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Cathe 4DS for 4 weeks

Hi all. Inspired by some threads here on the upcoming Fit Split by Cathe where her 4DS series was mentioned, I realized that I never really used these videos to their potential. I occasionally did the step workouts, but never did the strength. I had given up on more heavy weight lifting convinced I was going to get injured, but my body was just softer than i wanted it to be and I missed heavier weight work and I did lose some strength doing lighter weight/higher reps for a long time, so I decided to give these a try and I LOVE the results I am seeing and feeling.

First, after doing these workouts, I feel fantastic. I don't feel drained, I don't feel like I am being repped to death and the soreness I get from them I get over but I feel worked out, calm and energized for the day (I workout in the morning). It is a testament to how good i feel after these that I did a 4 week rotation with them. Very difficult for me to finish even a short rotation.

Next, my strength has definitely increased. I am noticing this because the weights are increasing in the workouts themselves and I like to ballroom dance and my legs have real stamina now whereas in some dances my legs were previously getting fatigued, which was significant limiting factor. No more!

AND, my body looks better (and just in time for my HS reunion which was last night). I haven't weighed, but I look thinner and more firm/less jiggly, which I love love love!

Super excited about my results with these. I think I am going to take a week of relative rest then move on to the Xtrain strength workouts which I have never done before.
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cathe 4 day split, cathe 4ds, cathe 4ds rotation

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