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Old 08-17-18, 06:22 AM  
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Originally Posted by videofit View Post
Got the hooks but don't feel secure using them. For hanging I can't quite relax enough to let my wrists hold more weight.

Using them for curls, I fear the dumbbells will slip out if I lift much higher than horizontal. Palms always have to be facing up so there is limited use for these hooks.
I donít know if this will help. I donít allow my wrists wraps of the hooks to take a lot of my weight. I just allow the hooks to assist me in holding the bar. They end up being more of a tool than a crutch and Iím actually able to do the Hangs without the hooks now.

I personally would never use them for curls or actually anything other than dead hanging. What I can lift is what I can lift.

Judith, thanks for the links. Iíll check them out. Itís funny about the 4&5th digits. Iíve actually noticed that. Itís one reason I canít imagine using the hooks with a solid plastic hook. My 4&5th fingers ďneedĒ to hold onto the bar for me to feel secure.
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Judith L
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Has anyone used hand grippers to increase their strength? Pavel again: he insists that the two greatest ways one can increase one's strength is ab work and grip work. He recommends the IronMind "Captains". (I never got handgrippers like that because I never knew what strength I should get and was more interested in working my fingers (for piano) and so I got a couple of "Power Web" exercisers.)
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pull up bands, pull up help, pull ups, pull-ups

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