein's LighterLiving streaming:
-Bottoms Up
-Lower Body Stretching

Bottoms Up was a nice 20 minute reformer workout. It started with rebounding where you get on all fours and and do a donkey kick-type motion with one leg using the rebounder. Then you do a more traditional reformer series with footwork (including single leg side lying), legs in straps (I thought Marjolein went a little fast), some standing split work, and finished with running. Then I finished with a 10 minute lower body stretch. My glutes have a nice buzz afterwards.

Paine: I don't check in nearly as often as I used to, but I do my best.

Cyana: I love those pictures! #4 had me cracking up.
-AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
-Licensed Zumba Fitness instructor
-Certified Barre Above instructor
STS Graduate 11/3/2019-2/5/2020
STS Graduate AGAIN 9/27/2020-12/31/2020

"Thiiiiiiis is not a gaaaaaame!"-Joyce Vedral

"Welcome the challenge; embrace it. Don't fear it."-Cathe

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Old 11-14-20, 04:04 PM  
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Garrie, I was hoping that the cop would pass me. Congrats on being with your SO for so long, especially though the pandemic! I hope you get to move in together soon.

cyana, thanks for sending those photos! They were really cute. I agree with Paine that #4 is hilarious; the next few after that were pretty cute too.

Paine, thank you! I hope your covid blues are dissipating.

I didn't wind up exercising yesterday. I did go to yoga class this morning, which was nice, but I woke up with a migraine, so I needed a nap when I got home. I'm still kind of tired; I think I'm wiped out from the long week. Hopefully next week will be a bit better.
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Old 11-15-20, 12:13 AM  
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Hello Mat Mavens!

Today’s workout:
~7 km walk
~Practiced Essentrics trademarks for this week’s class
~Lumbar spine exercises from Bob & Brad on YT, hip & leg stretches, active release with Petrone balls
~Steps: 11,600

Nice to see you Garrie!

Cyana - Loved the wildlife pics! Number 4 definitely wins the prize IMO.

Hope your headache passes Beth, no doubt your stressful week was a contributing factor.

Hope the Covid blues are easing a bit Paine.

This morning I enjoyed a video chat with several members of my nursing class from waaaay back in 1978. It was a fun pick me up!

Waves to all!

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Old 11-15-20, 12:59 AM  
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Nice to see you, Garrie. Glad to hear your workouts are still going strong.

Beth and Paine I hope you both feel better.

Pam that video chats sounds like fun!

Sunday afternoon here and my two eldest sons have returned interstate to Adelaide. We had a fun (and tiring!) weekend with beautiful weather. Iíve done short and sweet workouts in addition to walking (aka levels from the 5BX programme).
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Old 11-15-20, 09:13 AM  
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I forgot to post yesterday:

Body Project Totally workout-cardio 43 minutes
Yoga Upload 20 minute floor practice

NIA one hour dance class
Yoga Ranger low back release 15 minutes

I'll check back later. I am sorry for the lack of pesonals.

"Say you are tired and you will be. Believe you are strong and you are." (Sean O'Malley)

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Old 11-15-20, 09:48 AM  
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Friday was a Glo day:

~ Khetanya Henderson, 15 Minute Arms & Abs, Pilates based with 3# DBs - loved this new teacher's energy!
~ 30 butt bridges
~ Felicia Tomasko, Shoulder Saver Yin
~ Quick series of psoas openers

Saturday I did the usual warmup and walked at the beach. I had to push myself to do it. My Fitbit battery died mid-walk, but I know it was about 1.5 miles and that I got over 10,000 steps.

Paine - isn't it worth it when you didn't want to workout, and you make yourself just do it, and then feel good after?

Garrie, a police cruiser did that to me once - I pulled over wondering what did I do? Heart thumping. He passed me, and then nobody behind him would let me in traffic again. Good to see you are keeping up a rigorous workout schedule.

Pam - good call on Bob & Brad. I always recommend them and then forget to DO their routines. Thank you for the Yamuna balls tips.

Cyana - those photos are adorable. My favorite is the Indian ring neck parakeets "talk to the hand!" And that fish in the first one looks all "Hey baby, come here often?"

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
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Old 11-15-20, 03:33 PM  
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I'm glad everyone liked the Wildlife Comedy photos. I would absolutely buy a T-shirt with number 4 on it!!! Or a little print to hang in my office since I work from home and wouldn't end up in H.R., LOL!! My boss would think it's hysterical, as he's a bit of a prankster.

