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Old 03-03-11, 09:20 AM  
Peggy T
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Pullup Bar and P90x pullup question

Ok, so I started P90X this week. I have a pullup bar from Dick's that I have (and is installed ) for a couple of years now. Well, today, it fell out of its sockets (with me landing on my back on the floor). It's the kind that has a round mounting bracket into which the bar slides. Obviously, it is not tight enough. How do I make the bar longer so that it fits more snugly?

Second question: Tony refers to a "reverse grip pullup". Wouldn't that be a chinup??

I am liking P90x. I had it and sold it soon after it came out because I couldn't tolerate Tony, but now he seems ok. Go figure...

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Old 03-03-11, 10:39 AM  
Debbie S.
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I'm sorry to hear about your incident. I hope you're OK. I'm not quite sure what you are describing. My pull up bar is a P90X pull up bar. It rest on the molding of my door.

Yes, it's a chin up. Check his hand position though. His grip might be wider.

I'm glad you are liking P90X this time around. It really is an excellent system.
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