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Old 07-13-20, 09:30 PM  
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another tip regarding pull ups - consider getting Iron Woody bands. it's not necessary, because Tony has several modifiers, but the Iron Woody bands assist in building up your muscles to be able to do an unassisted pull up.

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Old 07-14-20, 10:49 AM  
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I don't know if you have any of the Fit Tower workouts - both Boot Camp and Total Body incorporate both pullups and push ups. Some of her Fit Tower live workouts do as well, but I am not really sure which ones.
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Old 07-14-20, 11:21 AM  
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It does not have pullups, but Ilaria's Abs and Pushups workout has lots of good pushup variations. For pullup equipment if you have a rebounder with the bar you can use that. It's similar to using the Cathe bar.
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Old 07-14-20, 05:46 PM  
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Wow so many great suggestions thanks! And I have some of these -- Cathe Fit Tower workouts, 22 Minute Hardcore (can't resist a military themed workout that isn't corny), Body Beast, and P90X.

Thanks Bzar for the suggestion for the Woody Bands. I've gone back and forth on these for years.

Carly I have a pull up bar, but the most I can do is hang from that. I was able to do one chin up, but with a kip. I use my Fit Tower to do pull ups. I can pull up with my legs straight out at an angle, just resting the heels on the floor. I'm working on pulling my whole body up from sitting cross legged.

WarriorPrincess, I can't do all of those pushups either lol! The rests in between are not enough. Then after all those push ups she's like, "And now chest press!" Ugh! No thank you.
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I agree with the woody bands. Although I never graduated from the heaviest one. They at least allow me to do assisted pull ups. I don't care for inverted rows.
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pull-ups, pullups, pushups, workouts with pull ups

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