I've been trying out different BFR work-outs (things I'm making up) - ranging from some more traditional, such as working 2 body parts to exhaustion and other days doing circuit training and compound moves (such as alternating lunges with side raises and overhead presses). Unfortunately I woke up with really rotten headaches two days (including this AM) and had to scale back my work-outs on those days since I didn't want to reawaken the wretched headache beast after I beat it back. To turn lemons into lemonade, I used one of those days to do a live Holden Qi Gong streaming class and I'm thinking I may try out one of the new instructors on MFML this afternoon. Unfortunately I have to log on and work this afternoon. I had a "body awareness ah-ha" moment one day when my BFR work-out included a stability ball V-pass ( - exercise number 4). With my wonky hip and being a bit lopsided with range of motion, using a large stability ball was causing too much strain on my lower back, so I stopped after one set and switched to doing bridges with my lower legs on top of the stability ball. I'll try the V-pass move again with a smaller ball, yoga block or pillow.

Carolyn - I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL's accident. Several years back, a former co-worker (who was around age 60 and also had osteoporosis) had a freak fall on pavement and fractured her femur. She had a complete recovery and I was surprised at how quickly she was out walking, so hopefully your SIL will also make a speedy recovery. I hope she had a great ortho surgeon.

Anny - It sounds like you had a lovely visit with your sons. I'm still trying to negotiate with my son for some sort of Thanksgiving get-together. He and DIL are exposed to a lot of people at work, but they also have the option of having free COVID testing, so I'm hoping to work that angle. With our COVID numbers on the rise, I'm afraid he'll dig his heels in. Perhaps if I can't persuade him to meet in person, we can have some sort of meal while having a video chat.

Beth - Major bummer on the ticket. I have a headache question for you - have you ever tried putting some sort of topical product that has menthol (or similar cooling activity ) and/or Lidocaine on the back of your neck? The reason I asked, I puled out some gel that contains menthol and CBD (CBD Freeze), but would like to try something like BioFreeze and see if that would work just as well. I rub it on the back of my neck, going down into the tops of the shoulders and also massage a tiny bit into my temples. I haven't tried any of the Lidocaine gels, and have considered that option. It's so frustrating to be having headaches again after being relatively headache free for a number of years.

Pat - DH is signed up for NextDoor and sometimes we engage in serious eye-rolling over some of the things people post as relates to critter sightings (or more often, things they think they've seen). This AM, someone wanted to know what 3 foot bird might be in their yard. Two things immediately came to mind (Great blue heron or wild turkey). Even DH - who isn't the most bird-aware person on the planet, LOL - immediately recognized it was the Great blue heron. From NextDoor, you'd think we lived in the deep wilderness or a jungle from reading the posts - like the "large wolf" that was supposedly walking down the middle of the street and every kind of snake you can think of. And yes, Kathy Smith is still perky and radiant - this was in my training session: (you can forward to around the 1:10 mark).

Pam - Thanks for mentioning the Petrone balls. I haven't used mine in ages, as they need more air, but they'd work great for putting down in the sacral area for a good release - like the almost deflated Coregeous balls (ahhhh). I really like Bob and Brad, but can fall down a very deep rabbit hole - once I start watching their videos I keep saying "just one more, just one more......" They post on so many interesting topics, and I sincerely appreciate them putting out so much free information.

Sandra - Ah, the red light camera. When DS was in college, we got a ticket in the mail from where he thought he'd made it through the intersection but the light turned red and he got caught on Candid Camera From the Dark Side. The next time he came home we said "Hey, look what we got in the mail." He had no clue. My cringe-o-meter is definitely triggered any time I have one of those close calls with the lights - like when the person in front you stops in the middle of the intersection for no good reason.

Paine - I hope you're feeling better - reading about the worsening COVID numbers definitely isn't helping. This time change makes make me feel worse and it's making it even harder for me to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Garrie - I didn't realize you and your SO had been together for over a year at this point - congratulations. Oh, The Hare, thanks for mentioning that one - I'll have to put it on my ever-expanding List of Oldies But Goodies that I need to do. One of Patrick Goudeau's videos is in my Cyana's Funnest Work-out Videos Ever Hall of Fame List - G-Force Super Step - love it!!!

Sherry - I thought of you this AM as I was cleaning out one of my kitchen cabinets and made the decision to pack up the Kitchen-Aid stand mixer and get it ready to go up into the attic. I'm trying to decide whether it makes sense to keep it since I never bake and good golly that thing is a massive space hog.

I hope everyone's week gets off to a good start.
"People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway." ó Mother Teresa
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